Notable 44th MCM finishers include Gen. David H. Berger, 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps (5:29:38); Gen. (ret) Joseph F. Dunford, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (4:45:00); West Virginia Senator, Shelley Capito (6:45:56); New Mexico Congresswoman Deborah Haaland (6:06:01); and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer (5:20:40).

Season 14 American Idol runner up Clark Beckham was the 44th MCM National Anthem singer. He finished with a time of 3:45:58. Dean Karnazes, best selling author and ultra marathoner, finished the MCM50K in 5:38:14. Sgt. Maj. Troy E. Black, 19th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, finished the MCM10K in 01:01:01.