June 2019
Digital Connections is provided by MCNC to support the NCREN Community.
Sharpen Your Pencils

Pencils and the numbers 20 and 43 are all are significant to MCNC Chief Financial Officer Pat Moody. Read her latest blog to learn why.

CRMA is now AVA

MCNC’s Continuous Monitoring and Risk Assessment (CRMA) service is now our AVA service. See how we can help you .

The 2019 Quilt Circle

The 2019 edition of The Quilt Circle showcases 24 amazing stories from R&E networks in the United States - including MCNC.

Our Footprint

We have updated our fiber infrastructure map with new routes and co-location facilities to better show how MCNC operates the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) .

NCREN Community Day

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for NCREN Community Day on Nov. 13-14 at the Durham Convention Center. More details about our magical event are coming soon.

MCNC Service Catalog

MCNC offers more than 30 services to our customers, and we recently upgraded our Service Catalog to provide you a simple way to view our portfolio online. We hope you like it.

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