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What an amazing community Medfield is! Thanks to the generous support of community members and businesses, MCPE funded almost $70,000 through 18 grants across all five of Medfield's public schools during the 2014-2015 school year. Our youngest students at Memorial and Wheelock sang and danced to the MCPE-funded Food Play Show earlier this year, while our juniors and seniors were inspired by Johnny Cupcake's presentation at the high school. MCPE funded several technology grants, including 28 Chromebooks and 10 Dash and Dot codeable robots at Blake, 16 Apple TVs at Memorial, and 25 iPads for students at both Wheelock and Dale Street Schools (co-funded by CSA). Thanks to MCPE funding, 17 staff members attended several professional development conferences throughout the year, French classes at the high school benefitted from a series of meetings with native French speakers, kindergartners received brand new leveled text books, and a student-inspired mural will be painted at Wheelock for students to enjoy for years to come. Our recently approved grants will provide an African drum kit and new course material for the sixth grade music curriculum as well as a cutting-edge "Makerspace" at the Blake library, where students can use games and devices to design, create and discover in the areas of science, math, art and more!


We would like to thank the inspiring group of women on the MCPE Board, as well as the community volunteers who helped make our events so successful. We would also like to thank Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Marsden who has been incredibly supportive of MPCE's mission to enrich our children's education. We hope to continue to make the success of our schools a community effort!


Thank you again for your support!


Megan Infantino & Kim Price

Co-Presidents, 2014-2015






Megan Infantino, Co-President

Kim Price, Co-President

Michelle Barrette, Vice President

Laura Mulready, Treasurer

Susan Maritan, Secretary



Chris Dailey

Jen Gemski

Minta Hissong

Jennifer Keating

Natalie Madej

Jesse Pezzullo

Maureen Sherman



 2014-2015 MCPE Board of Directors   



2014-2015 GRANTS


The Medfield Coalition for Public Education had an amazing 2014-2015 year! MCPE approved 18 grants totaling investments of $69,916.50 across Medfield's five public schools. More information about these grants can be found at: 



 Grants by School 



Grants by Type 



Bren Bataclan Art Presentation & Mural Creation - Wheelock

Food Play Theater Show - Memorial/Wheelock

Johnny Earle (Johnny Cupcakes) Presentation - High School (co-funded)

Leveled Text Books for Kindergartners - Memorial

Native French Speakers Converse with MHS Students - High School



"Lap Lizards" for all Classrooms - Wheelock

Games and Devices for the new "Makerspace" - Blake

African Drum Kit for 6th Grade Music Course - Blake



10 Codeable Robots for 8th Grade Science/Technology Courses - Blake

16 Apple TVs and hardware - Memorial

25 iPads, covers and cart - Dale Street (co-funded with CSA)

25 iPads and charging station - Wheelock (co-funded with CSA)

28 Chromebooks, cart, Chromecast and Google management software - Blake



How to Grade Student Performance Conference - Blake

National Honor Society Advisor Presentation - High School

National Council of Teachers in Mathematics Conference - Dale Street

EdTech Teachers' iPad Summit - Blake

Using Interactive Media to Teach World Languages - Blake



MCPE Year in Review


MCPE Student Trivia Challenge

The first ever Student Trivia Challenge was held on November 10, 2014. Forty teams of middle school students, high school students and teachers from both schools came together to match wits. This event raised over $1,500 for future enrichment programs. Congratulations to the Blake winning team, The Squad (Michael Hawley, Michael O'Leary, Dylan Hogan and Alex Hissong), and the MHS victors, Vitamin B Gold (J.J. Fedak, Brandon Goldman, Dani Miano and Laura Tormey).


MCPE Community Trivia Night

On November 14, 2014, the 2nd annual MCPE Community Trivia Night was a sold-out success, raising over $11,300 for Medfield Public Schools. An enthusiastic group of 70 teams representing the schools and community turned out for a fun-filled evening. Congratulations to the winning teams, The Incumbents (Ken Brooke, Jeff Griffor, Gordon Johnson and Jim Maritan), The Fab 4 (Ben and Jennifer Keating, Jim and Kathy McDonald) and Age Before Beauty (John Nealon, Mike Rogan, Scott Sipple and Peter Constant).


MCPE Spelling Bee

On March 17, 2015, the 10th annual MCPE Spelling Bee was held at Medfield High School for students in grades 2-5. This year, 143 teams, consisting of up to three students per team, signed up to join in the fun. The Spelling Bee raised $5,021. The Wheelock winners were the 3rd grade team, The Brainy Bees (Richie Bradbury, Herrick Swirbalus and Axel Inozemcev). The Dale Street champions were members of the 4th grade team, Geography Bee (Colby Hatch, Tay Frankel and Jack O'Sullivan). Congratulations to all the winners!


MCPE Online Auction of Treasured Experiences

The MCPE Online Auction of Treasured Experiences was open from March 26-April 2 with over 100 one-of-a-kind items and experiences donated by teachers, staff and community members. With something of interest for all ages, the auction raised $11,388 and was a huge success!

MCPE Blue Ribbon Program 


From May 22, 2014 through May 31, 2015, the following teachers, staff and administrators were recognized by families who made donations to MCPE in their honor, raising over $7,000 to support MCPE's mission:


Central Office

Francine Kelly

Matthew LaCava

Kathie Leader (retired)

Diane Lowd (retired)

Jeff Marsden






Sally DeGeorge

Jenifer Harrison 

Kelli Mahoney

Susan McAvoy

Maura McNicholas

Andrea Moores

Jeninne Nickerson

Marie Pendergast

Allison Pollock

Kathy Ravinski

David Ruggiero






Stacey Balardini

Maureen Barrett

Kathy Bockhorst

Emily Callahan

Kimberly Connolly

Joan Dion

Madeline Fine

Sarah Hevey

Jim Kuehl

Kayla Laliberte

Elaine Liu

Luanne Monahan

Sarah Murphy

Donna Olson

Nancy Schiemer

Nicole Sheehan

Mike Slason

Eithne Stover

Deborah Trikoulis

Erin Watson









Dale Street

AnnMarie Bars

Kelly Bertschmann

Kathy Bockhorst

Kim Cave

Kerry Cowell

Kathy Curran

Leanne DiPesa

Mike Douglas

Nancy Englehardt

Suzanne Flynn

Karin Hauptman

Margot Hayes

Roberta Hugus

Meghan Krauss

Ann Kristof (retired) 

Elaine Liu

Julie Lowerre

Shannon MacDonald

Mike Mason

Martha Moon

Janice Olsen (retired)

Barbara Oxholm

Marissa Pastore

Bethany Sager

Louise Snyder

Elizabeth Strekalovsky

Kathy Thompson

Kathy Walunas

Edith Wilson



Emily Alland

Tracy Allen

Maura Batts

Maryellen Bosh

Susan Boulos

Sean Bowles

Kathleen Caprio

Jillian Chiasson

Sara Donovan

Constance Doolan

Brandee Franciosi

Brian Gavaghan

Michael Gow

Marissa Gumas

Gregory Keohan

Elise Malone

Deborah Manning

Matthew Marenghi

Nancy McLaughlin

Matthew Millard

Kristen Musto

Judy Silva

Keri Sperling

Nat Vaughn

Erin Winter

Medfield High School

Mary Adams

Zachary Barrows

Coach Evan Brooks

Phillip Brown (retired)

Sarah Brown

Wendy Burr

Madeline Chamberlain

Paul Coutinho

Adam Coyle 

Meghan Drew

Gail Duffy

Kathryn Dykas

Kathleen Emerson

Luanne Galt

Paula Hamilton

Brenna Hayden

Brendan Hughes

Maryjean Ingram

Nancy Ivas

Kate Jones

Garland Kincaid

Anna Lall

Colleen Lettieri

Anne Lodge

Melinda Lohan

Kerry Lynch

Coach Evan Moon

Kevin Murphy

Judy Noble

Erik Ormberg

Robert Parga

Mary Preikszas

Karen Renaud

Morgan Reynolds

Sarah Rodenhi

Bethan Sancher

Julie Tevis-Finn

Bonnie Wren-Burgess

Bingli Zhang



















MCPE's biggest fundraiser of the year was E4E (Entertaining for Education). We asked members of the community to help raise funds for our schools by hosting parties where guests made donations to MCPE as their 'ticket' to the event. MCPE would like to thank everyone who hosted or attended these events. With your E4E contributions, over $21,600 was raised through 5/31/15 to help continue MCPE's mission of funding educational grants for academic enrichment.


A very special 'thank you' to our hosts! Without your efforts, this would not have been possible. 


Carol Blake

Mike and Kara Boudreau

Janie and Richard Boylan

Jenny Bradbury

Anna Mae O'Shea Brooke

Tracey Buckley

Andreea Cazacu and Shane Hagood

Mr. Gregory and Dr. Meredith  


Jen Cira

Brian and Kiersten Cole

Rose Colleran

Joan Cutter

Chris Dailey

Siobhan Dennehy

Mary Fraser

Jen Gemski

Maura Gerardi

Kristen Giordano

Kathy Giurini

Meghan and Jeff Glenn

Yasm?n and Paul Guidoboni

Colleen Hawley

Jill Herrick

Minta and David Hissong

Megan Infantino

Inger and Randal Kenworthy

Anne Kupferschmid

Julie Layden

Anna and Eva LaRowe

Elizabeth and James LaRowe

Laurie MacLean

Gayle Manning

Laurie Mills

Joy Moon

Chris Morrison and Allison King

Natalie and John Madej

Laurie Nealon

Heidi Nelson

Kelli Nolan

Kerrie Patten

Kim Price

Erica Reilly

Jessica Reilly

Jessica Rogan

Lucy Rogan

Claudia and Rich Rosen

Suzanne Rotherham

Linda Shea

Maureen Sherman

Diane Smith

Allison and Steve Stanton

The Stevens Family

Megan and Ray Sullivan

Katherine Tako-Girard

Rob and Sharon Tatro

Mark and Jen Watts

Kristen and Mike Weber

MaryBeth White



2014 - 2015 Annual Appeal and E4E Donors


Warrior ($2,500 and above)

 The Price Family


Scholar ($1,000 and above)   

The Ashton Family
Robert and Susan Brunelli
In honor of Katie and Kenny Manning
The Menard Family


Honors ($500 and above)   

Kenneth and Anna Mae Brooke
Thomas and Lisa Cahill
Thomas and Molly Coogan
The Howland Family
Tom and Megan Infantino
Ben and Jennifer Keating
The Lutz Family
Andrea and Timothy Morello
Greg and Laura Mulready
New 'n Towne of Medfield
Tim and Cathy O'Neil
Jim and Diane Smith
Jim and Maryanne Sullivan
Wendy and Timothy Sullivan


Contributor ($100 and above)  

Brian and Ro Aldrich
James and Jackie Alford
David and Lois Ashcroft
John and Ellen Bankert
Michelle and Bob Barrette
Tim and Lauren Barrett
Andre and Elizabeth Behrmann
Jonathan and Susan Bernstein
Christopher Bissada and Urania
The Bonfatti Family
Jill and Joe Branca
Andrew and Adrienne Brooslin
Eric and Lisa Brown
James and Tricia Buzgo
Chris and Kathleen Cahill
Robert and Catherine Callaghan
Christopher and Lisa Carlin
Bob and Christine Clower
Julie Cook
Terry Corbett
Susan and Francis Cosolito
Melissa Coughlin
Dave and Chris Dailey
Jeff and Maureen Doctoroff
Scott and Christine Dolan
Karen and Michael Donovan
Robert Dumais, Jr.
Jonathan and Linn Epstein
Brian and Heidi Erickson
Stacey and Paul Katsikaris
Jeffrey Farmer and Julia Kattwinkel
James and Lauren Feeney
Mary Fraser
The Gorog Family
Richard and Kara Gotham
Jeffrey and Jennifer Griffor
The Hanna Family
Colleen and John Hawley
Colleen Hawley, Independent CAbi
David and Jeanne Hill
Minta Hissong, Beautycounter
Christopher and Cheryl Hogan
The Iannone Family
Gordon Johnson and Tracey Rogers
Kristen and Tim Keane
Julie and Paul Kennedy
Inger and Randal Kenworthy
The Kourtis Family
Jay and Julie Layden
Laurie MacLean, Veresbrina Jewelry
Frank and Mary Mahoney
Janice and Scott Marble
The Maritan Family
Jim and Kathy McDonald
Brian and Jeanne McKenzie
Nancy McMahon
Michael and Dede McQuillan
John and Darice Merageas
Michael and Joy Moon
Rich and Jen Mynahan
The Nevins Family
Becky and Charlie Pagliazzo
Dan and Jesse Pezzullo
The Popper Family
David and Lissa Potts
The Potts Family
The Puglia Family
Erica Reilly, Beautycounter
Richard and Claudia Rosen
Suzanne Rotherham
Brian and Nancy Scheld
Tom and Nancy Schofield
John Shaughnessy
Randy and Maureen Sherman
The Smith Family
Scott and Kim Soucy
Julie and Ed Stikeleather
Megan and Raymond Sullivan
John and Lisa Thompson
Todd and Amy Tyer
Keith and Maureen Wheeler
Jim and Marybeth White
Cynthia Zarker


Supporter (up to $100)  

Anand and Kiren Annigeri
The Anszperger Family
Ed and Carolyn Ariel
The Aversa Family
Wendi Ayer
Jerald and Nancy Baden
John and Faith Bannister
Michelle Bartolotta
Joseph and Ann Bethoney
The Blake Family
Tom Blessing
Paula Bogar
Tracy Boland
Michael and Christina Bolduc
Allen and Colleen Bonde
Kathryn and Philip Boole
Tim and Ann Bowen
Jenny Bradbury Jewelry
Jen and Brian Brady
Joanne Bragg
Jim and Sue Brand
Sarah and Geoffrey Brown
Monica and Steve Bushnell
Lana and Tom Callahan
The Careau Family
Jen and Steve Carlson
Chris and Amy Casey
Kristyn Chin
Jennifer Cira
Erika Clarke
Edlyn and David Clay
Charles and Donna Cobb
Brian and Kiersten Cole
David and Rose Colleran
Kristie and Patrick Commane
Jeff and Karen Corzilius
Donna and Brian Cox
Susan Crimmins
Richard and Deirdre Crowell
Steve and Debi Cruickshank
Michael and Amy Curmi
John and Tara Curran
Joan Cutter, Arbonne
Louis and Gay D'Amaro
Daniel and Elizabeth Daly
Luke Darling and Rachel LeBlanc
Barbara Deady
The DellaMonica Family
Mark Denney and Wendy Friend
Emily and Michael Denning
Lauren and Bogdan Deval
Kate and Ken Devlin
The Dodge Family
Daniel Douglas
Todd and Veleda Drometer
Sara and Michael Drumm
Nicole and Dean Drummond
William Dunne III
Danielle and Timothy Duross
Jackie Eamer
Erik and Laura Eselius
Bill and Sue Finn
William and Maura Fitzgerald
Kristina and Dennis Folan
Dan and Tracy Foley
Dan and Molly Frankel
Brenda Franks
The Gallagher Family
Chris and Arlene Gangemi
Christine Geisheeker
Derek and Jen Gemski
Robert and Kristin George
Brian and Linda Geraghty
Kathy and John Giurini
Meghan and Jeffrey Glenn
Dr. Ulrich and Sabine Goldmann
Stephanie and Michael Greco
Nicki and Carl Gustafson
Bruce and Dawn Hagman
Mason Hajj
Bill and Jeanette Hasapidis
Michael and Karin Hauptman
Gregg Henebry and Kathleen Hazen
Dan and Kerry Hennessy
Mark and Deb Hickey
Kay Hoffman
Robert Horgan
Kurt and Kristin Hudson
Fred and Roberta Johnson
Judy Johnson
Doug and Amy Kay
David and Teri Keene
Kevin and Annemarie Keleher
Karl and Jessica Kemp
Edward and Erin Keysor
Jason King
Tim and Ellen Knight
Jeff and Julie Koterba
Rachel and Ronald Kraus
The Krauss Family
Anil and Kristin Kumar
Anne Kupferschmid, Pampered Chef
Jen and Brad Lawson
Martina and Bernhard Leger
Arthur Leventhal
Andrea Lichtenstein
The Lisciandra Family
Heidi Lusby
A. Mackinnon
Lynne Malmquist
Matt and Sue Malvese
Allen and Tania Manuel
Michael and Emily Marcucci
William Maritan
Joann and Stephane Marmai
Elizabeth Marsette
Candice Masters
Kevin and Karen McCarthy
Heather McCarthy
Kyle and Meredith McClements
Lisa McDonald Photography
Craig McGary and Ruth Parks
Nora and Leo McGowan
Michelle and Steve McKay
Christa and Brian Maclean
Christopher McMahon
Tina McNulty
Katrina and Warren Mead
The Michaeli Family
Laurie Mills, Independent Consultant,
Jean Mineo
George and Michelle Mix
Elise and Scott Morgan
James and Katherine Munz
Mark Nardelli and Christine Dardia
John and Laurie Nealon
Heidi Nelson of Irene's Closet
David and Kelly Nolan
Michael and Susan Norton
Jeannine O'Callaghan
Lisa and Craig O'Connor
Jen and Dave O'Leary
Patrick and Rosemary O'Reilly
Lorenna and Andrew Parry
James Parton
Michele Parzianello and Brian  
Nikolaos and Hilli Passas
Francine and Eric Pender
Tanya Perkins
Kenneth and Karen Peters
Marianne and Stephen Phillips
Kathleen Pittman and Hilart Ziven
Jane Poe
David Previte and Erika Beisler
Philip and Kelly Reilly
Brian and Erica Reilly
The Reilly Family
Jessica Reilly
The Riddick Family
Mike and Lucy Rogan
Renee and Joe Romanowski
Christine Rosecrans
Matthew and Carolyn Samson
Vicki and Colin Savoy
Mark and Christina Sawyer
Matthew and Kathleen Scales
Linda and Dan Shea
Suzanne and Richard Shelley
Claire Shield
Heidi Smith and Matthew Mascari
Erin Snead and George Maley
Martina Spitzer
Christopher and Lisa Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan
Lindsey and Brian Sutton
Carol and Porter Terry
Diana Thompson
Mark and Paula Tierney
Susan Toohey
Eleni Totikidis
David and Carrie Traub
Elizabeth and Joe Twer
Peter and Sophia Viglas
Robert Wall and Pamela Leblanc
Stephanie and Timothy Walsh
Sarah Waters
Kristen Weber
William and Jill Werner
Kevin and Jen Whelan
Douglas Whitla and Ann Humphrey
Marianne Wirtz
Kirsty and Jeff Young
Evan Zaher
Jingqiu Zhu

David Ruggiero ("Mr. R") Wins the 2014-2015 Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award


The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award is given to a Medfield School staff member whose efforts embody former Superintendent Bob Maguire's vision for further developing students' global understanding. The recipient is someone who inspires students to look beyond the town of Medfield and learn more about the global community. After reviewing the applications received from parents and colleagues, the award committee agreed that David Ruggiero (aka "Mr. R"), general music teacher at Memorial School, band teacher at Dale Street School and director of the Ngoma Dzakanaka Marimba Band, best exemplifies the characteristics of this award.


Mr. R wrote an MCPE grant many years ago to start the Ngoma Dzakanaka marimba bands (meaning "beautiful music"). The marimba is an instrument from Zimbabwe and he has been leading the marimba band since its inception in January 2011.


"The introduction of the marimba band has exposed our community beyond the usual confines of our music curriculum. By bringing music from Zimbabwe into the schools of Medfield, Mr. R has added a whole new dynamic and energy to student learning and to concerts....The marimba bands have helped with the Dale St. fundraising for Zimbabwe and, in so doing, students have seen the connection between their work in school and the music....Music is a powerful tool to build bridges with other cultures and he has shown us what is possible. By integrating something diverse and unique into our school communities, he serves as a role model for others." - The Brooke Family


Mr. R accepted the award at MCPE's Annual Meeting on May 27th.  



Mr. R with MCPE Co-Presidents
Kim Price and Megan Infantino

Blake "Makerspace" Grant Wins the 2014-2015  

Thomas Reis Award


MCPE is pleased to report that the Blake "Makerspace" grant is the 2014-2015 recipient of the Thomas Reis Award.  This award is given in honor of Thomas Reis, Superintendent of Medfield Public Schools from 1985 to 1995 and a co-founder of MCPE in 1987.  This recognition is given to the grant that best reflects the efforts that Thomas Reis cultivated, including promoting cooperation among schools, developing new programs of study, and highlighting creativity and innovation in the classroom.


Nat Vaughn, Jon Haycock, Diane Horvath and Jason Heim submitted the 'Creating and Tinkering in the Makerspace' grant for Blake Middle School. The Makerspace at the Blake Library Media Center is part of a multi-phase initiative to create a place for middle school students to access information in a unique, collaborative environment during free time and through class projects. Students will "create and tinker," share ideas, and problem-solve using technology, invention and design kits, supporting the ideals of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Framework.   


Jason Heim, Nat Vaughn and MCPE's Grant Coordinator, Jesse Pezzullo 




MCPE says, "Thank You" and "Please Support" Our Current Corporate Sponsors who collectively contributed money and in-kind donations totaling over $25,000 to MCPE: 


Warrior Sponsors ($2,500 and above)

Hometown Weekly

Needham Bank

Rockland Trust 



Scholar Sponsors ($1,000 and above)

Clay Family Dealerships


L.C. Anderson, Inc.

Middlesex Savings Bank

Personal Best Karate

Sports & Physical Therapy Associates

Honor Sponsors ($500 and above)

The Goddard School 

Hurley-Testa Construction

Medfield Orthodontics

Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Starr and Glick Orthodontics

Dr. Omar El Abd of Newton Wellesley Interventional Spine



A & D Appliance Center

Butterfly Tree Gift Boutique

Chestnut Dental Associates

Corcoran and Havlin Insurance Group

Dover Trucking

The Jowdy Group-Keller Williams

Julie Scheck and Jill Herrick,  

    Jack Conway Realtor

Lisa McDonald Photography

Medfield Dental

Medfield Smiles

Medfield Veterinary Clinic

Mitchell Construction Group, Inc

Needham Oil & Air

Park Street Books

Dr. Barbara Preussner, DMD

West Mill Smiles


In-Kind Donation Sponsors  

Adirondack Club


Big Y

Blue Moon Bagel Cafe

Bullards Market

Culinary Affair


Donut Express

Dr. Detail

Fells Market

Go Fresh


Colleen Hawley, CAbi

HYP Studio

Ice House at Kingsbury


Jenny Boston Boutique

Joellyn Ripp

John Smith Soccer

Larkin's Wine and Spirits

Lisa's Boutique

Lovell's Nursery

Mangia Pizza

McKechnie Associates

Medfield Wine Shoppe

Noon Hill Grill

Papa Gino's Pizzeria

Park Street Books

Precision Automotive

Precision Detail

Reebok Crossfit

Roche Bros.

Royal Pizza



Michelle Solomon, CAbi


Twist Bakery & Caf?

Ultimate Barre & Pilates

Whole Foods - Bellingham




MCPE grants are funded entirely through the generosity of Medfield residents and corporate sponsors. Your generous donations raised over $23,000 for our annual appeal. Please join our generous donors on this list and consider making your annual donation to MCPE today. Money raised is distributed directly to our teachers, staff and administrators through a grant application process. Grants are awarded in support of programs, materials, technologies, professional development opportunities and other initiatives that enrich students' learning experiences and foster academic excellence across all curriculum areas. Please help make the continued success of our schools a community effort. Thank You!              MCPE P.O. Box 452, Medfield


The Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE) is an independent, non-profit organization funded to provide system-wide support and academic enrichment for the Medfield Public Schools, with particular attention to academic needs that exceed the parameters of the school budget.