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Dear Medfield Public School Families,

Although the end of the school year and summer are just around the corner, MCPE's Board members are still going strong! We are so excited to be preparing for our first-ever Fall Ball this coming September. Please read about our auctions and how you can be a part of the excitement. Also below are great photos from our recent Spelling Bee and LCR Tournament.

Many thanks to those who helped support MCPE this past academic year. Our generous contributors and corporate sponsors make it possible for us to operate and support teacher and administrator grant proposals.

So far, this year, MCPE has funded over $100,500 in grant requests across all five schools. In order to maintain this level of giving, we truly do need the community's help. Please click here if you would like to donate to our annual appeal. Thank you - we appreciate your continued support.

Finally, please keep an eye out this June for our online year-in-review newsletter -- it will give a complete overview of this past school year and let you know how your donation dollars were used.

For more information on MCPE, our events or how to get involved, please visit our website:

As always, thank you for supporting MCPE and its initiatives, and thank you for making the success of our schools a community effort.
Michelle Barrette
Minta Hissong
MCPE Co-Presidents 

Silly Kids Stand Up E4E:
A Fun Family Event for Memorial School Students and their Families

Do you have a Kindergartner or First Grader who likes to be silly or joke around?  If so, please join other Medfield families on Sunday, June 5th from 3pm-4:30 PM at the Pfaff Center as the silly kids of Memorial School take the microphone to share their knock-knocks and knee-slappers in front of a supportive and lighthearted audience of friends and family.
This E4E event benefits the Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE) with proceeds going toward system-wide support and academic enrichment for our Medfield Public Schools.
  • Admission is $5 per person for a great cause
  • Participants can joke solo or with a friend, and each jokester will receive a prize for participating
  • Limit two jokes per act 
  • Register your little jokester by emailing to let her know if he/she will joke solo or with a friend
  • There will be a 2 PM rehearsal before the event so kids get the chance to practice
  • You don't have to have a participant to attend - please bring your Kindergartner, First Grader and family to support our jokesters
  • There will be a RAFFLE and a BAKE SALE at the event to raise additional funds for MCPE
  • Please purchase your $5 tickets on the event's Eventbrite page:  
Also, visit and for great material that kids can use as inspiration for their joke(s).

Please contact Amy Casey at or 315-430-1726 if you have any questions about the event.  

MCPE Grant Update
The following are the most recent grants that were approved for the 2015-2016 school year:

The grant request, "Expanding Opportunities For Coding With KIBO Robotics at Memorial School," submitted by Randie Groden, Meredith Teany and Julie Colantoni was approved for $3,227. This grant expanded on a previous grant for two KIBO robot kits and funded eight additional KIBO robot kits for Memorial School. KIBO robot kits teach programming through robotics without screens, tablets, mobile phones or keyboards for children ages 4-7. Children play with KIBO using their hands to manipulate wooden blocks with pictures of programming instruction. Students scan the wooden blocks to give robots simple commands and in the process learn sequencing. By combining a series of commands students can make the robot move, dance, sing, sense the environment or light up. Each KIBO robot kit is intended to be used by 2-3 children at a time. With eight additional kits (for a total of 10), KIBO is able to be used by an entire classroom at the same time.

"Classroom HowdaHug Chairs" is the name of a grant proposal that was submitted by Jenna Johnson and Meg Singer. This grant funded 30 HowdaHug Chairs at Wheelock School, two for each classroom. HowdaHug chairs are an alternative seating option for students. HowdaHug chairs are designed for "fidgety kids" who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment. They help improve students' abilities to maintain focus and attention to participate appropriately in classroom activities by regulating their bodies and providing sensory input. The chairs are accessible to all students as needed. This grant was approved for $2,150.

The grant proposal, "Makerspace Memorial Library Style," submitted by Randie Groden, was approved for $4,403. This grant funded a Makerspace in the Memorial School Library. (This is an expansion of the limited items they had from donations.) The Makerspace is open to all students during scheduled library classes and at other times determined by the teachers and the librarian. The Makerspace provides the opportunity for students to think, problem solve, be creative, collaborate and share their work. The items funded were developmentally age-appropriate for the Memorial students (preschool - grade 1). They included Wood Castle Blocks and a set of Figurines, Picassa Tiles (3D Magnetic Building Blocks), K'Nex, a Lego Storystarter Core Set, Bee-Bots (the younger version of the Pro-Bots which were funded by MCPE for Dale St. School), HOKKI stools which allow the children to move around while sitting, an iPad Mini 4, an external microphone, craft supplies and books. 

"Project Collaboration" was a grant proposal submitted by Michael Gow.
This grant funded innovative furniture to recreate the space of Mr. Gow's classroom to be one where students can sit, work together, share ideas and discuss topics. It also was designed for closer teacher/student interaction. The items funded were seven Chat Chairs, a Chat Table and 12 wooden stools. The Project Collaboration space is available for use by other teachers at Blake Middle School by switching classrooms with Mr. Gow. This grant was approved for $2,589.

The grant proposal, "Continued Growth in Ballroom Dance," was submitted by Karen Renaud, and it was approved for $4,456. This grant funded 50 private ballroom dance lessons at Fred Astaire in Franklin (combined with weekly group classes, practice sessions, progress checks and a final exam) for Karen Renaud, Wellness, Ballroom Dance, Personal Safety, and Stress Management Teacher at Medfield High School. This grant allowed her to further develop her skills, learn additional steps and higher level dance skills as well as new dances so that she could continue to challenge her talented and eager students. Ballroom Dancing is taught in physical education classes starting in the 2nd grade and continues up through the high school - including an elective class as well as a club. Karen worked with the other Wellness/Physical Education teachers from Wheelock, Dale and Blake to share her new skills.

"Bringing the Power of Making to the Classroom #BlakeMakers," was a grant proposal submitted by Diane Horvath, Marissa Gumas, Nat Vaughn, Orla Berry, Kate Jones and Susan Bycoff. It was approved for $10,841.
The Creature Feature has been part of the English and Math curricula for the past several years for seventh grade students. Students use geometry skills  and knowledge to build a "creature", document their production on Google slides, measure and produce a scale drawing and then write a story about their fantasy creature in English class. The students then take their creatures to the elementary schools in town to share with siblings' classes, read their stories and inspire the younger students. This year the Creature Feature project took on a new aspect of innovation - bringing their creatures to life. This grant funded a Little Bits Pro Library Kit with Wall Storage and Additional Bits to scale the Bringing the Creature Feature to Life project for the entire grade level. The Little Bits provided students with the ability to make their creatures "come to life". They did this by inserting circuits to make eyes light, hearts beat, hands move, etc. 

The grant request, "Video Production and Editing," was submitted by Kate Jones and was approved for $2,253. This grant funded up-to-date tools for video production and editing for the Video Production class. These tools included new computers, new monitors and Adobe Premiere editing licenses.

"A Visit by Michael Thompson, Ph.D." was a grant proposal submitted by Medfield Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden.
This grant will fund a visit by Michael Thompson, Ph.D. to Medfield on October 26, 2016 as the launch to a new parent speaker series. The goal of the series of presentations is to help parents, teachers, administrators, and the community better care for the whole child. The grant includes his time at Blake and MHS speaking to the students as well as an evening presentation for the community and parents. The request was approved for $8,000. 

Fall Ball: Asking the Community for Help 

Tickets for MCPE's September Fall Ball sold out earlier this month. The goal of the event is to raise important funds for Medfield's five public schools so that MCPE is able to bring exciting grants to our kids' classrooms.The theme of the Fall Ball is in the style of Dr. Seuss: "Oh the Places our Kids will Go!"
One of the ways we hope to raise funds before and during the Fall Ball is through both an online and a live auction of desirable items and exciting experiences.

We're thinking outside the box and hoping you can help us take our auctions to the next level. Please click on the Sign Up Genius link to see if you're able to contribute to this very worthy cause.

I f you have something you'd like to donate that is not listed, or have any questions regarding the Fall Ball, please contact Wendi Ayer or Kim Price

Save the Dates for These Upcoming Events!

MCPE Annual Meeting - a New Date!
The MCPE Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 26th at 7:00 PM at the Zullo Gallery. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The following award and grant winners will be honored at the MCPE Annual Meeting:
  • Robert Parga is the recipient of the Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award.
  • The winners of the Elizabeth Busconi Grant are Kerry Cowell and Steve Grenham. 
  • The Thomas Reis Award is going to the three schools who had Robotics grants this year: Memorial, Dale Street and the High School.
Superintendent's Parent Speaker Series Launches on
Wednesday, October 26th 
Be sure to mark the date Wednesday, October 26th.
Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden has scheduled Michael Thompson, Ph.D. to come and speak to the Medfield Community about the pressured child.

Blue Ribbon Program

MCPE's Blue Ribbon Program recognizes teachers, administrators, school coaches and staff for making a difference in a student's life. This program is an easy way to acknowledge school employees at the end of the school year.

Click on the following link to make your donation online, and MCPE will take care of the rest. Each recipient will receive a personalized card announcing that a donation was made by you in his or her honor. Your tax-deductible donation will help support future educational grants awarded by MCPE.

In addition to receiving a personalized card from MCPE, the recipient will be recognized in MCPE's year-end newsletter. Each year's June newsletter includes a list of the recipients from the most recent winter holiday period, as well as the prior spring/summer end-of-year gift giving period.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to publication deadlines, end-of-year donations made after May 31st of each year will be included in the following year's newsletter. To ensure the delivery of your card prior to Thursday June 23, please submit your request by Friday, June 17th.

11th Annual Spelling Bee: 
The Spelling Bee-sts Were Released! 

It was no ordinary Tuesday afternoon at the Medfield High School Auditorium. Card tables crowded the stage, the halls were filled with wizards, Boston sports teams, various bees and other interesting characters. The buzz of excitement was in the air, mixing in with the tantalizing aroma of pizza, baked goods, candy and snacks. T-shirts encouraging the students to "Release their Spelling Bee-sts" were worn by many participants and posters with the same message were seen outside the auditorium, all of which marked the 11th annual Spelling Bee, hosted by the Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE).
The annual Spelling Bee is the main student-focused event that MCPE hosts. Other events, such as Trivia Night, LCR and the Fall Ball are focused on adult interaction and fundraising. The Spelling Bee has become a time honored-tradition attracting the participation of hundreds of Medfield students. This year 144 teams and almost 450 participants brought their enthusiasm, creativity and great sportsmanship to the day.
The Champions of the MCPE 2016 Spelling Bee are:

The "SLED DAWGS" of the Dale Street School: 5th graders Will Boland, Thomas Boland, and Kenny Manning, pictured with Moderator and Dale Principal Steve Grenham


"Thuh Speling Beez" of Wheelock School 
3rd graders Carrigan Allenby, Carl Kirchoff and Kyle Hudson

"The Coalition is privileged to have the enthusiastic support from staff and administrators as well as parent volunteers to run the Spelling Bee," said Julie Cook, the MCPE board member who co-chaired this year's Spelling Bee along with Jesse Reilly. "This year the Board worked diligently with teachers, administrators and parent volunteers to make this event a success" continued Cook. "On behalf of the MCPE we'd like to thank everyone who helped to make this year's Spelling Bee a fun and successful event!"
"MCPE would like to thank Papa Gino's of Medfield, Mangia of Medfield and Wegmans, added Reilly. "Their donations of pizza and beverages for our concession stand were deeply appreciated. Additionally, we want to express our gratitude to our corporate sponsors and to the Medfield community who build our schools through supporting events such as this."

Here are a few more adorable photos from the Bee...


LCR Deemed an "Overwhelming Success"!

THANK YOU to the community participants, volunteers and corporate sponsors who helped to make MCPE's first-ever LCR tournament at the American Legion such an overwhelming success. MCPE raised approximately $5,000 that evening which will go toward our mission of enriching our children's educations.

Congratulations to our winners! Scott Briggs, Maura Woodard, Nicole Lewis and Katherine Munz.  EACH won $100 as LCR winners, and Karen Vasquez won the amazing scratch tickets drawing!!

Nicole Lewis and Katherine Munz 
Scott Briggs and Maura Woodard

Karen Vasquez
Wheelock students appreciate the enhancements
MCPE and its donors provide

MCPE and Subway are Partners

MCPE is pleased to have partnered with Subway of Medfield. The first Tuesday of every month is "MCPE Subway Day" from 2:00-9:00 PM. 

TWENTY PERCENT of all proceeds will be donated to MCPE over a nine month period.   

The next "MCPE Subway Day" is Tuesday, June 7th.  

Please Remember MCPE When You Use Amazon

With Father's Day, graduation, summer parties and other spring and summer events just around the corner, please keep the Medfield Coalition for Public Education in mind when you shop with AmazonSmile; it's an easy way to shop and support Medfield Public Schools at the same time, at no additional cost to you!

Once you've registered, every time you shop at, Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to MCPE, and, good news: your Amazon Prime account will continue to work the same way.

As always, please support our local businesses, but for those items you can't purchase locally, think of AmazonSmile and MCPE!  

MCPE Values Its Corporate Sponsors 
Please Thank and Support Our Corporate Sponsors: 

Warrior Sponsor - $2,500 and up
Century 21 Commonwealth:
(Donna Cox, Mary Cusano,
Kate Devlin, Dave Mathews,
Kathy Murray, Eleanor Osborn,
Kandi Pitrus, Diane Tlapa)
Hometown Weekly
Needham Bank
Rockland Trust

Scholar Sponsor - $1,000 - $2,499
Clay Family Dealerships
 Compass Project Management
Daedalus Projects, Inc.
L.C. Anderson, Inc.
Middlesex Savings Bank
Personal Best Karate
Sports & Physical Therapy Associates
Everwood Day Camp

Honors Sponsor - $500 - $999
The Goddard School
Hurley-Testa Construction
Medfield Smiles
Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Do you have a business and would like to support
MCPE as a Corporate Sponsor?
Visit our website and check out our corporate sponsor opportunities

The Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE) is an independent, non-profit organization funded to provide system-wide support and academic enrichment for the Medfield Public Schools, with particular attention to academic needs that exceed the parameters of the school budget.