MCR Celebrates 25 Years

Maine Cernota & Rardin is pleased to announce that October 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of its founding.
On its anniversary the firm's founding member Vern Maine reflected on how it started:
In 1987, my wife Suzy and I were out for a 14 mile morning run before work, (yes, really) when at some point, high on the adrenalin rush that a long distance run gives you, I said to Suzy, "What do you think about me going to law school?" She said, without breaking her stride, "Go for it." Little did we know how much this would alter the future for us and for many others as well. Suzy earned her BS in Paralegal Studies in 1990, and I my Juris Doctor in 1993. Suzy and I began the law practice that is today, "Maine, Cernota & Rardin," in October of that year and we never looked back.
This year the firm is 25 years young! We have grown into a flourishing intellectual property firm on a global stage, highly respected and well positioned within the legal community, managed now by Attorney Andrew Cernota. Our domestic and international clients, large and small, are well served by our highly qualified and experienced staff of patent attorneys and paralegal and administrative people, along with a network of highly competent international law firms with whom we coordinate for global coverage. What an amazing adventure it has been! It is with genuine pride, respect, and gratitude, that we as a firm offer our sincere thanks to all those who have entrusted us with their intellectual property matters and referred so many others to us over these 25 years, as well. We look forward to serving you equally well during the next 25 years!
About Maine Cernota & Rardin
Established in 1993, Maine Cernota & Rardin, formerly Maine & Asmus, is an intellectual property law firm providing quality legal representation through closely coupled attorney/client relationships, to a broad spectrum of local and international clients.  The firm focuses its practice on the intelligent planning and execution of intellectual property strategies for technology based companies. 

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