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Executive Committee Meeting / Munch & Mingle August 12
Senate District 4 Runoff Election August 5
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County Executive Committee Meeting August 12




Pledges of Allegiance


Presentations of Minutes  

Treasurer's Report

State Republican Executive Committee Reports                                                  

2013 Volunteer of the Year Award

2013 Sally B. Naugle Headquarters Volunteer of the Year Award

Oath of Office for 2014-2016 CEC members  

Election of 2014-2016 CEC Secretary                                              

Ratification of County Chairman 2014-2016 Appointments                    

         County Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Parliamentarian & General Counsel

         Standing Committee Chairmen

         Standing Committee (40%) Member Appointments

         Financial Committee Review Members

         Minority Engagement Committee Members

Adoption of CEC Standing Committee (60%) Appointments

Presentation of Bylaws Amendment

Adoption of 2014-2016 Bylaws                                                

Other business



County Executive Committee Meeting August 12

2014 - 2016 Organizational Meeting  

Munch & Mingle at Headquarters Prior to Meeting

Sponsored by Jim Clark, Republican Nominee, Commissioner Pct. 4


Dr. Wally Wilkerson

The statutory organizational meeting of the newly constituted 2014-2016 County Executive Committee (CEC) will be held on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. , August 12, 2014 in the Alan B. Sadler County Commissioner Court Building (Room 402), 501 N. Thompson Street in Conroe, 77301. Munch & Mingle Social will begin at 5:30 pm in the County Headquarters at 310 Metcalf (formerly Collins) Street, Conroe, 77301-2856. Light refreshments will be served. The Social is sponsored by Jim Clark, candidate for County Commissioner, Precinct #4. The public is invited to attend.


Officers of the CEC, the Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, General Counsel and Sergeant-at-Arms, will be appointed by the County Chairman along with the Chairmen of the six Standing Committees (Vacancy, Rules, Candidates, Finance, Leadership & Organization and Headquarters & Volunteers). The CEC Secretary will be elected by the members, the eighty-nine (89) Precinct Chairmen. Members of the six Standing Committees are selected jointly by the County Chairman and the Executive Committee. No less than three-fifths (60%) of the members of each of the Committees are selected by the Precinct Chairmen and the remaining two-fifths (40%) by the County Chairman.


Qualifications for being eligible to serve on any Standing Committee includes previous support of the Party's nominees, with no record of having supported an opposition Party's candidate in the last preceding General election. Each Committee is composed of no less than five (5) or more than thirty (30) members, except for the Finance and Candidates Committees which is composed of no more than fifty (50) members. Special Committee members, such as the Financial Review and Minority Engagement, are appointed by the County Chairman.


Anyone who desires to be considered for appointment to one or more of the Standing Committees should click here to download a Recommendation Form, fill it out, and return it to Republican Headquarters. The completed form may be mailed to the Headquarters at MCRP, POB 45, Conroe, TX, 77305, sent to the Headquarters by fax at 936-539-5858, or scanned and emailed to info@mcrp.org. The deadline for receipt of the form is July 31, 2014.


The 2013 Volunteer of the Year and the 2013 Sally B. Naugle Headquarters Volunteer of the Year will be announced and honored at the meeting. Sally B. Naugle served as the sole Headquarters Volunteer during the early days of the full time Headquarters in the area now occupied by the Party business office. The Headquarters has enhanced the Party's visibility and credibility.


The CEC will consider adoption of a Party Bylaws amendment that will remove the unintended conflict between the Party Bylaws, Texas GOP Rules and Texas Election Laws about the date of the CEC organizational meeting. The CEC will then adopt the 2014-2016 Party Bylaws.


Senate District 4 Runoff Election August 5th
  Creighton                       Toth    
The Senate District #4 Special Election Runoff will be held on Tuesday, August 5th. Many polling locations will be consolidated.
The candidates are Republicans Brandon Creighton and Steve Toth.

Important dates are:


Monday, July 28 - In person Early Voting period begins

Friday, August 1 - In person Early Voting period ends

Tuesday, August 5 - Election Day*** 


***Very important: Many precincts will be consolidated for this election. It's likely you will not vote at your regular location. Click here to find Election Day voting locations for this election.

Click here for Early Voting Locations and Times

Click here to find your Voting Precinct Number


 Runoff Almost Completes General Election Team
General Election November 4

In spite of inclement weather conditions, though not as severe as with the Primary, the Runoff Primary election was conducted without irregularities. Ten Voting Precincts were visited by a State Inspector who observed no violations. They were Precincts number 2, 9, 10, 30, 31, 39, 41, 62, 73 and 89. Holding elections is arduous work. The Party leadership is both proud and thankful of the performance of every election judge and worker.


Runoff voters totaled 34,270 of 274,012 registered voters, a 12.51% turnout compared to the March Primary voter total of 43,510 of 267,969 registered voters, a 16.24% turnout. The top vote-getter in a statewide race was Lt. Governor Candidate, Dan Patrick. The lone countywide race for County Judge, won by Commissioner Craig Doyal, produced a vote total of 33,113, 96.63% of the total turnout of 34,270. County Commissioner, Precinct #2 was won by Charlie Riley with 6,172 (58%) votes and County Commissioner, Precinct #4 nomination was won by Jim Clark with 3,026 (60.6%) votes. Clark will face an Independent candidate in the General election. Will Metcalf won the House District #16 seat nomination with 8,914 (62.1%) votes to replace State Representative Brandon Creighton who is in a August 5th Runoff election with State Representative District #15 Steve Toth to replace State Senator Tommy Williams. In November Metcalf will face a Libertarian & Democrat opponent who will be the lone Democrat on the ballot in Montgomery County.


In 2015, the County Commissioners Court could consist of two new Republican Commissioners, Charlie Riley and Jim Clark, a new Republican County Judge, Craig Doyal, and two Republican holdover Commissioners, Mike Meador and James Noack. In the 2015 State Legislature, the County could be represented by two new State Representatives, HD #15 Mark Keough and Will Metcalf in HD #16, a two-term Representative in HD #3, Cecil Bell and a new State Senator, either Representative Creighton or Representative Toth. On August 6th, the Party will shift into the General election campaign mode as we prepare our voter lists for the critical Get-Out-The-Vote program. This will require every Republican to be prepared to make the voter contacts necessary for the County to produce the largest margin of victory possible for every nominee on the ballot!

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  • Helps maintain marketing and all services of the County Headquarters
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  • Helps strengthen and expand our Precinct and neighborhood organization
  • Helps expand outreach program to minorities and independents
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Calendar of Events


Many fun and important activities are on the horizon! Republican Womens' clubs and the Young Republicans are having great speakers at their monthly meetings.  Elected officials and candidates for the 2014 elections are having events. And more!