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County Executive Committee Meeting October 14 

Final 2014 Meeting of County Executive Committee

Set for this Tuesday, October 14


Munch & Mingle at Headquarters

Sponsored by County Judge - Elect Craig Doyal


Dr. Wally Wilkerson


The final 2014 meeting of the County Executive Committee (CEC) will be held on Tuesday evening, October 14th at 7:30 pm in Room 402 of the Alan B. Sadler Commissioners Court Building in Conroe 77301 at 501 N. Thompson Street. A meeting of the Vacancy Committee will convene at 6:45 pm in the same location to consider filling vacancies for Precinct Chairmen in Precincts #6, #50 and #71. The Munch & Mingle Social sponsored by County Judge-elect, Craig Doyal,will begin at 5:30 pm in the County Headquarters at 310 Metcalf (formerly Collins) Street in Conroe 77301-2856. Light refreshments will be served.  The public is invited to attend both of these events. "These events present a great opportunity for interested citizens to meet and greet Party officeholders, candidates, Precinct Chairs, members of Standing Committees and volunteers", Party Chairman Dr. Wally Wilkerson noted.


The CEC will hear reports from the Vacancy Committee, the Treasurer, the Leadership and Organization Committee Chairman, the Minority Engagement Committee Chairman and the County Chairman. The Party began the election year by proudly electing a Chairman in each of the eighty-nine (89) voting precincts. "Due to one death and five resignations because of change of residency, we have now six vacancies. Fortunately, we have been able to fill three of these vacancies in #6, #50 and #71, but #45 (The Woodlands), #53 (East Montgomery County) and #67 (The Woodlands) vacancies remain", the County Chairman said. Those interested in serving in one of these vacant precincts, should notify the County Headquarters at 936-441-5621 or info@mcrp.org.

 Election November 4
General Election Campaign Underway 


The Republican Headquarters has become a very busy location. With the cooperation of the Republican Party of Texas, it is the site for a phone bank that consists of multiple computer phones, a site for distribution of campaign materials and for campaign information and a site for organizing block walks. Interns and volunteers with the Abbott campaign have made thousands of phone calls and organized block walks that have reached thousands of potential voters across the County. All statewide candidates have been encouraged to use the Headquarters and a number of them have made plans to do so. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact 936-441-5621 or info@mcrp.org for information.


The Abbott campaign and the Minority Engagement Committee arranged a Hispanic phone bank on September 17th in the Headquarters. Using a list of Montgomery County Hispanic residents provided with the help of the Republican Party of Texas, the callers made hundreds of calls on behalf of Abbott for Governor. "We have to be very proud of our Engagement Committee's progress with our relations with the Hispanic community", Committee Chairman Karen Darcy and the County Chairman said.


The Party's GET-OUT-THE-VOTE Program was kicked-off October 1st. Precinct workers will contact  Republican  Primary  voters  in the past three  elections  utilizing  their home

computers and a password to access the list and urge them to cast their votes during the Early Voting period, October 20 through October 31. Each Precinct Chairman is responsible for administering this program. The Headquarters will be able to monitor the number of calls completed in each Precinct. If you are asked to help with this important program, please accept so our County can produce the largest margins of victory as is possible for all our candidates.

IMPORTANT!  Vote Twice for Will Metcalf
  Creighton                               Metcalf    

An unusual circumstance will occur during the upcoming election on November 4. We will have the opportunity of voting twice for one of our candidates, Will Metcalf. And in this instance, voting twice is legal!

In fact, it's imperative that you vote twice!

Brandon Creighton was sworn in as State Senator on August 26, resulting in a vacancy in House District 16. According to state law, an election to fill this vacancy must occur within a certain number of days; hence, we will vote for the vacancy in HD 16 as well as the regular election for HD 16 on November 4.

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Voting straight ticket will only cover the regular election vote. The vacancy election will be on a separate ballot. Will Metcalf does have a Democrat opponent; so, your second vote is vital.
At publishing time, the sample ballot was temporarily unavailable. Be sure to check our website to see the sample ballot.
Also, be sure to share with your Republican friends to vote twice for Will Metcalf!
Finally, this will only apply to those voters who live in House District 16, which encompasses approximately the northern third of the county.



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Calendar of Events


Many fun and important activities are on the horizon! Republican Womens' clubs and the Young Republicans are having great speakers at their monthly meetings.  Elected officials and candidates for the 2014 elections are having events. And more!