February 2017

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County Executive Committee February 28
Munch & Mingle at Headquarters Prior to Meeting
Sponsored by County Judge Craig Doyal
The 2017 first quarterly meeting of the Montgomery County Texas Republican Party Executive Committee (CEC) will be held on Tuesday evening, February 28, 2017 at 7:30 pm in Room 402 of the Alan B. Sadler Commissioners Building at 501 North Thompson Street in Conroe 77301. A Munch & Mingle Social will begin at 5:30 pm in the Republican Headquarters at 310 Metcalf Street, Conroe 77301-2856 prior to the CEC meeting. Light refreshments provided by County Judge Craig Doyal will be served at the Social. The Public is welcomed and encouraged to attend both events to meet and greet officeholders, Party officials, volunteers and activists.
The CEC, which consists of all current Precinct Chairmen, will hear State Republican Executive Committee reports, a Party Treasurers report, a Vacancy Committee report, a post-election analysis. A 2017 budget will be adopted and plans for a 2017 fundraiser will be discussed. An update on the status of the High School Republican Clubs and Community Engagement Committee plans for 2017 will be presented, and Landon Estay, Congressional District #8 Elector, will share his experience with those attending the CEC meeting.

A sterling performance by Montgomery County Republicans, Conservatives and Independents boosted the Republican ticket to a historic upset victory not only in Montgomery County but across Texas and the Nation as well. Trump won Montgomery County with 73.02% of the vote, about 6% less than Romney in 2012. A record 208,310 of the Montgomery County's voter registration total of 311,880 (66.4%) voted on November 8, the second highest turnout percentage of any of the top 15 counties in the State. Collin County had the highest turnout with 67.1%. However, Montgomery County had the highest margin of victory total with 104,479 votes for Trump. In 2012 the margin of victory for Romney was 105,049. 46,309 more Montgomery County citizens registered to vote in 2016 compared to the 2012 registration total. Eighty percent of voting age people (VAP) registered to vote in Texas in 2016.
Democrat Hillary Clinton was limited to only 22.3% of the votes cast in Montgomery County, compared to just below 20% by Obama in 2012. 2,403 (1.2%) voters failed to cast a vote in the Montgomery County presidential race. Every Republican candidate at the statewide level won Montgomery County by about 15 percentage points. In 2017 the Republican Party will have a majority in the Texas Congressional Delegation, 25 to 11, a majority in the Texas State Senate 20 to 11 and in the Texas House of Representatives 95 to 54. The only contested race at the County level, Constable Precinct #1, was won by Republican Phillip Cash with 82% of the vote.
Donald Trump won 227 of the 254 Counties in Texas while losing only the major urban areas to Clinton. He polled 4,685,087 votes (52.2%) statewide compared to Clinton's 3,877,868 votes (43.24%). The Statewide voter turnout was 59.4%, 7% lower than the Montgomery County percentage of 66.4%. A map of the state is totally red except for the valley area and the urban areas of El Paso, Houston, San Antonia, Dallas and Austin. According to the Associated Press, there are 3,113 counties in the USA. The AP indicates Trump won 2,626 of these counties, while Clinton won 489. Clinton won the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes, primarily because of heavy margins in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. In the five Counties that encompass New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond and Queens), Clinton received well over 2 million votes and won the electoral votes of New York state, while Trump won all the other New York State Counties. This five County area covers only slightly more than 300 square miles while the USA is comprised of over 3.5 million square miles. During the eight years under Obama, the Democrats lost 14 governorships, 10 U. S. Senate seats, 63 U. S. House of Representative seats and nearly 900 State Legislature seats. In 2017 Republicans will have 33 governorships and will control 68 of the 98 State Legislatures.
Gary Henson, President of the Montgomery County Young Republicans (18-40 years old), recently announced that the the Texas Young Republican Federation had chosen to hold their August 2017 State Convention in Montgomery County at The Woodlands Marriott Waterway Hotel. Over 150 YRS are expected to attend the Convention where new officers will be elected, resolutions will be recommended and possible amendment to the bylaws considered. This will be the first time that the YRS State Convention will be held in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County YRS has been very active at previous State Conventions, an involvement that greatly assisted their second effort to have the Convention held in the Montgomery County. Their membership has continued to grow along with their influence and reputation. County Chairman Dr. Wally Wilkerson praised the YRS and said: "The County Party continues to rely on our allied organizations like the YRS, Montgomery County Republican Women and the High School Young Republicans Clubs (13-18 years) to assist the Party in all campaign activities". YR President, Gary Henson, may be contacted at 936-537-5611 or email at ghensonjr@ehrainc.com  and Dr. Wilkerson at 936-441-5621 or email at info@mcrp.org .

President Trump's Opportunities
One of the major issues in the 2016 presidential race was the appointment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices and federal judges. There is one Supreme Court vacancy to be filled by the incoming president, which would alter the present Court's 4 to 4 rulings. of the liberal and conservative Justices. A strong possibility exists that there will be future vacancies. Attention has been focused on the philosophy of the Justices to be appointed. Candidate Trump listed 11 people he was considering for the current Supreme Court vacancy and the Heritage Foundation echoed what most Republicans and conservatives think the choice should be- "Judges must have an unwavering commitment to interpreting the text and structure of the Constitution or a statute based on the original public meaning of the text at the time it was adopted. In issuing rulings, they must resist the temptation to invent new rights or impose policy preferences on the rest of the society".
But equally important is the life-time appointment of federal judges who preside over courts which hear 99% of all the cases in the country. There will be more than a 100 vacancies to fill during President Trump's tenure. While the Supreme Court may decide about 80 cases per year, last year the 13 federal courts of appeal decided nearly 55,000 cases. These federal judges will decide gun control laws, abortion restrictions, redistricting issues, immigration issues, voter ID matters and other issues important to Republicans and conservatives. Obama has already appointed hundreds to civil service jobs, oversight board members and panel members since he became President. The Republican controlled U. S. Senate confirmed only 20 Obama federal judges during their recent term, the lowest number in 28 years. Judgeship appointments by a Republican administration will correct the liberal control of many of our Courts.
SOCIALISM- A 2011 Pew Research Center survey found that, among voters under age of thirty, 49% had "a positive view of socialism". WSJ noted: "Can they have so little sense of the past not to know the promise of socialism has ended in gulags and brutal cultural upheaval". Ronald Reagan once said: "Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it & Hell where they already have it."

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