"The earth is [ His]  and everything in it, the world, 
and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1 NIV
Table of Contents
  1. Upcoming Events & Activities
  2. Elementary Highlights
  3. Happy Birthday and Spirit Rock Fun
  4. Middle School E-Newsletter 

Pax Pulido
Heroes of the Week

Leilen Shelton
Congratulations to this week's Heroes Pax Pulido and Leilen Shelton. We hope you enjoy your up-close parking spot. 

Pax Pulido: Technical Arts Director and Cinematic Arts Teacher
"Mr. Pax is a hero in the MCS community. He seeks to serve God first, always willing to do a long list of tasks behind the scenes to create awesome events and experiences for our students and staff. From audio engineering to video producing and lighting, Pax not only makes chapels happen, but every event that occurs in the Center for Worship and Performing Arts: Grandparent's Day, talent shows, preview days, school musicals, music informances, evening of honor, band, orchestra, & choir concerts...the list goes on and on. Pax is a vital factor to the success of all these events. He works outside of the spotlight, not wanting any credit or acknowledgement for everything he does. Thank you for your countless hours of service. You are setting a Godly example for your students. The tech and cinematic arts program at MCS is creating confident, servant-hearted students all because of you. You are our hero!"
"Pax, you are not only a teacher to students but a mentor. Every student who has had the gift of being in your class has come away feeling safe, loved, valued, and understood. You truly make an effort to understand each and every student. You have high expectations for students and push them in a gentle way to be their best selves. Pax, you have not only blessed the students at MCS but the whole community. Your tireless work does not go unnoticed, and the work you have done in tech arts has turned often shy students into leaders. So proud to know you and to see the talents God has given you to truly glorify his kingdom."
"Pax is a servant! Over and over again, Pax puts in hours of work to make sure that the events in the new Center for Worship and Performing Arts look and sound good. Pax is often at MCS hours after students and staff have left the campus to prep for events. Pax is very creative and has a heart for teaching students  - particularly cinematic arts and technology. We are all thankful for the work Pax does! He is definitely an MCS hero!"
Pax, you are truly a hero here at MCS, and the work you do each and every day, both as a teacher and technical director has not gone unnoticed! We are incredibly thankful for you - you are our hero!

Leilen Shelton: 7th Grade History Teacher
Mrs. Shelton is an artist and the classroom is her canvas. She strives to be the best teacher she can be with amazing lessons and even dressing up in full costumes to give her students the full experience of the content she is teaching. Students walk away from her class not just students but historians who can analyze historical evidence and write in depth about it. Mrs. Shelton is a one of a kind teacher who constantly seeks to improve her lessons, her teaching, and herself. She is not OK with being good but strives to be the best version of herself for students. MCS is truly blessed to have her because she is a masterpiece.

Leilen Shelton: Wow, Wow, Wow! If we all had Mrs. Shelton for history when we were in middle school we would all know a lot more about the world! Leilen is the sort of teacher that helps students make sense of history and to understand how the events of the past have shaped the world today. History is definitely not a bunch of names and dates to memorize when in Leilen's class! What other teacher becomes a flight attendant to whisk her students off to faraway lands and times? Who else becomes a British monarch or a Japanese Samurai and invites students to enter into her world? No one but Leilen! What a hero!

Leilen Shelton is a genuine hero! I wish I had a history teacher like her when I was in middle school...I think I would have actually enjoyed the subject. The way Leilen engages her students is incredible. Always trying something new and never hesitating to wear a new costume to help motivate and inspire her students. Leilen never settles for mediocrity as she always strives to think outside the box. Leilen is a true team player - always being willing to share something new she has learned or created. Full of life and joy, Leilen is not only a blessing to our students at MCS, but she is a blessing to our middle school staff as well. Her positive energy and creativity move all of us forward. We are better teachers because of her. Leilen Shelton, you are indeed a well-deserved hero of the week!

Leilen, oh Leilen, 
How much do we love thee? 
Let me count the ways.

Sonnet MMXIX

Shall I compare thee to another her?
Thou art more creative and with wit thou are blessed:
Each day clever lesson plans you do intro, You will not stop and you will not rest:

Sometime too busy the days remain,
But often your class is focused and active,
A stewardess leading the history plane,
Crazy outfits and clever activities, who can keep track of.

Your hard work and teaching style cannot be weighed,
Your subject you purpose to keep holding steady:
Your wonderful projects and their purpose shall not fade,
Nor lose sight of that fair learning goal, into 8th grade they will be ready.

Nor shall the Hero Highlight fo you justice,
For certain your teaching is robustas.
Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Photo Gallery
Enjoy! Thank you to Mrs. Unkrich for sharing these photos.
  • Magician Justin Flom at MCS | Saturday May 25th
  • Memorial Day - No School | May 27th
  • 3rd-6th Grade Pilot Cup  | May 28-June 2
  • Dads Carpool - Fellowship & Prayer | May 30th
  • End-of-the-Year Schedule | June 3-12
  • 8th Grade "Last Hurrah" to Knott's Berry Farm | June 7th
  • 8th Grade Blessing & Graduation Details | 
A Fun Memorial Day Weekend Event!
Magician Justin Flom at MCS - Saturday, May 25
Justin Flom Promo: May 25th Mariners Christian School

MCS Argyros Center for Worship & Performing Arts
Please forward this link to your family, friends, & church community: TransparentProductions.com/Events/Justin-Flom
5th Grade Transition to Middle School
Dear 5th Grade Parents: If you missed Thursday's 5th Grade Parent meeting (or just want a review of the morning), please click here (or above) for an outline of Mrs. Harrison's presentation.
Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th - No School

There will be no school on Monday, May 27th, in honor of Memorial Day.
Dads Carpool - Fellowship & Prayer - See you May 30th!
DADS! Join Us on Thursday morning, May 30th
for our next Dad's Carpool - Fellowship - Prayer Morning
Carpool from 7:30-8:10 then fellowship and prayer from 8:15-8:45. Feel free to just show up at your convenience or sign up at the following link:    tinyurl.com/MCSDadsFellowshipHope to see you then! 
End-of-the-Year Schedule: June 3-12, 2019
(includes Character Quality Awards schedule)

Final 2019 Uniform Wear & Share June 10th-14th Patio

elementaryhighlightsElementary Highlights
5th Grade Led Chapel
The elementary chapel on Monday was presented solely by our fifth grade students! All three classes opened the chapel time with a Books of the Bible Rap, and then worship was led by the Fifth Grade Worship Band. Reflections about leadership were presented by the Fifth Grade ASB.

Mrs. Sick and Mrs. Dogterom, ASB Coordinators, gave special certificates to ASB students exhibiting leadership qualities in the areas of Personal Development, Skills and Relationships.

ASB created a Yearbook Video that highlighted the special dress days and events they organized all year long. Please enjoy the pictures and video.
Teacher of the Day 2019

Teacher of the Day began with prayer by "HOS" Miss Hadley Hoeven followed by donuts, hot chocolate and lots of Smarties in the teachers' lounge. Then it was time to get to work! 

Students were excited to hear the Free Dress Day announcements over the PA system from their Head of School Miss Hoeven and Elementary Principal Madison Ah You. Middle School Principal Preston Schmidt announced middle school free dress days June 5 and 6. Please enjoy the photo gallery below.

Head of School for the Day Driving

Cooking in Spanish!
Along with a little research and a video on the Spanish-speaking country of Cuba, 5th grade students tried their hand in the kitchen at making Cuban sandwiches and smoothies! Students did a fantastic job taking on responsibilities and testing out the food. ¬°Que delicioso! Many thanks to middle school culinary arts teacher, Mr. Rahm, for opening up the kitchen, prepping the pork, and helping students jump right in!
intheknowIn The Know
New Law to Go Into Effect July 1, 2019
There have been recent changes to school entry immunization requirements that go into effect July 1, 2019. We are sharing these changes with you so that you may work with your child's healthcare provider to make sure your child is vaccinated (California Code of Regulations Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4.) There has been the addition of a second Varicella vaccine requirement for entry into elementary school at Transitional Kindergarten (TK)/Kindergarten (K) and/or seventh grade, administered by a licensed California Healthcare Practitioner.

Grade                   Number of Doses Required of Each Immunization
TK/K-12 Admission 4 Polio 5 DTaP 3 Hep B 2 MMR 2 Varicella
7th-12th Grade 1 Tdap

7th Grade Advancement 2 Varicella 1 Tdap

California schools are required by law to check the immunization records for all new student admissions at TK/Kindergarten through 12th grade and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry. Students meeting all immunization requirements will be unconditionally admitted to school. Students may also be unconditionally admitted if they have a permanent medical exception in accordance with Section 6051. Your child may receive the necessary vaccines from his/her primary care practitioner or pharmacy. It is important to get your child vaccinated early so there will be no issue with school entry. Please make sure you bring your child's vaccine record to the school so it may be on file. Should you have questions, please contact the MCS Health office or your child's health care provider. 
Choice Lunch

Please remember to order Choice Lunch for your student(s) for May and June. Thanks so much! www.choicelunch.com.
All Lost and Found Items Donated the Last School Day of the Month

Please note that lost and found items will be donated at the end of the school day on Friday, May 31st. Please take a moment to look for your lost items periodically.
Volunteers Needed!

Looking for a great way to volunteer that can  fit your schedule? Lost and found distribution would love your help. There are lots of items wanting to find their owners! Please contact Jen Crowell at jcrowell@marinerscs.org for more information. 
Memorial Day Weekend Only: Get $150 Off Every Week
and Help Mariners Christian School



The countdown to Galileo summer camp is on! Our first camps kick off on June 3 and our remaining spots are filling fast. Don't miss your chance to sign up and save $150 on every camp week, through May 28 only. PLUS, Galileo will donate $25 back to Mariners Christian School!

Use promo code SAVE150 to save $150 per week at any Camp Galileo (pre-K - 5th grade) or Galileo Summer Quest (5th - 8th grade) location. Discount not applicable to previously purchased camp weeks. Combinable only with Refer A Friend and Multi-Session discounts. Discount expires at 11:59pm PST on May 28, 2019.
Camp Kick It! June 17th-20th: 9:00AM - 12:00PM 
Join us this summer for Camp Kick It June 17th-20th from 9AM-12PM, For ages 4-11. The cost is $165. For all the details and to sign up, visit: www.campkickit.com. Questions, contact Mac Thompson at mthompson@marinerscs.org.

Kid Entrepreneur Academy
If you are a parent of a kid (grades 5, 6, 7 or 8) who is interested in business or wants to be in business, then the Kid Entrepreneur Academy (KEA) summer day camp is an essential learning activity. KEA helps kids develop the business skills that will make them smart, savvy and successful in all areas of their lives. If you are a parent of a teenager, please visit the Teen Entrepreneur Academy. Kids are naturally creative, have amazing ideas, and are born risk-takers; all positive traits for creating successful businesses. At the Kid Entrepreneur Academy, we share skills and practical knowledge to facilitate your child's business journey.  
happybirthdayHappy Birthday & Spirit Rock Fun!
Extra special blessings go out to Helena Bucher for her 10th birthday! Your MCS family loves you and hopes your birthday celebration will be sweet!


Terri Rodriguez 5/5
Christina Vanian 5/8
Polly Ernst 5/14
Brian Jones 5/20
Julie Hellriegel 5/26
Pax Pulido 5/28
Reggie Biancalani 5/29
Desiree Alford 5/31
Talene Campbell 5/31


Heart made of sea shells and the starfish lying on a beach sand summer background
Judy Bagby 6/3
Chris Spurgin 6/7
Katie Niles 6/8
Ali Bray 6/15
Chelsea Dogterom 6/22
Eric Choi 6/26
Kristine McCarty 6/29

This list is provided to you by our Parent Teacher Fellowship.
middleschoolenewsMiddle School E-Newsletter

  H I S
"The earth is [ His]  and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1 NIV
Chapel Recap
During Monday's Chapel, each grade level received a unique blessing. One at a time, each grade level heard of a reflection of their year by a current teacher, received a commissioning into their upcoming year by a future teacher, and was prayed over by a student or staff member.

We are so proud of the growth we have seen in our students, and we believe that in our final whole group Chapel together, it is important to both reflect upon what God has done and commission the students into the next level.

We look forward to seeing what God has planned for these students in the next stage of their lives, and how they respond to His call on them next year!

Look for photos in next week's e-newsletter.
Mary Fila Classic Championship Game
In the 2019 Mary Fila Classic Volleyball Tournament, Mrs. Thurston's 8th grade Homeroom did something that has only been done one other time in the school's history...they took down the MCS Staff Team!  In a battle to rival all battles, Mrs. Thurston's coaching strategy (as seen on her clipboard in the photo) was executed perfectly by her students.  Each side showed moments of brilliance in long rallies and impressive plays.  The game was ultimately decided by 3 points in favor of the students!  Congratulations 8T!!!
8th Grade "Last Hurrah" to Knott's Berry Farm Details
for Friday, June 7th (permission slip due 6/3)
This event is the Class of 2019's final class field trip in which our 8th graders will celebrate the culmination of their MCS careers together at Knott's Berry Farm!

On Friday, June 7th, we will leave MCS together at 9:20AM and return at 5:00 pm.

1. Permission Slip (due 6/3):
Please read the details of the permission slip (2 pages) carefully before both you and your child sign your names. Click here for permission slip. Please staple the permission slip to your Signup Genius receipt (see below).

2. The cost is $48* per student, which covers the Knott's entrance fee and the bus transportation fee. To register and pay, visit: https://tinyurl.com/SignUpGenius8thLastHurrah. Attach a copy of the printed receipt to your signed permission slip as an indication of payment.

*If your student already has a Knott's Annual Pass, you may pay for transportation only.
Please select the "Transportation Only" option when purchasing, and he or she MUST bring their pass with them the day of the trip (tickets are pre-purchased so we will only be given what we have ordered in advance). 

3. Class of 2019 T-Shirts Available to Purchase There are a few Class of 2019 T-shirts available for purchase.  Please email Ms. Seaman at pseaman@marinerscs.org  if you are interested in purchasing one for the trip.  You will see on the permission slip that if a student does not have a class T-shirt, they must wear a uniform shirt for this event.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding this event. We are looking forward to a great day with our 8th graders at Knott's!

In Him,

Paulette Seaman
Student Life Director

P.S. Please note that June 7th is the confirmed date
 and was the original date after having been moved to 6/4 briefly.

Eighth Grade
End-of-the-Year Information
(includes Blessing 6/10 & Graduation 6/11)
8th Grade Parents:  To view the 5.15.19 updated letter that was sent this week from Mrs Harrison with details about the end of the year schedule for 8th grade, CLICK HERE FOR UPDATED SCHEDULE..
MCS Graduation Memory Video and Grad Photos
Dear 8th Grade Parents,

Graduation is quickly approaching, and it is sure to be a day you'll want to remember!

If you would like to purchase an MCS Graduation Memory Video of the day's events, please complete the attached form and return to Mrs. Walker in the middle school office by Monday, June 3rd. Order forms are also available in the front lobby and in Mrs. Walker's office.

Also, Lifetouch Portraits will be our photographer for the "Class of 2019" photo and other key moments of the day such as capturing your son or daughter receiving his/her diploma. Shortly after graduation, you may view and order your portraits at: events.lifetouch.com (password: MCGRAD19). Photos will be available online for 90 days. After 90 days, a $10 late charge will apply.

If you have any questions regarding the memory video or Lifetouch portraits, please feel free to email or call Katie Niles at kniles@marinerscs.org or 714-437-1700 ext. 246.

We look forward to celebrating with you in just a few short weeks!

In Him,

Katie Niles
Middle School Dean
Mariners Christian School

End-of-the-Year Schedule: June 3-12, 2019
(includes Character Quality Awards schedule)

High School Information

Mater Dei High School: Please more information about entrance exam dates and admissions, click here.

Corona del Mar High SchoolIf you have questions, please contact Julie Rahmatulla at 949.515.6037.

Newport Harbor High School:  Contact 949.515.6300 if you have questions. 

Pacifica Christian High School:  Contact Sarah Parsons, Director of Admissions, with questions at sparsons@pacificaoc.org .
Early College High School: Questions, call 714.424.7990 for details. Located at:  2990 Mesa Verde Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Orange Lutheran High School: To view OLu's UPDATED AND UPCOMING Shadow Days , CLICK HERE. You are cordially invited to attend OLu's Spirit of Spring Concert featuring Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Orchestra and several Choirs. It will be held on Sunday, March 3rd, at 2PM, in the Alexandra Mechita Center for the Arts. An invitation to attend "Hairspray - The Broadway Musical" April 11, 12, 13, and 14. To purchase your tickets, visit: lhsoc.org/arts or call 714.282.4699.
JSerra Catholic High School: Questions, please contact Chris Harrington at charrington@jserra.org.

Crean Lutheran High School: Summer Youth Camps. Visit clshs.org/youthcamps for more information.   Contact Mrs. Tara Mathis at mathis@clshs.org or at 949.387.1199, ext. 2417.