Please join us in welcoming our new third grade teacher, Mrs. Lindsy Briggs, for the 2020-2021 school year. Mrs. Briggs will join MCS Staff beginning this Fall. We are very delighted and blessed to have another warm and talented lady added to our amazing team! We are also excited that God has answered our prayers to meet this need!

See her mini autobiography below...
Hello Everyone!

I am overcome with joy and gratitude to be writing this mini autobiography, because that means I was offered, and I accepted, the third grade position at Monroe Christian School!

My teaching experience spans across fifteen years of working with students in grades K-8 of all learning abilities in math, reading and writing. I taught English as a second language in South Korea, worked as a paraeducator in Tacoma (third and fourth grade were my favorite) , earned a masters degree in teaching from City University in 2014, and was first hired as a first grade teacher in Tacoma.

It is an honor to serve the Monroe community, as I grew up and graduated from Monroe High School in 2003. I taught first grade for four years at Chain Lake Elementary in Monroe. For the past two years God has been knocking on my heart, as an injury from work granted me time to slow down and listen to Him. I am passionate about God and I am passionate about growing young hearts. I have not yet, until now, had the honor to combine the two. I am jumping up and down, clapping my hands with excitement like my four year old does when I tell him it’s movie night!

With the guidance of the staff at Monroe Christian School, and all of the wonderful things I have heard about all of you, I am confident my relationship with God will continue to burn like a wild flame that extends itself to my students.

Oh yeah, other passions of mine include: my family, drawing, writing, reading, gardening, photography, singing, and baseball...lots and lots of singing and baseball. 

With joy!

Lindsy Briggs