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Here's your MCSPCA April Recap!

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Not to mention, 42 lost animals reunited with their owners, 44 cats went through our TNR program and 313 surgeries performed by our Vogel Veterinary Care Center!

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Dog Abandoned Finds New Home ❤

A couple of weeks ago, we took a call from the Tinton Falls Police Department about a dog who was left abandoned in a crate at the back of a parking lot at the Jersey Shore Outlets. The young, dachshund mix, now named Tommy Hilfiger, was left next to some clothing donation bins and was completely terrified! We brought him back to the shelter and made sure he was in good health and kept him comfortable. Our Humane Law Enforcement Division followed every possible lead, but unfortunately was unable to find who left this sweet baby scared and alone. 

After we took care of his medical needs inlcuding vaccinations, a full veterinary exam, microchip and neuter, we found his perfect match where he'll never feel alone again! Have a great life, Tommy! 

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Finding the breed you want can be as close as your local shelter ❤

We often hear that people don't even bother to look into rescue when they're interested in a specific breed, and we can't understand why! Our shelter is always taking surrendered, abandoned or stray purebred/highly desirable breeds into our care and we're happy to find them their perfect families 😊 SO the next time you or someone you know is looking for a certain breed, make sure to check your local shelters, breed-specific rescues or websites like Petfinder!


Reese the Goldendoodle


Hesperus the Afghan Hound


Gordon the Aussie


Ghost the Newfoundland


Murphy the Golden Retriever


Millie & Guinness the Weimeraner and Lab


Owl See Ya Later!

We’re talon you the truth - this fuzzy guy was even cuter in person!

On a warm April day, our Animal Control team got a call about a fledgling owl who had fallen out of his nest. Normally, these guys would be able to climb back up to safety but there were osprey and other predators around that were beating this little baby up 😢

We were able to safely capture the (only 5-week-young!) Great Horned Owl and secure a rehabilitation center where a surrogate mom was waiting and will care for him until he’s ready to be on his own ❤

Pet Palooza MEGA Success!

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It was a beautiful day here Saturday, April 30th when we hosted our newly imagined Dog Walk, now the Pet Palooza, here at our shelter! We had a steady crowd of happy faces (both human and animal) throughout the day who enjoyed activities, vendors, kissing puppies and doing yoga with kittens 😊 This year's event grossed nearly $87,000, thanks to our generous sponsors, our supporters who registered and fundraised, and those who came to enjoy the day and donated! Thank you to everyone who attended our event, fundraised or even shared it with friends! We owe our success to you - and our animals are the ones who benefit most ❤

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The Best Birthday!

If you've followed our social media, you'll know Missy was our longest feline resident and had been waiting since 2019 for a forever home ❤ Missy was a beloved staff and volunteer favorite and we just couldn't understand why she wasn't being adopted. It just so happens that Missy met the perfect family recently and they decide to give this sweet, senior kitty a forever home!

The best part is, Missy's adoption was finalized on her 10th birthday! We had a double celebration for her and now she's finally in a home where she belongs ❤

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Our 2022 Fur Ball Gala is scheduled for July 21st at The Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury. More info here!

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Save the Date for our 2022 Doggy Paddle Polar Plunge - Saturday, November 26th, 2022! Website coming soon! 

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A Young Entrepreneur

We love our younger generation of supporters! Ellie is an amazing young woman who sewed beautiful custom bandanas for dogs and puppies. Ellie sold the bandanas and raised over $420 to donate to our shelter! In addition to her donation, Ellie also donated several bandanas to our dogs so they could look their best as they wait for new homes ❤ Thank you so much, Ellie!

Community Ambassadors

We are so grateful to receive such amazing support from our community! We have a Community Ambassadors Program where small businesses and individuals donate a portion of their sales to help our shelter ❤ These businesses and products are listed on our website and we also offer sharing on our social media - it's a win-win for all! 

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Send an email to info@monmouthcountyspca.org or call 732-542-0040 x7!

Check out our dogs in foster still waiting for homes! ❤

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Billy Beefcake





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The sweet little fawn, who had just been born - waiting for mom to return! She came back later in the day and lead her baby off to safety ❤

Springtime Means Babytime!

This past week, we got a call about a fawn, a brand new one (still wet with afterbirth!) who was laying in some grass. The first instinct of concerned citizens is to want to help the babies by removing them, but many times these animals can be left alone ❤

• Fawns are born relatively scentless (so predators can’t seek them out) and their mothers will leave them in a safe spot while she forages for food

• Unless a fawn is visibly injured or in unavoidable danger, they should almost always be left alone

• When in doubt, you can always call your local Animal Control or Wildlife Agency BEFORE intervening

More wildlife resources can be found here!

Thank you for supporting our mission!

These success stories are made possible by your donations ❤

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