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Not to mention, 37 lost animals reunited with their owners, 61 cats went through our TNR program and 376 surgeries performed by our Vogel Veterinary Care Center!

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Alumni Adopters Find Another Friend ❤

Back in 2015, our sweet girl Bella was adopted by a lovely couple. Bella was at the shelter for a VERY long time and was a tougher adoption, so we were ecstatic when she found her forever home. Bella lived a loved life and recently passed away from cancer surrounded by everyone she loved ❤

Bella’s parents decided they were finally ready to adopt another baby and decided on our sweet little piggy pittie, Gingersnap Thanks to our friends at Bridging The Gap, who sponsor the adoption fees for veterans, Gingersnap’s fee was covered and she’s already living the spoiled life in her new home!

We loved this story and hope you do too! Have a wonderful life Gingersnap (and run free in puppy paradise Bella )

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The Cutest New Couple

It's not every day we have someone coming in asking for an older cat that no one else wants.. but a couple of weeks ago we had the most lovely woman come in looking for a kitty after her beloved cat of many years passed away.

Coincidentally, a sweet, FIV+ senior had recently become available for adoption named Kris Krinkle. Kris was rescued from a hoarding situation where he was living with a few other cats surrounded by trash and filth, but thanks to the efforts of our Humane Law Enforcement Division, the animals were safely removed from the home and put under the care of our shelter.

It was an instant connection between pet and owner and Kris Krinkle will now live the life of a spoiled lap cat! Is there anything better?

Some Special Duo Adoptions!


Our gorgeous white shepherd brothers Isaiah & Nazereth, were originally surrendered to us when their owner couldn't care for them. They recently found a fantastic home together with a big yard, and big couches LOL!

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Benedict & Tot came to us as kittens and both had cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition which affects motor skills so they were a bit wobbly! After waiting a while for the PURRfect home, they finally found one together, and they're doing great!

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Can you believe these sweet senior dogs were tied up and left outside of a vet's office? Duke & Dixie were 9 & 11 years old and each had their fair share of medical issues we were treating. We were so happy when a wonderful beagle rescue organization contacted us to take them both!


Backyard Buddies

Our Backyard Buddy Program was created for cats who can't be family pets or have never lived in a home before. We have a Backyard Buddy to fit anyone’s needs. There are older semi-feral kittens, friendly adults and 100% feral mousers. The MCSPCA provides each cat with spay/neuter, microchip, flea/tick preventative along with vaccination against rabies and distemper. Assistance will be provided during the relocation process.

We'd love to tell you all about it! Click here for all the details! or email [email protected]!

Registration is OPEN for our 2022 Pet Palooza!

We're bringing the fun and excitement of our traditional Dog Walk back home! Join us on Saturday, April 30th at the MCSPCA for a fun, family-friendly day showcasing everything you love about our shelter!

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Tiny Fox Pup Rescue

Spring has sprung- and you know what that means... BABIES! Just this March, we've cared for squirrels, raccoons, a skunk, a turtle, opossums, a fair share of birds, and more! The little guy pictured here was found at a construction site with no mama around - we waited for her to return (since the best place for babies is with their mom!) but she never did. He's now with a rehabber where he's doing great!

Save the date! Sunday, May 15th @ Georgies in Asbury Park! We'll be there with MSPCA animals and raising money for our foster program, Love-a-Foster ❤ Back-to-back drag shows where all tips from performers will be donated to our shelter! Facebook event here!

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A Rocky Start!

Sometimes rocks can look like food, right? Well to our (now adopted) dog Malone, they sure did! Malone was a cute, 1-year-old stray who was waiting for a forever home at the shelter. Malone loved going for walks and one day, he surprised (and equally horrified) us when he b-lined for a pile of rocks and started gobbling them up! Thanks to the quick thinking of our animal care team, they ran him right to our Vogel Veterinary Care Center, where x-rays confirmed he had ingested a couple of small rocks. Thankfully, we were able to induce vomiting to expel the rocks rather than have to do surgery. Malone's new family has reported no rock incidents thus far, and say he's doing great in his new home ❤

Pearly Whites Partners

One of the most common issues we see in incoming shelter animals is poor dental health. Surgical dental procedures can be costly and time-consuming but they are critical to the well-being of our pets! We are so grateful to have local veterinarians part of our Pearly Whites Program, who provide no-fee procedures to our shelter animals ❤ We can't thank them enough for keeping our pets happy, healthy, and helping them get closer to a forever home!


4 Paws Veterinary Hospital

City by the Sea Veterinary

Holmdel Veterinary Clinic

Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital

Shoreside Veterinary Care

Check out our dogs in foster still waiting for homes! ❤


Billy Beefcake





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Kitten Season is Upon Us!

The babies are coming, and our fosters have their heating discs, kitten replacement milk, playpens, and baby wipes ready to go ❤ We're so lucky to have a team of such dedicated fosters, who are ready at any moment, to take these babies into their care. From infant bottle babies who need round-the-clock care, to older kittens who just need a week to gain weight, our volunteer fosters are critical to our mission!

Click here to learn more about fostering!

Thank you for supporting our mission!

These success stories are made possible by your donations ❤

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