Maryland Arborist - Essential Employees - Here For You
Queenstown, Maryland (April 8, 2020) – As spring approaches, spring storms and tree damage follow. As essential businesses, Maryland Arborists are here for you. Governor Hogan has recognized the need for the tree care industry during the stay-at-home order, designating arborists as essential workers. 
Last night, a powerful thunderstorm ripped across the state of Maryland causing power line and tree damage. If you have noticed any damage or possible safety concerns around your home, contact a local licensed tree expert (LTE) today. You can search by zip code to find one near you here . It is important for the safety of you and your property to hire a licensed professional. This license is known as “ Licensed Tree Expert ” and is required in the state of Maryland, for those engaged in the practice of arboriculture.
Maryland Arborist Association President, Stephen Sprague said, “our member companies are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe and healthy during these times. Being essential personnel is important and we want to assure the public we are here for them during these trying times.”
Arborist’s across the state are practicing social distancing, proper hand washing, and other necessary protocols for their employees. Please do not interact with these workers while on your property, each business may be handling operations slightly different, be sure to familiarize yourself before they arrive. 
The Maryland Arborist Association is a professional trade association dedicated to fostering best practices within the region’s arboriculture industry, providing education forums for on-going training and safety, and promoting community service through volunteerism. For nearly 50 years, the Association has brought professional arborists (and related trades) together for networking, professional growth, and advancement. In addition to these professional benefits, members annually donate tens of thousands of dollars in man-hours in association-wide volunteer service projects. 
We will continue to serve you during this time.
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