MDOD Newsletter                                                                           November 2019
National Disability Employment Awareness 
(NDEAM) Month!

Governor Larry Hogan proclaimed October Disability Employment Awareness Month in Maryland, joining the national celebrations of NDEAM and their theme "The Right Talent, Right Now."  Celebrations were held all over the state recognizing the skills and contributions of employees with disabilities and the value they bring to the workforce.   
Collage of three photos_ all three are groups of people with the proclamation. Group of six stand together including Secretary Beatty and Deputy Secretary Bernie Simons.
Secretary Carol Beatty and Deputy Secretary Christian Miele joined celebrations in Baltimore, Charles, Harford, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's Counties throughout the month.  While the month may be over, the work on improving employment opportunities continues!

Employment First Summit:  Partners in Transformation

Secretary Beatty presents proclamation to Stacy Jones. Secretary Beatty stands at podium with large screen behind her saying _Employment First Welcome_

Secretary Carol Beatty welcomed the more than 300 attendees of the Employment First Summit "Partners in Transformation" sponsored by MD Developmental Disabilities Administration.  John Butterworth from the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) presented on Organizational Transformation and Dale Verstegen of TransCen discussed the importance of Employer Engagement and understanding the economic impact of customized employment. Employment Policy Director Jade Gingerich presented during the afternoon breakout sessions. 
Jade Gingerich stands at podium speaking to audience.

Check out our website for more information on Employment First or to receive updates on training opportunities visit DDA's Employment First page.      

Harford County Holds Wheelchair Costume Workshop
Child has Star Wars X-wing fighter costume around his wheelchair.  Next to him is ice cream truck costume.  

Harford County Commission on Disabilities brought volunteers together to create amazing costumes for children who use wheelchairs.  Designs included Star Wars X-Wing fighter, ice cream truck, Cinderella in her carriage, Batman's Batmobile and more!!   The children, siblings and community were able to trick-or-treat a bit early at Ripken Stadium (a great location-plenty of space with no stairs) to show off the creations!  Incredible creativity!  

BRAVE In The Attempt Speakers WANTED!!
Group of people stand under banner saying Brave in the Attempt Talks June 2_ 2020 _Towson University
Are you a Marylander with an intellectual or developmental disability and have a story to tell?  Want to share your experiences and mentor others?

We are currently seeking speakers to share their experiences and perspectives surrounding the topic of "VISION" at this year's Brave In The Attempt Talks on June 2, 2020 at Towson University.


1. Must be over the age of 18
2. Must have a developmental and/or intellectual disability
3. Will present on a designated topic for approximately 5 minutes
4. May present verbally or another mode of choosing (e.g. ASL, assistive  technology, etc.)
5. Will meet with event planners to review material and presentation as  requested
6. Will agree to media release to promote the event
7. Will attend the event on June 2nd and promotional events as requested
8. Must complete the below application form (includes a video submission)