March 19, 2021
Governor Hogan announced this week that Maryland will enter Phase 2 of the state’s vaccine distribution plan on March 23. Citing the accelerated vaccination rate and anticipated increase in vaccine supply from the federal government, the governor announced – among a slew of new distribution initiatives - that all Marylanders age 16 and older would be eligible for the vaccine by April 27. Conduit Street has your coverage on all the new developments.

We can learn a lot about team development from the politician Henry Boyle. He said, “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” Perhaps more accurately, you must be willing to meet people where they are. For some, that may be halfway. For others, it may be a lot farther than you’d like to travel. But make the trip anyway; if you don’t, that person or those people will never live up to your expectations of them...Work with people from where they are, not where you want them to be.

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
Conduit Street Podcast Presents:

MACo and the Conduit Street Podcast are proud to present an installment from our sister association, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, and their own CountyCast.

In this episode, “The Silent Miracle,” they talk through the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and show how health directors and county leaders have worked tirelessly to serve and protect their residents. Our thanks to the team at NCACC for the courtesy, and… listeners, stay tuned for a future collaboration.

Counties In Action
Harford mourns loss of Russell S. Stansbury, prominent public school educator and social activist
Mayor Scott marks
100 days in office
Queen Anne's will host
the Bay Bridge Boat Show this April
Partner Corner

New endorsed MACo Partner, cashvest® by three+one®, is offering a free webinar to MACo Members on April 21!
MACo proudly announces our newest endorsed partner, cashVest by three+one, who will help Maryland counties leverage new data capabilities to maximize the value of available financial resources. With federal relief funds incoming, counties should not miss this opportunity to exercise best practices and build on liquidity.

cashVest complements current public finance practices and, because three+one is neither a bank, registered investment advisor, or financial advisor, it provides the confidence that your entity is receiving independent, unbiased data from a third-party FinTech provider.

cashVest is offering a webinar on April 21 for MACo Members only to learn more.

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