Renewals and the State of Emergency
Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hello Maryland AMTA Members,

We have talked about this possibility since March, and here we are.

Because of the State of Emergency, your License or Registration will not expire at the end of October.

An email went out from the Maryland Board of Massage Therapy Examiners last night explaining the situation.

Essentially, you can delay renewal if you want to.

Your current license will remain in force until 30 days after the State of Emergency is lifted. No, we don't know when that will happen.

We each have three options:
  1. Go ahead, complete your requirements and renew. Many people have simply renewed so that is taken care of and they don't need to think about it further. The MBMTE will continue to accept renewal applications.
  2. Wait until the State of Emergency is lifted by Governor Hogan. At that point you will have 30 days to renew. After 30 days you may not work and may face late fees if you do not renew.
  3. If you are not working and do not plan to return to work in the near term, you can shift to inactive status. There is a $50 fee and you do not need to complete CEs. When you reactivate you will need to complete CEs, have current CPR certification, and pay the full renewal fee. You may not work while inactive.

We hope this explains the situation and you understand your options.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel to reply or visit us on Facebook for more of a discussion - our main page is

Take good care,

Amelia Mitchell, LMT, LLCC, BCTMB
Board Member and Government Relations Committee Chair
Your AMTA-Maryland Chapter Board
All the info is above, currently the order, which you can read here, reads:

Licenses and Permits
All licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations issued by the state, its agencies or any political subdivision that would expire during the current state of emergency will be extended until the 30th day after the state of emergency is lifted.

All the information went out to all Maryland LMTs and RMPs via email. You can find all of this information on the Maryland Board of Massage Therapy Examiners web site as well.


  • All RMPs and LMTs are required to renew by October 31, 2020 - except this has been changed by the State of Emergency.
  • All Renewals are completed online.
  • The online system will open on or about August 17, 2020 at 6:00 p.m
  • Only the 7 required CEs are needed - the board waived the other 17 for this cycle (no we don't yet know if they will allow carry over in 2022, stay tuned.)
  • The license/registration fee: $276.00-LMT, $250.00-RMP, or $50.00 for Inactive Status
  • Renewal fees are the same. The board has a fiscal responsibility per state law and could not adjust the fees for renewal.
  • The board has waived all late fees for people who renew between Oct. 31 and Nov. 30th. Please note that if you do not renew by Oct. 31, 2020 you may not legally practice massage.
  • If you are randomly audited you will be required to provide documentation for the CE classes you have submitted.
  • A valid CPR certification is required, BLS/Health Care level for LMTs.
  • If you want to go Inactive or reactivate your license or registration from Inactive or Expired you need to contact the board offices directly.

Your questions and concerns are always welcome, please feel free to reply to this email or contact Amelia at