17 July 2020

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The Auditor-General was asked to examine whether the Federal Government's water purchases achieved 'value for money'. (ABC: Arlie Felton-Taylor)

The Auditor-General has found a long list of flaws in the Federal Government's approach to strategic water buybacks, according to a new report. Former water minister David Littleproud requested an audit of all government water purchases since 2008, "to make sure the community can continue to have confidence in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan".
Evan Campbell's dairy farm at Yannathan, in West Gippsland, will be locked down from midnight as it falls within the Cardinia shire boundary. (Supplied: Evan Campbell)

Victorian farmers, tradies and students living near the eastern-most border of Melbourne's lockdown say they're stuck in limbo, not knowing whether they can make deliveries or collect essential supplies from the affected area.

Victorian farmers are struggling to find places for products that were destined for Melbourne as the city returns to lockdown. Restaurants in areas where restrictions have been re-imposed will either need to shut up shop or return to takeaway options, and suppliers are bracing for the flow-on effects.

We’re all feeling for our fellow producers still being affected by the restrictions – hang in there!
Vic/NSW border closure permits

From Wednesday, 8 July any person living in Victoria seeking to cross the border into NSW will require a permit. The permits are being issued by Service NSW and are subject to eligibility: Victorian growers can obtain a permit to travel to NSW for the purposes of ‘agriculture’ and ‘the movement of freight or persons on a commercial basis’. There are also other eligible activities for permits.
More information and apply for a permit here.
Note: restrictions on travelling mean growers living in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are not eligible for a permit. 

Farming and green groups are calling for a multibillion-dollar environment stimulus package to create tens of thousands of jobs in depressed rural and regional communities and save millions in welfare payments, arguing it will outstrip gains from public investment in large scale infrastructure projects.
The hidden cost of hard labour and exploitation behind your favourite coconut products. Photo: PETA/Getty/TND.

Supermarket chains in Australia around the world are distancing themselves from products that are made using monkey labour. Coconut-based products exported from Thailand are being dropped from a number of mainstream Western retailers amid outrage over the exploitation of pigtail macaque monkeys.
A virtual meeting of the G20 Agriculture Ministers on 21 April agreed to continue their co-operation with major international organisations to ensure trade continues and information is available for all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world faces truly unprecedented times in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries and international organisations have been discussing ways to keep international agriculture trade open in order to support global food security.
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It’s easy as to reduce food waste with a new socials campaign
Australians who have been economically impacted by COVID-19 are doing it tough. The bills keep coming in and the family still needs to be fed. Yet the average Australian family continues to waste around $3,000 per year on food that isn’t being eaten, often due to a simple lack of awareness. The Fight Food Waste Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) will kick off a new social media campaign to provide Australians with much needed messages, tips and tricks on how to save money by reducing their food waste.
Find out more here.

A report investigating a biodiversity certification scheme that would reward farmers for looking after their natural environment is set to released in the coming weeks.
Queensland co-ops celebrate legislative boost
Legislation has been passed in Queensland creating a nationally-harmonised legislative scheme regulating co-operatives nationwide. The Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020, which passed Queensland Parliament on Tuesday, will reduce costs for co-operatives by creating uniform regulation for the sector and bringing it in line with the rest of the country. 
Read more here.
EMDG: Applications for 2020 grant year now open
In response to COVID-19, the Government has updated the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme, including waiving the export performance test. In the 2019–20 grant year a total of 4,015 recipients received a combined total of $192.2 million.
More information and apply here.
Austrade survey: help improve new digital services for exporters 

Austrade is creating new digital services to help more Australian businesses grow through exporting, diversify into new markets and manage their risk throughout the export journey, and is asking businesses to complete a short survey to help improve the final product. The survey takes around two minutes to complete and will help design a better experience for Australian exporters.
Take the survey here.
Lima, Peru’s capital. Peru is one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies, and an opportunity for Australia’s agriculture thanks to the Free Trade Agreement between the 2 countries.

In February 2020, the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA) entered into force, beginning the process of phasing out tariffs and boosting Australia’s agricultural competitiveness in the South American nation. The nation of over 32 million people is the 4th most populous in South America, and a promising market for Australia’s agriculture.
Webinar: Trends and innovation in China's food industry
With a large consumer base with varying levels of disposable income, China’s food industry presents a diversified and market and significant opportunities for Australian producers. The entire food industry is evolving quickly and this webinar will give Australian firms an understanding of the new segments and novel food trends in this rapidly changing market. It will cover:
  • Chinese consumer preferences
  • new trends and industry hotspots in China's food sector
  • future growth opportunities within the food sector in China
Details: 17 July – 1-2pm AEST. Free - register now here.
Olives SA Woodside Grove field session
During the bushfires last summer the Woodside Olive Grove was severely burned. An enthusiastic band of OSA volunteers assisted in preparing the grove for urgent irrigation replacement and are now keen to find out whether the trees could be salvaged after their ordeal.
You’re invited to meet them for a field session at the property, where you’ll hear from: Ron and Ethne on how they saved the property; grove management expert Peter Cox on the program he devised to rejuvenate the trees; Jared Bettio, who also suffered tree losses, on his experiences with tree recovery; and agronomist and grove manager Andrew Taylor on appropriate grove management. The session will finish with a BBQ.
Details: 25 July, 10am-12pm - Wuttke Rd, Woodside, SA 5244
For catering purposes, please RSVP to Michael Johnston - 0149 815 839 or mj@johnstons.net.au.
Webinar: Insights into the drivers of community trust and acceptance for the horticulture industry
Community trust relates to the nature of the relationship between industries and the social context in which they operate. Decreasing trust can lead to reduced industry productivity, profitability, and sustainability. This webinar, run by Hort Innovation, explores what matters most to the community and how industry can actively engage with, and respond to, changes in community trust. 
Details: 1pm, Thursday, 23 July - register here.
New Zealand
2020 NZ EVOO Awards
The 2020 NZ EVOO Awards judging panel has been announced, bringing together qualified olive oil judges from across New Zealand, many with international judging experience: Charlotte Connoley – Head Judge, Raffaela Delmonte, Georges Feghali, Ed Scott, Hilary Fenemor, Rachel Costello and Peter Coubrough (Reserve Judge).
Key dates:
Entries open – Monday, 10 August Entries close – Friday, 11 September Awards Dinner – Saturday, 10 October - Rydges Airport Hotel, Wellington.
An information pack with entry forms will be sent to all members in late August, with full information also available on the Olives NZ website here.
Organic Regenerative Conference 2020

This one-day conference aims to share knowledge, information, experiences and skills on organic regenerative agriculture, with a specific focus on discussing climate change. 
Discussions include: organics in practice; projections for certification requirements; biodiversity and crop management; National Organic Regulation updates; meeting policy changes; and organic production as a viable contribution to mitigating climate change.
There are 100 physical tickets available plus unlimited attendance via live stream.
Details: 4 September 2020, 11am-6pm - City Gallery, Wellington.
More information here.

Olive oil production is expected to rebound in the European Union in the 2020/21 crop year, reaching 2.3 million tons, according to a short-term agri-food outlook report published by the EU.

15-Jul-2020 By Guan Yu Lim

Turkey is seeking to eliminate trans-fat in its food supply with a new regulation stipulating that it can account for no more than 2g per 100g of fat.

Training on reformulating products with healthier fats is part of the move, while another positive trend noted is a rising interest in immune-related foods.
Up to a third of the world's population of great bustards live in the areas that are being converted ( João Gameiro ). 

The last remaining habitat for several endangered bird species in Europe could be halved in the next century because of rising demand for products such as olive oil and wine, researchers have warned.

Which is why …

While conservationists have hailed the move as a step in the right direction, many of them have urged the country's ministry of agriculture to make the ban permanent.
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In early 2010, olive oil has become a popular ingredient in baking. Now, it is making a huge comeback, with many home cooks adding this ingredient when making loaves and cakes. For butter-lovers out there who are sceptical to use olive oil as a replacement, there's no need to worry.

The 2019 harvest in France was worse than previously thought, according to a recently released report from France Olive.

03-Jul-2020 By Flora Southey

An online experimental study has investigated how health warning labels affect consumption of energy-dense snack products.

Not directly related to olive products but really interesting reading.
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25 July 
Olives SA Woodside Grove field session – Woodside, SA 

31 July 
Entries close, 2020 Royal Adelaide Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Table Olives Competition – Adelaide, SA

10 August 
Entries open, 2020 NZ EVOO Awards – Wellington, NZ

24 August 
Entries open, 2020 WA Olive Awards – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

29 August
Results announced, Golden Olive Awards – Vic, Australia

September TBA
World Team Tasting Championship

4 September
Entries close, 2020 Australian International Olive Awards

4 September
Organic Regenerative Conference 2020 – Wellington, NZ

11 September 
Entries close, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

11 September 
Entries close, 2020 NZ EVOO Awards – Wellington, NZ

11 September
Entries close, 2020 WA Olive Awards – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

5 October
Results emailed to entrants, 2020 Australian International Olive Awards

10 October 
Awards Dinner, 2020 NZ EVOO Awards – Wellington, NZ

19 October
Results emailed to entrants, 2020 WA Olive Awards – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

22 October
Awards Presentation, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW


23-25 March
Soil CRC Participants Conference

7-9 June 
Hort Connections 2021 – Brisbane, Qld

15-17 October 
AOA National Olive Conference & Trade Exhibition – Devonport, TAS

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