Dear Parents of MDO and Preschool students,

We are so excited to welcome our Mother’s Day Out (MDO) students this week and our Preschool students next week as we begin the 2020-21 school year on campus! As I have said many times, there will be some things that will change – arrival and dismissal for one, but most of the really important things affecting your children will not change. What will not change is our tireless commitment to your children and to you, their parents! We have worked all summer getting the building ready with new safety features to help combat the spread of the virus, rearranging, and even moving one of our classes to give each child more space for distancing purposes! Our teachers are thrilled to be able to give warmth, care, instruction, JOY, and love to each child in their care this year.  

As part of Wesley Prep’s first 90-day safety protocol plan, parents will not be allowed in the building. We will be communicating with you quickly at drop off and pick up and via Brightwheel for daily information. More communication will be sent via email, in the weekly Panther Page, and twice a month with our Panther Cub specifically written for our youngest panthers.

Also, please know that the first few weeks with arrival and dismissal will take more time than usual as we ALL get accustomed to these new procedures. We have spent an enormous amount of time thinking through all scenarios, but I will guarantee we have not thought of all of them so please extend some grace to us as we problem solve each different situation that might arise that was not on our radar! And please be JOYFULLY FLEXIBLE if we must rethink what we are doing with a process or procedure. 


  1. Each parent must complete an online health assessment before arriving at school. This needs to be completed by 8:00am for EACH student you are bringing to Wesley Prep. This assessment will be through the Ascend web-based application. Each family will receive information by this Monday or Tuesday on how to download Ascend and put it on your mobile device. If you do not have the green “check mark” from Ascend on your mobile device, your child will not be allowed to enter the campus. The purpose for completing Ascend prior to arrival at Wesley Prep is to speed up the arrival process by completing a temperature check and health screening at home.  
  2. Each parent must use the Brightwheel App on their mobile device for touchless check in and check out for each student. This information on how to get this app on your mobile device was sent to you last week. Please ensure everyone who will be dropping off and picking up your child also has the App on their mobile device and is listed as an authorized contact. Instructions about how to add contacts can be found here: Add Family, Approved Pickups and Emergency Contacts in Brightwheel. If you have any questions about Brightwheel, please contact Raeann Robertson at
  3. If you have multiple children to drop off or pick up between MDO and Preschool, please feel free to reach out to me, Raeann or Bob with your specific questions. Currently, we will allow parents with drop offs/pick ups between Entrance C (MDO) and Entrance A (Pre-k) or Entrance B (Five day 3s) to stay inside the building and hand off to the teacher inside and the same for afternoon release with the exception of 5-day 3’s who will be picked up at Entrance D. If you have to go from Entrance C (MDO) to Entrance D (3 day or 2 day 3’s or 2.5), you will need to get in your car and drive around to the other entrance. And the 5-day 3’s will be picked up at Entrance D too.
  4. If you are running late, an administrator will take your child to class or stay with them until you arrive. If you are later than 2:15pm at any entrance, the teacher will take your child to Entrance D, which is the only entrance that will be staffed after 2:15pm each day.
  5. If you arrive and there is no administrator standing outside or by the door, please go to Entrance D to drop off your child.
  6. The multiple entrances and the staggered times are to help minimize and discourage congregating and encourage physical distancing at the building entrances.
  7. We know some of this will not be convenient for some of you and we are happy to discuss any of your particular circumstances with you as we strive to keep everyone as safe as we can.
  8. In an earlier email preschool carpool was mentioned, but for many reasons and mainly safety, we are unable to have parents use a carpool line for afternoon pick up at this time.
  9. There will be administrative staff at each entrance guiding you as we all learn these new procedures.

  1. All arrival and dismissals for MDO will be at Entrance C off Northwest Highway. We ask that you please try and keep six feet of distance between you and others and know that the first few weeks will take longer to drop off and pick up as we strive to get into a rhythm.
  2. Reminder: The first two weeks of school will be early release days. Full days begin the week of September 14th.
  3. Arrival times for the Nursery and Room 106 will be from 8:45am – 8:55am. Dismissal times will be at 11:45am – 11:55am on early release days and each Friday. Normal dismissal will be from 1:45pm – 1:55pm.
  4. Arrival times for Room 105 and Room 107 will be from 9:00am –9:10am. Dismissal times will be at 12:00pm – 12:10pm on early release days and each Friday. Normal dismissal will be from 2:00pm – 2:10pm.

  1. Preschool will use Entrance A, B, and D for morning arrival and only Entrance A and D for afternoon dismissal.
  2. Reminder: The first week of school will be early release days. Full days begin the week of September 14th.
  3. Entrance A will be for all Pre-K students who have Mrs. Works-Leary, Mrs. Larrison, Mrs. Pope, and Miss Peyreau. Arrival will be from 8:55am – 9:10am. Dismissal will be at 11:50am on early release days and each Friday.
  4. Entrance B will be for both 5-day 3 year old classes of Miss Cole and Mrs. Struthers. Arrival will be from 8:45am – 8:55am. Dismissal will be from Entrance D from 1:45pm – 1:55pm and 11:50am on early release days and each Friday.
  5. Entrance D will be for 3-day and 2-day 3’s and 2.5’s. Mrs. Eades and Mrs. Thornton’s students will arrive at 8:45am – 8:55am, as will Mrs. Thornhill and Mrs. Thornton’s 2-day classes. All 3 year old students will leave from Entrance D at 1:45pm – 1:55pm.
  6. Entrance D will also be for the 3-day and 2 day 2.5 students who have Mrs. Dodson, Mrs. Rogers, or Mrs. Strother. Arrival for the 2.5’s will be from 9:00am – 9:10am and dismissal from 2:00pm – 2:10pm except on early release days and each Friday when it will be 12:00pm – 12:10pm.

We are all looking forward to the JOY of children in our school once again and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us as you share them with us this year!

Please reach out if you are unclear about any of our directions and if you have any additional concerns or comments. Each door will have a regular admin “Captain” and Bob, Nurse Teri and I will be floating around as needed! We will all see MDO students on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

With faith, hope and love,

Wesley Prep
Executive Director