December 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our first ME International newsletter.  We hope you find some valuable information in these newsletters.  If you want to contribute to our next newsletter or have comments and suggestions, please let us know. 

Jim Lutey, Editor 

The purpose of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)  International is to support ME organizations, educate the general public, medical providers, and governments throughout the world, and support ME patients, caregivers, advocates, and family and friends.
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ME International is an all-volunteer organization. All donations or money collected will go directly to people in our ME community that need our help.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please click HERE.
ME is characterized by immune and neurological dysfunction with severe exacerbation of systemic illness following any exertion, and which is understood to be an inability to properly generate energy within cells, and which often prevents sufferers from working, studying, or otherwise living a normal and functional life.  There is currently no official cause or cure for this disease.

What is ME handout: 
 United We Stand...Divided We Fall
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A Holiday Message from ME International
First, we want to thank all of you for joining and wish those that celebrate this time a year a very Happy Holiday Season.
We have been busy recruiting members, changing our website name and improving our website. All of this will be an ongoing project and we would welcome any comments or suggestions. We would love for you to help us spread the word about this organization. Many of you are involved in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media sites. It would be wonderful if you could let them know about our FB page and website.
The idea of having a million members is my biggest wish and with that number we could have the influence that other organizations have. We are on our way with your help.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
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Clinical Observations of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 
This list of dysfunctions was compiled by Wendy Boutilier who has moderate to severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis since 2009 following 2 bouts of Dengue Fever (DENV1,2,3,4) and Strep Throat that morphed into Necrotising Fasciitis with full Sepsis. Diagnosed by use of SPECT Scans, 2 Day Nuclear CPET and patient experience by a Professor at the University of West Indies & Expert at Tropical Diseases using Ramsay Criteria and reconfirmed in 2012 by Canadian Doctor as per the ICC 2011.
This list has been compiled using the highest quality resources available from the world's leading M.E. experts, each of whom have been studying M.E. as per Ramsay, Hyde or the ICC for more than 35 years and have each seen thousands of individual patients. 
Click HERE for the list.    

Maureen Hanson, PhD | Keynote Address | Thoughts and Data about ME/CFS
Dr. Hanson gives an overview of research on immune abnormalities in ME as well as discusses the history of the outbreaks of ME in her keynote address at a recent conference.

Click on this link for the video. 
NOTE: ME International recognizes the term ME/CFS has multiple meanings and does not always refer back to the distinct disease ME.  Dr. Hanson is well respected in the field of ME and states that the outbreaks are the same disease but there are some variations between them.  

#PwME4ICC Demand US Health Agencies Recognize Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as Defined by ICC
Click HERE to learn why this organization promotes the ICC diagnostic criteria for ME patients.  Anyone in the world can sign the petition because what happens in the US affects everyone around the world.

A great presentation from John Jordan Steele from Australia on the needs for ME.  
Click HERE for the video.   

This newsletter was started by a dedicated group of people to help get the word out worldwide about ME.  It is the current information for the past 3 months.  If you know of any other information that should be in this newsletter, please let the editors know.  I personally want to thank them for all the time and effort that went into this publication.
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The North Carolina/Ohio ME & FM Support group (facebook public) has teamed up to create cheat sheets for medical professionals. These are not to be considered medical advice. The information is based on the studies cited in the International Consensus Primer, patient experience and the latest science. 
Click   HERE for the neurologist handout.  

The purpose of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) International is to support ME organizations, educate the general public, medical providers, and governments throughout the world , and support ME patients, caregivers, advocates, and family and friends. 
 ME International
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