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Happy New Year from ME International
 We wish all ME patients, advocates, and family improved health and a prosperous new year!     

New Book on ME by Dr. Byron Hyde  

Dr. Hyde feels that ME is just another form of polio. Here is the short description.  

The Return of Polio to the USA highlights how the disease of Polio is still very much present across the world today and indeed, because of the lack of understanding of the disease by health authorities, especially the CDC in the USA, causes great suffering and pain and even death, to those afflicted with this disease. The book points out that though Polios 1,2 & 3 have largely been controlled through the Salks and Sabin immunization that there are other forms of Polio that are misdiagnosed or even ignored. The book points out that Polio is primarily caused by viral enteroviruses, of which there are many. It also describes how the misunderstood affliction of Myalgic Encephalolmyelitis (M.E.) is a form of Polio that is caused by the same engteroviruses as Polio and that M.E. epidemics occur at the same time as Polio epidemics. Dr. Hyde also spotlights how the greatly undeserved attention that the 'catch-all disease', Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, receives is partly responsible for the prevailing ignorance about the actual occurrence of Polio and M.E.
Dr. Hyde delves into these matters at length and concludes with recommendations for health policy authorities on how to address these issues and protect society form a disease whose occurrences can actually be controlled and reduced. He also thanks Rotary International for all they have done to help with polio.  
The book can be ordered on Amazon.  Click HERE for the link. 

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