MECE Preschool and Kindergarten
May News

Thank you to all of the families that contributed to make this such a special week! It started with our yard signs welcoming us on Monday. We also received a fabulous breakfast buffet, hosted by Annmarie Toczynski and Samara Latson, as well as a coffee bar we enjoyed all week, hosted by Agelika Doukides!! Tuesday we all enjoyed smoothies from Tropical Cafe and got to spin the wheel for a very generous prize (cash or a gift card)! Wednesday we feasted on Too Jay's for lunch! Thursday we received "Butterfly Garden" seeds and a generous cash gift! Friday we received bundt cakes and an envelope with a again a very generous surprise attached!!! We are truly grateful for Diane Rabb, Rebecca Campbell, Elizabeth Frank, Tricia Darch, and Stephanie Rasel (an incoming family) who did so much to make this week so special for us!
We feel so loved and appreciated!

Thank you to all the parents that hosted all the wonderful Easter Parties!! Everyone had a great time!!

A great big thank you to Diane Rabb! Diane has been the President of the Parent Association for 6 amazing years. It has been such a comfort to have the support and encouragement of Diane for all of these years. The Parent Association has been doing community building and fundraising to support the teachers for as long as we can remember. This is Diane's last year as president and she leaves some large shoes to fill. She also leaves behind well organized notes on how to run many of the events that MECE families enjoy. We have a wonderful Vice President for next school year but we do need a President and a Treasurer for the legacy to continue. Please attend the May 2 meeting and congratulate Diane on six wonderful years (and consider volunteering!)
Easter Egg Hunt
Thank you to everyone who donated candy and goodies for the FUMC Easter Egg Hunt. A special thank you to the moms that stuffed the eggs!!!! Everyone had a wonderful time.
MECE Night Out
Thank you to all our MECE families that came out to California Pizza Kitchen for our MECE Family Night out.
Thank you to Stephanie Spagnoli (our fours "Miss Stephanie" and Carly's mom) for organizing all of our MECE Family Night Outs this year. They truly are a wonderful way for the children to socialize outside of school and a great way for our Parent Association to raise funds.
Earth Day Stories
Thank you to Boca Raton Public Library on Spanish River for coming and reading informative stories about Earth Day! The children truly enjoyed it.
Mr. Val
Thank you Mr. Val for all you do for us, from fixing things, putting together our new furniture and helping to keep us safe. We greatly appreciate everything you do for us!
Thank you to FUMC
We want to express our gratitude to the Pastors and volunteers of the First United Methodist church for our weekly Bibletimes. Recently, Pastor Craig invited us to do Bibletime in the Sanctuary and it was extra special. Thank you Pastor Madeline; Cindy Walls, Director of Family Ministries, Janice Nelson; and Debbie Woolsey!
Water Safety
Thank you to Miss Bambi from The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County, for teaching us all about water safety.
50th Anniversary Celebration
The children had a fabulous time playing with the animals in the petting zoo, watching the Jamie Porter magic show, and enjoyed
Chick-fil-A, Pirate Booty and ice cream for our 50th Anniversary Celebration!!!
Butterfly Release
It truly was a special day, when we went out to car line in the morning of our 50th Anniversary Celebration and saw two butterflies had hatched from their chrysalis!! We got to have a very special "butterfly release" on our special day!!
Important Dates

1- Miss Stephanie's Conferences (3 day)
2 - Miss Stephanie's Conferences (2 day)
3 - Miss Chrissy's Conferences
4 - Miss Emily's Conferences
5 - Miss Romi's Conferences
8 - 9 AM Miss Gina's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
9 - 9 AM Miss Susan's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
9 AM Miss Romi's Mother's Day Tea-Small Dining Room
11 AM Miss Liz's Mother's Day Tea- Small Dining Room
10 - 11 AM Miss Holli's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
11 AM Miss Emily's Mother's Day Tea-Small Dining Room
11 - 11AM Miss Chrissy's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
11 AM Miss Stephanie's Mother's Day Tea-Small Dining Room
12 -9 AM Miss Sharon's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
12:15 PM Miss Cindy's Mother's Day Tea-Center Room
Miss Susan's picnic
15 -Miss Gina's picnic, Service Fee billing and Prepaid Services begin for accounts not on auto pay.
16-Miss Liz's picnic
17-Miss Holli's picnic, Bubble Truck (you must sign a permission form)
18-Miss Chrissy's picnic
19-Miss Sharon's picnic
22-Miss Emily and Miss Stephanie's picnics, Spirit Day and Camp billing
23-Miss Romi and Miss Stephanie's picnics, Last day for 2 day students
24-Pre-K Graduation
Last day of school for 3, 4, and 5 day classes
26-Last day for Kindergarten, Awards picnic
The purpose of the MECE Parent Association is to build a strong community among our pre-School and kindergarten parents; support the teachers and staff; and to raise funds to support the school. All parents of MECE students are members of the Parent Association. The MECE Parent Association plans numerous events and opportunities for parents to get involved and participate in the MECE Parent Association, thereby directly supporting the school and our children.
Hello MECE families! 
It’s so hard to believe that in just a few weeks, this school year will come to an end! I want to thank all of our generous families. Through the auction we supplied new computers in some classrooms and iPads for kindergarten. Your children and MECE’s amazing teachers have been blessed with your gifts, and we couldn’t be more thankful. 
Thank you to Agelika, Samara, AnneMarie, Rebecca, Beth, and Tricia for all of your hard work and generosity during Teacher Appreciation Week. We gave each teacher, Miss Cathy & Miss Lisa an amazing week! Each teacher received $75 in cash, bundt cakes, flower seed packets, a catered lunch and breakfast, and a prize valued at $25. It was an extraordinary week! 
As the year closes, I reflect on the past year. It is so inspiring to see parents give so freely to their children’s school. Through the Parent Association, we as parents, have given our teachers the resources to give our children enrichments in their classrooms and play areas and safety that they deserve so they can flourish. Thank you all for your generosity. 
As many of you know, my youngest is moving on to elementary school next year. Beth Frank who has served as an outstanding treasurer and event planner this year, will not return next year. This leaves a huge gap in the Parent Association. The school needs you to help grow the amazing bonds between families through many of the events throughout the year. Please come to our next meeting on Tuesday, May 2 at 9:15 in the Center Room. We hope you’ll take on the new school year and join a committee and continue to grow MECE’s community! 
All the best, 
Diane Rabb

Upcoming Events:
Parent Association Meeting

Join us for our final meeting of the year! We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd at 9:15 am. Come hear about all the events for next year and see how you can help! If you’ve signed up to coordinate an event next year please come to pick up folders. If you have a folder, please return it. 

DCF has several flyers for you to view. Click the logos below to learn about childcare facilities, flu prevention and distracted driving.
MECE is eligible for both Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarships!