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Preschool & Kindergarten
625 NE Mizner Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Cathy Herschelman
Office hours 8-3
Preschool 9-noon
Kindergarten 9-2
Early drop begins 8:15, $4 or monthly discounted rate 
Lunch Bunch $8

 (during Lunch Bunch)

STEAM on Monday, $80 for half the year   
Music on Tuesday, 
$50 for half the year

Spanish on Wednesday, 
$50 for half the year
Sports on Thursday, $50 for half the year
Art on Friday,
$75 for half the year

New for Twos!
Little STEAMers on Thursday, $80 for half the year
Summer Camp
Camp Director:
Lisa Bariso
Tentative 2019 Dates
June 17
June 24
July 8
July 15


Parent Association
Important Dates

 November 2
Auction at Avant

November 7
Raising Kids with Confidence with Autumn Quiles

November 9
Twister's Playdate

November 10
MECE goes to FAU Football game

November 17
"Shop Smart Do Good" Fundraiser at Lord and Taylor

November 27
MECE Night Out at Chiptole

December 5
PA Meeting

December 15
    Christmas Breakfast Party

 MECE Shirts Available
kinder shirt
Kindergarten $15
What action,
MECE shirt
Preschool $10
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Featured Article

Here is what MECE Parents and Students have to say about what makes MECE so special:

  We have so much to be thankful for this year!

Newsletter brought to you by Miss Lisa and Miss Cathy

Thank you to everyone who came to "Dad Drop Off Day".


Thank you Kim Adams for arranging our MECE night out at Chuck E Cheese. What a fun surprise to have Chuck E. come to MECE. Hope you had a great time!

Thank you to the Boca Raton Fire Fighters who came and let 
the children see the Fire Truck and learn fire safety tips.    

Thank you Fire Fighter Joe Ildefonso

Thank you Fire Fighter Sam Cannarozzi


Thank you for coming to MECE day out at the Pumpkin Patch!
Thank you to Brooke Moriarity for the  Trunk-r-Treat event. What a great turn out we had!

Thank you to all of our Party Parents who planned special foods and activities for our Fall Festivals.

Thank you to all of our carline volunteer greeters!
Dan Boston, Brooke Moriarty, Grandpa Marc (Ella and June Moriarty), Jill Haire, Kelly Koscso, and Tripp Vitto.

This and that..

Welcome to the Birthday Book Club:

 Ryder Valdettaro, Giuliano Varo, 

Siena Vitto, Liam Needham,

and Dallas Price

Carline safety-please be sure to keep your child buckled in their car seat until the carline greeter comes to the car. Please do not get out of your car at drop off. The greeter will open the door, help your child out, and even carry items in to MECE. Be sure to make sure you are signing in your child (not another name) and always hit "save".
As always, the carline is a cell phone free zone!

If your child will be 5 by September 1, 2019 then it's time to start thinking about Kindergarten. MECE offers
 a well respected, Christian, nurturing program where your student will receive individual attention. All of MECE's four year old students will have a chance to visit in Miss Cindy's class. If you would like more information please let us know and we will set up a time for you to visit the classroom. I have heard that it is much easier to get in to all of the local First Grade classes than Kindergarten, so your child can stay one more year at MECE and still get into the school of your choice. We receive visits from Pine Crest, North Broward Prep, Saint Andrew's School, etc. because they all love our well prepared students.    

  Thanksgiving and Christmas Collections-
Our annual Thanksgiving food collection will be
 November 5-9. Please refer to the flyer for a list of requested items.  
MECE Share week is November 26-30. This is your chance to clean out the closets and toy boxes at home to make room for Santa's delivery. Donated items in good condition will go to the Caring Kitchen to help needy families.
We will once again be taking part in the Scholastic Book Pajama Drive. Donate a set of new pajamas, all children's size are accepted. Scholastic Books will pair it with a good book, to help a child have a great bedtime! Please send in PJs by Friday, December 14 to take part in this program.

The Christmas Pageant will be Friday, December 21 at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary for all Threes, Fours, and Kindergarten classes. Children leave right after the performance and two year old classes release at 11:15 on this day. 

We just can't get enough produce trays. Please keep collecting them and sending them in for our painting projects. We also need gently used towels.

Liam Maxwell, Max Kellerman,

Brinkley Darr, June Moriarty,

Ella Moriarty, Connor McElwee,

Cooper Haire, Miss Gina,

Ethan Pinder , Milana Parr,

Keira Kasper, Luke Campbell, 

 and Miss Danielle

Early Drop Inventors
Yes that is Miss Katie on that bike
Important Dates
      1 -Conscious Discipline Training, The Center Room
      5-9-Boca Helping Hands, Thanksgiving Collection
      6-No School
7-Raising Kids with Confidence Seminar, Underground Reptile visit for 4s and Kindergarten
8- MECE Board meeting
14-Invoice #5
15 and 16-High Touch, High Tech presents Give Us a Sign
19-23-No School-Happy Thanksgiving
30-Invoice #5 due

MECE recently took part in Jump Start's national Read for the Record day


MECE Parent Association


The purpose of the MECE Parent Association is to build a strong community among our pre-School and kindergarten parents; support the teachers and staff; and to raise funds to support the school. All parents of MECE students are members of the Parent Association. The MECE Parent Association plans numerous events and opportunities for parents to get involved and participate in the MECE Parent Association, thereby directly supporting the school and our children.

Hello Parents.  
Thank you for supporting the Parent Association! We'd like to thank all of our hard working event chairs over the last couple of months for the fantastic events they've organized! Courtney Cornick, Brooke Moriarty, Kim Adams, Kelly Koscso, Khris Kellerman, Haley Winstead, Nicole Dudek, Lizzy Bush, and ALL of our Room Parents!

As you get ready to shop for the holidays: Use the Amazon app to shop but checkout through the Amazon smile website . Select  MECE as the school you are supporting, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to MECE. 
We have another great month ahead of us!!  
Happy Thanksgiving!
Diane Rabb

MECE's Auction
Tickets are still available for $45. Join us tomorrow night, Friday, 11/2 at 6:30pm at Avant in Delray Beach!  Tickets will be sold at the door. You can also give a Gift from the Heart. All proceeds benefit MECE, providing upgraded security cameras, and screening around the  playground!
Pay online at

Raising Kids with Confidence Seminar:  
Wednesday, Nov. 7th  9:15 in the Music Suite. The MECE Parent Association presents a FREE seminar: "Raising Kids with Confidence" by Autumn Quiles. Child care is available for children 3 and under for $15. You MUST PRE-REGISTER for child care. Contact Diane Rabb dmrabb  or Miss Cathy for the child care sign up. 

Twisters Playdate: Friday, November 9th
Join us for a fun afternoon at Twisters Gymnastics!
Friday, November 9th from 2:20-3:20
$7 per child. You must sign a waiver upon arrival. 

FAU vs. WKU Foot Ball Game: Saturday November 10th
Saturday, November 10th at 5:00. Tickets are available $10 each and parking passes are available for $15 each. Seats are located in the lower end zone. Send in checks payable to MECE, Inc. or cash attn: Diane Rabb. If you have any questions please contact

Shop Smart Do Good Fundraising Event November 17th
Join us by buying and selling tickets to the Lord and Taylor "Shop Smart Do Good" event on Saturday, November 17th. All ticket proceeds go back to MECE. Tickets are $5 and give the holder access to this private shopping sale where they will get 25% off store-wide and 15% off Cosmetics and Fragrance in store and online on November 17th. A perfect way to save on Christmas gifts and give back to our school! We will be sending more information and forms home in backpacks this week.

Family Night Out: Chipotle Tuesday, Nov. 27th
Chipotle 11/27 4-8 pm. After all the hustle of the Thanksgiving holiday and holiday shopping take a break and eat at Chipotle! Bring your flyer or save the one we will email to you in your phone and show them at checkout. We will NOT get credit if you order and pay online.
1666 N Federal Hwy Ste A, Boca Raton, FL 33431 

Parent Association Meeting 
Join us December 5th after drop off in the Center Room. We'll be discussing events coming up in the Spring!

Parent Association Christmas Breakfast Party
Mark your calendars! Wednesday, December 15th after drop off, we're having a Christmas Breakfast party Potluck. Start thinking of your favorite Holiday recipe that you want to bring! We'll be sending out a sign-up sheet in early December. It will be a walk-in day so everyone can come and sample all of the great holiday dishes, mingle and get into some Holiday cheer!
Thank you everyone for turning in your Box Tops and Congratulations to Miss. Whitney's class for turning in the most box tops! We'll have another contest in the Spring so keep saving them!! 
1st Place: Miss Whitney's class collected 471 TOPS!
2nd Place: Miss Sharon's class collected 131 tops
3rd Place: Miss Gina's class collected 126 tops

CD for Parents: Teaching Your Children How to Follow Your Directions with Success

Scaffolding in Parenting
In education, teachers are taught how to scaffold lessons to ensure student success. Scaffolding is a process where teachers break down information into digestible chunks. They model how to think about information, or they demonstrate how to solve a problem. Then, teachers support students through the process. Teachers are available to reteach parts of the lesson as needed, positive correction is provided and questions are encouraged. As students demonstrate mastery, the teacher pulls back accordingly and the students become independent problem-solvers of similar problems.
If you've ever helped your kid with a science project, you have an idea of what scaffolding is NOT! Your child may have received science fair instructions in the form of a six-inch thick packet or directed to a website navigable only by a Ph.D. YOU probably did the project. You probably gave up your last weekend of Winter Break for this stress and mess and are now an authority on how glycerin effects bubble size. Most likely, your child still does not know what a bubble solution is and could not do a science fair project to save her life.
As parents, we are our children's first and foremost teachers. When you tell your children, "Clean your rooms," and they look at you like you just handed them a science fair packet the day before Winter Break, it means you need to scaffold! Scaffolding our instructions ensures our children's success and contributes to the harmony of our homes.

The Conscious Discipline® acronym M.A.P. is designed to help parents scaffold information, in order to teach their children how to follow directions with success!
Here's how it works:
M stands for MODEL
Modeling means you demonstrate WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO it. A helpful Scaffolding Technique to support modeling is called "Think Aloud." You literally think OUT LOUD, modeling how to think about, handle or problem-solve a process or situation. Say you happen to have a captive audience in your messy kitchen. Take that as an opportunity to Think Aloud! You may say, "Hmm... I have dirty dishes on the table and dirty dishes in the sink. How can I handle this? Where can I begin? I know! First, I'm going to rinse the dirty dishes that are in the sink and put them in the dishwasher. Next, I'm going to clear the table. Then, I'm going to rinse those dirty dishes and finish by putting them into the dishwasher."
A stands for ADD PICTURES
As Stephen Covey often said (The 7 Habits Guy), "Begin with the end in mind." Show your children a picture of what their rooms look like when YOU consider it clean. A helpful Scaffolding Technique to support Adding Pictures is to always show your children the outcome or product before they do it. You could say, "When your room matches this picture, then you will know you are done." Pictures of the concrete process, or a Graphic Organizer, are an additional resource for younger children or children with extra or different needs. List the steps and add a visual cue per step. Use clip art or pictures. Post the visual aid at your child's eye level to ensure it is "readable" to your child so they don't feel embarrassed or controlled. Older children who need additional support often prefer a checklist. There are a number of apps designed for this purpose or you can make a good ole' fashioned checklist and teach your child to check off as each task as it is done!
P stands for PRACTICE
Let's get this out of the way: Practice does NOT make perfect, but consistent practice sure does makes progress! Guide your child through each step of the modeled process with a picture posted nearby of the finished product or a "readable" step by step guide. Make it "readable" by adding pictures and posting it at your child's eye-level. For younger children use transition and sequencing words like, "FIRST, you put your dirty clothes in the hamper. What does your picture schedule say is NEXT?" Or, "You put your stuffed animals on your bed. What did you do BEFORE that?" Referring to the picture schedule when you ask these questions teaches your child that the picture schedule is a helpful resource. For older children, ask specific, guiding and open-ended questions and PAUSE! Open-ended questions cannot be answered with a yes or no and steer clear of asking, "Why?" Pausing allows the child to reflect, think and problem-solve, all of which exercise Executive Functioning Skills! Helpful open-ended questions may sound like, "It looks like you are in the middle of sorting through those Pokémon cards. What do you think is the best way to store your cards?" Or, "I notice you have a couple of extra volleyball practices this week. What is your plan for having a clean uniform for each practice?"
Every good teacher knows we must differentiate instruction to provide the most effective learning experiences possible. Our children may learn at varied paces, require more or less support and require information be taught in different ways. Differentiating our instruction as parents means we deliver our lessons, even on how to clean up a room, in a way that will reach our children. It may take a few shots, especially if we have a pattern resistant child... the ones we say march to their own beat!
No matter who your child is, it is your job to try and be consistent, structured and encouraging. Mistakes will happen and use each one as opportunity to learn. Most of all have FUN because someday your children will be living in their own clean homes and you may find yourself longing for a little mess.

If you are interested in attending a service at FUMC you might like the 9:30 Contemporary service offered in the Gathering Place. Sunday School is provided in the MECE classrooms and Miss Cathy does the Sunday School School sign in.

 First United Methodist Church is happy to introduce Wyatt Robinson, the new Director of Family Ministries. We are excited to reinvigorate our Children and Youth program both on the Mizner Campus and soon on the Glades campus.




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MECE Preschool and Kindergarten at the First United Methodist Church
625 NE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432                    561-368-1215              
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