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Preschool & Kindergarten
625 NE Mizner Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Cathy Herschelman
Office hours 8-3
Preschool 9-noon
Kindergarten 9-2
Early drop begins 8:15, $4 or monthly discounted rate 
Lunch Bunch $8

 (during Lunch Bunch)

STEAM on Monday, $80 for half the year   
Music on Tuesday, 
$50 for half the year

Spanish on Wednesday, 
$50 for half the year
Sports on Thursday, $50 for half the year
Art on Friday,
$75 for half the year

New for Twos!
Little STEAMers on Thursday, $80 for half the year
Summer Camp
Camp Director:
Lisa Bariso
June 17
June 24
July 8
July 15

Parent Association
Important Dates

October 3
 PA Meeting

MECE Night Out

October 26

November 2 Auction

 MECE Shirts Available
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Kindergarten $15
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MECE shirt
Preschool $10
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Featured Article

Here is what MECE Parents and Students have to say about what makes MECE so special:


 Who's ready for fall?!
Thank you to Diane Rabb for organizing the Welcome Breakfast. I hope you enjoyed meeting other people from your child's class! I know Chick-Fil-A was a real hit!

Thank you to the United Methodist Women (UMW) for our delicious breakfast.
Thank you UMW

Thank you to our carline Greeters:  Dan Boston, Brooke Moriarty, Kelly Koscso, Tripp Vitto, and Bill Carlisle. We are still looking for someone to help out on Wednesday, if you are interested, please contact Cathy. Your extra hands help keep the line moving quickly!
Thank you to everyone who donated food to Boca Helping Hands. We almost filled a whole bin and I know that will help a lot of people in our area!

Kindergarten helped carry food to the BHH bin.

Thank you to Kelly Koscso for organizing our first MECE night out of the year at Burger Fi. Thank you to everyone who came out. The kids have so much fun seeing their friends out.
Thank you Burger Fi

Thank you to Kim Adams the fun filled beach day. The children truly enjoyed their day out at the beach!

Thank you for taking the time to attend your child's parent teacher conference, and shop the Marketplace. Thank you to Lizzy Bush for organizing that fun event.

And finally, thank you to Courtney Cornick for the wonderful Barnes and Noble Book Fair! You can still shop online until October 5 by using Bookfair ID 12430005. Thanks!

Miss Helene
Miss Jillian

Miss Sandie
Miss Katie
Miss Gina

This and that..

Welcome to the Birthday Book Club:

Mia Galvez, Eric Iossi,

Dutch Koscso, Juliana Zarella,

and Kostandino Chalvadakis

Please return all MECE Mart Library Books.  We will be packing up the library soon and the Art Room will be transformed in to a Grocery Store.

The Parent Association is hard at work on the school directories, you will get one in your child's backpack soon.

Have you tried Lunch Bunch yet? Once the kids try it they usually want to do it all the time. There is no need to sign up in advance-just pack a lunch box and send it in. It is just $8 each time and your child will stay until 2 pm.

Be sure to label everything that comes into school, with your child's name. This include lunch boxes, water bottles, jackets or sweaters, etc.

Spanish class-Hola from Miss Emily's Spanish class! There are just a few spots left in Spanish. Just let us know if you are interested in joining.

No Trash Snack challenge October 23 and 24-
In an effort to reduce the amount of trash at snack time we challenge you to try to pack a snack in all reusable containers or in recyclable containers. Every child that is able to have a trash free snack on October 23 or 24 will receive a MECE snack bag.

Do you plan piano? We need a piano player for our annual Christmas pageant which is December 21. If you are interested you can decide how many times you want to practice it with us before the live performance.

Reduce, reuse, recycle-We are in need of old newspapers, clean produce trays, paper towel rolls, and cleaned-out stack-able yogurt containers for art projects. 

Looking for More Knitters/Crocheters
Are you interested in serving the church through knitting or crocheting? Our church has a unique group of women who meet once a month to make blankets for babies baptized at FUMC. Whether you are just beginning or a veteran, we invite you to join us in our fellowship and outreach effort. Or you can just make them at home and send them in.
If interested, call Berit Wolcott at  561-361-9556 for details.
Congratulations to the DeLauna family on the Baptism of their newest member.

The church is doing a study on the book Believe. We have only just started it and it is very interesting. Please consider joining us at the 9:30 or 11AM service!

Sarah Mello, Ryder Valdettaro, Juliana Zarella,

Yana Levitt, Dallas Price,  Miss Emily,

 M iss Kathy,   Miss Cathy,  Allyson Roepnack, 

Liam Needham, Siena Vitto, Jaanshu Marthak

Miss Sharon A.,  and Alana Secot

First Spirit Day of the school year

Important Dates
Third invoice was due on September 28. If you have not paid this yet you can click on the link provided on the emailed invoice and pay using the Intuit network. Any late payments will incur a $25 late payment fee.

       2-  Speech Screening for 3s, 4s, and Kinder with signed form
       4-  Dad Drop off-Miss Laura, Miss Sharon, Miss Helene, Miss                  Gina and Miss Sandie  
       9 -  Individual Pictures-Miss Emily, Miss Carmela, Miss Katie                    and Miss Cindy
       10- Individual P ictures-Miss Helene, Miss Gina, and Miss                          Sandie
       11-Individual Pictures-Miss Emily, Miss Whitney, Miss Laura,                  and Miss Sharon. Conscious Discipline Training
See article at the end of this newsletter
12 -Invoice #4
18- Fire Truck visit, Conscious Discipline Training
19-No School
23 and 24-No Trash Snack Challenge
25-Read for the Record, Ooopsy Entertainment Stories, and Conscious Discipline Training
26- Spirit Day,  Trunk-r-Treat
30- 2 day, and 4 day Fall Festival
31 -3 day, 5 day and Kindergarten Fall Festival, and  #4 Bill due

Hope to see you at the Pumpkin Patch

Going Green With MECE!

You already know that we recycle paper, cardboard, and plastics.

MECE recycles snack plastic pouches and caps, and we even earn points with an organization called Terracycle! You can feel good knowing your child is having a healthy snack, and the container will be reused to make stuff like picnic tables or play equipment!

MECE Parent Association


The purpose of the MECE Parent Association is to build a strong community among our pre-School and kindergarten parents; support the teachers and staff; and to raise funds to support the school. All parents of MECE students are members of the Parent Association. The MECE Parent Association plans numerous events and opportunities for parents to get involved and participate in the MECE Parent Association, thereby directly supporting the school and our children.

Thank you to ALL of our MECE Families for participating in our events last month! Thank you Kelly, Kim, Lizzy and Courtney for your hard work making these events such a success! 
We'll be talking about these events and upcoming events like Trunk or Treat and Auction at our next meeting on Wednesday, October 3. We meet upstairs in the MECE Building after drop off. We start about 9:15.  Come chat with us! 
Pumpkin Patch Logo

Pumpkin Patch Play Date
It's fall ya'll! We'll be having fun at the pumpkin patch at FUMC's West Campus. Date and time will be sent home soon!

Chuck E Cheese! Family Night Out 
Come out to The West Boca location from 3pm to 9 pm for food, fun and games! Mention that you are with MECE and the Mouse will donate 15% back to MECE! 

Trunk-or- Treat
Friday, October 26th 2018
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Come out and enjoy a fun and safe way to trick-or- treat! Get creative and decorate your trunk and pass out candy!
($10 per car).Walk- ins are welcome too! ($10 per family/ please bring a bag of candy to help the Trunks so we don't run short). There will be music, a costume parade, a contest for best trunk, and lots of fun!! Sign-up sheets will go home in student folders. All proceeds benefit MECE Preschool and Kindergarten. 
Any questions please contact Brooke Moriarty at

November 2nd 6:30pm at Avant, Delray Beach 
Purchase your tickets at a pre-sale price of $40 which includes passed plates and a premium drink or craft beer. After October 12th, they'll be $45, so don't wait! If you would like to help collect items for our auction, please contact Khris Kellerman.

Parent Seminar-  Raising kids with Confidence
November 7th, 9:15am.  Child care options are available. We will be sending home more information about this seminar later this month!
  Box Tops 
Box Tops are such a great way to earn money for MECE.  The deadline for the contest is  October 20th. We will be sending out collection sheet forms next week in backpacks. Please submit the Box Tops to your teacher in a Ziploc bag or on the collection sheet.  Thanks for your participation!
Conscious Discipline for Parents: How Do I Respond When Other Children Are Being Mean to Mine?
Posted on July 28, 2017 by Amanda Bagwell
"Sometimes when we are around family members or friends who do not have consistent behavior expectations for their children, their child has a tendency to be mean to my child. My first reaction is for "Mama Bear" to come out and jump all over that child. Usually though, I do nothing. What would be an appropriate and helpful way to respond to this type of behavior with other people's children?"

BREATHE. As always, the first step to handling difficult behaviors is to pause and breathe. The skill of composure helps us to turn off the negative responses to our situations and refocus our energy in a positive direction. Take a moment to breathe deeply and calm yourself before responding to the situation.
ATTRIBUTE POSITIVE INTENT. When someone else's child acts in a hurtful way towards your child, stay in your place of calm and attribute positive intent to the misbehavior. You do this by saying to yourself something like, "Oops, they must not know how to use kind words," rather than "I can't believe they are acting like this...they should know better!" Positive intent helps you stay in a problem-solving state and helps you to offer those problem-solving skills to children. You can even demonstrate this skill to your child and the other child when you approach them about their behavior. While you might be tempted to ignore the behavior altogether, or choose a frustrated or angry response, instead begin with something like, "Oops! It looks like you may not know how to use helpful behavior. I will help you, so we can all stay safe." Remember to use a sincere tone, not a sarcastic one. This isn't a time for sarcasm or shaming, it's a time for teaching.
USE ASSERTIVE LANGUAGE. In Conscious Discipline, we learn that assertive language is the voice of no is what it is. To practice an assertive voice, you can recite something like, "The sky is blue, the grass is green, you may not hit...hitting hurts." Using a formula like this helps to keep your tone from sounding passive or aggressive. Passive language would sound like, "Let's not hit, please." Please and thank you are polite words we use when someone does a favor for us. For example, "Could you please grab a bottle of water for me too?" Using the word "please" implies a question. The person you are speaking to can choose to respond with yes or no. When you are giving directions or relaying a behavior expectation to a child, you are simply stating what is.
You are not asking a question and their behavior is not a favor to you, it is an expectation. So, instead of, "Let's not push, please," use an assertive phrase like this, "You may not push. Pushing is not safe. You may use a helpful touch like this or you may keep your hands to yourself like this" and then demonstrate what "helpful touch" and "hands to yourself" look like. Also, avoid aggressive language and tone. An aggressive tone sounds loud and forceful, with the intent of talking "over" someone so that they have no choice but to listen. You can even deliver an assertive phrase in an aggressive tone. To avoid this, remember the formula from above. "The sky is blue, the grass is green, you may not hit...hitting hurts." Aggressive language comes as an angry response, with the intent to punish. Aggressive words may sound like, "Hey, you better stop it right now! Don't you dare push my child!" or "Quit being a brat! No one will play with you if you act like that!" Unlike passive or aggressive language, assertive language stays calm and helps facilitate problem solving.
YOU MAY, YOU MAY, YOU MAY NOT. A helpful phrase for using assertive language and setting limits is the "You may___, you may ___, you may not ___" formula. For example, if another child is pushing your child, you can use an assertive tone and set limits by saying, "You may use gentle touch like this (demonstrate), you may keep your hands to yourself like this (demonstrate), you may not push." Using this phrasing helps to paint a picture with your words and lets the child know exactly what the limits and expectations are.
GIVE YOUR CHILD A VOICE. Help your own child discover and use their own "big voice" by demonstrating the skill in the moment. Ask your child, "Did you like it when _____ hit you?" When they respond with a "no," Then help them with the language to communicate limits. Practice with your child and have them repeat after you, "_____, I don't like it when you hit me. Hitting hurts. Keep your hands to yourself." When your child is able to say this with a confident, assertive tone, they are ready to try it with the other child. Have your child and the other child stand in front of you and guide your child in using their assertive language. Guide the other child in a response, "Can you do that?" If they say no or refuse to participate, you can have your child not play with them and say something like, "If you can't play safe, then _____ will not be able to play with you because it is my job to keep him/her safe." A wonderful tool to help teach your child the skill of assertive language is the book, Shubert's Big Voice by Dr. Becky Bailey. This book is available on the Conscious Discipline website.
YOU'VE GOT THIS! Parenting is tough enough with your own children, but when other children are acting in a hurtful way toward your child, it's even more easy to lose your cool or become frustrated. It's also difficult when you have other parents or family members watching you. In these moments, remember your own commitments. You have every right as a parent to set healthy boundaries for how others treat your children and to teach your children how to do the same for themselves. Take a deep breath and know that you've got this! You can do it! As always, I wish you well!

If you are interested in attending a service at FUMC you might like the 9:30 Contemporary service offered in the Gathering Place. Sunday School is provided in the MECE classrooms.
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