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In an effort to influence the outcome in Douglas County School District's school board election, the current sitting Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, just ordered his campaign for Governor effort to halt its own operations in order to ensure that the incumbent slate of school board candidates are elected. He states that they are actively recruiting door-knockers and "we also have paid opportunities." 


All you have to do is look at the campaign contributions reports to see that only 4% of the money raised by the candidates Gessler is supporting came from Douglas County residents. Therefore, there is a need to buy support from outside of Douglas County. Given the lack of local support, people outside of Douglas County are now being recruited and paid to come into Douglas County to influence this election by the very individual who is responsible for supervising elections and ensuring the integrity of elections. His email specifically states he is ordering his campaign team to work to influence a local school board race. 


 "The Calvary is Coming" email sent by Gessler is an apparent conflict of interest given his position as Colorado Secretary of State. Read the email here.


As a Douglas County citizen, how do you feel about all the outside money flowing into this race in an effort to influence your LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD? 


Former Board of Education members representing representing 110 years of service and spanning nearly four decades spoke up last weekend to express their concern with the partisan politics that have recently taken hold of Douglas County school board elections (click here to read). In addition, local parents have expressed similar concerns (click here to read). Finally, DCSD students are also vocal about their concerns (click here to read).


A few months ago, more than 1,000 emails from local constituents were sent to locally elected officials to invite them to attend a Parent Forum on September 25th where they would hear from diverse parents across Douglas County School District. NOT ONE POLITICIAN attended this meeting of 75 parents and community members. NOT ONE. (click here to read the petition)


It is time to remove the partisan politics from Douglas County School District. It is time to elect four candidates who will restore the focus on excellence and who have committed to acknowledge, value, and collaborate with ALL Douglas County citizens.


Thank you, 

Douglas County Parents

Read the email from Scott Gessler here

Please forward this to your email contacts, and share via social media.