Editor's Note
In this NutraIngredients-USA article, AHPA president Michael McGuffin lays out how the international herbal products community is cooperating and use safe practices to help endure this pandemic. AHPA members are working to adhere to to CDC guidelines and developing creative ways to ensure the safety of staff who must continue to support the food supply but can't work from home of keeping safe those. Supplier members are also going to great lengths to get ingredients to manufacturers. Working together, the industry continues to get products to consumers concerned about their own and their family's health. For AHPA, this means continuing to serve our members, the industry at large, and ultimately their customers through resources like the AHPA COVID-19 webpage.
The impact of COVID-19 has tentacles that are far-reaching and wide, with the potential to create a health crisis so severe that we can expect to lose people we know and care about. While obviously secondary to the potential for such losses, it also has the ability to create an economic earthquake that will profoundly change our country and the world.
That’s the real-world situation today. And each of us is dealing with these new circumstances to the best of our individual and collective abilities. […]
The people we work with in the natural products industry and the consumers they serve collectively form a community of people who take their health seriously, and our members and other herbal and dietary supplement product companies are doing what they can to keep up with demand.

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