Editor's Note
Korea Ginseng Co. (KGC) said it has donated 1 billion won in CheongKwanJang products, the company’s flagship ginseng brand, to 4,500 medical personnel across 59 medical facilities and public health centers, as well as public servants handling the pandemic. “We prepared the ginseng products that are easy to consume for the medical personnel and public servants who are taking on their duties silently to treat and to stop further spread of COVID-19,” a KGC official said.
Korea Ginseng Co., [Korea's] leading ginseng manufacturer, said Tuesday that it donated 1 billion won ($843,000) worth of ginseng products to support the medical personnel and public servants dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Before making the donation, the company said, it organized a walking campaign from Aug. 3 to Friday, and vowed to donate the goods if participants met the target of 500 million steps. In response, about 10,000 people recorded 570 million steps via the CheongKwanJang CareNow app.

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