June 28, 2019

Mark Sawchuk
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GLBT Historical Society Follows Up on Statement Regarding Redesign of
Harvey Milk Plaza
San Francisco — In follow-up to the June 6, 2019 statement from the GLBT Historical Society concerning efforts to redesign Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, the board of directors of the society recommends that further research and evaluation should be conducted to better understand the historical significance of the plaza and surrounding environment. This study should address the preservation implications of the various design plans for the plaza.
In addition, in response to media reports about the previous statement from the GLBT Historical Society, the board of directors wishes to clarify that our organization’s concerns about the current proposals to redesign Harvey Milk Plaza are independent of our aspirations for a full-fledged museum of LGBTQ history in San Francisco. The two projects are not mutually exclusive and both have the potential to advance knowledge of LGBTQ history.

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About the GLBT Historical Society

Based in San Francisco, the GLBT Historical Society is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of LGBTQ public history. Its mission includes transmitting the history of LGBTQ places and ensuring the preservation of meaningful LGBTQ historic sites.
Founded in 1985, the society collects, preserves and exhibits materials documenting the LGBTQ past. By supporting researchers and welcoming the general public, the society promotes understanding of LGBTQ history, culture and arts in all their diversity.
At its Mid-Market archives and research center, the society maintains one of the nation's largest collections of primary LGBTQ historical materials. Since January 2011, the society also has operated the GLBT Historical Society Museum, the first stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States.
Located in the heart of the Castro District, the museum showcases the depth and breadth of the society’s archives, demonstrates the value of queer history to the public, and mounts wide-ranging exhibitions and programs with an emphasis on diversity and social justice.

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