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August 2, 2019
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Joint statement: NYSED's response to Revised Distinguished Educator's Action Plan
Rochester City School District Board President Van White and Terry Dade have received Commissioner Elia’s response to the revised action plan the Board of Education submitted to the State Education Department.

As indicated in the Commissioner's response, the District's recent submission provides a more cohesive vision for improvement. These revisions have addressed the Distinguished Educator's findings and recommendations.

Board of Education President Van White said, "The Board and the District have been working diligently since day one to address all of the recommendations in the D-E's report. This letter from Commissioner Elia verifies the hard work that's been done to benefit students, families, and staff."

Superintendent Terry Dade said, "This is clearly a positive step toward improving student achievement and success. We have to do what is right by our students each and every day. Where the Commissioner has outlined additional revisions, we will work collaboratively at the District level to revisit these areas and provide the appropriate actions to benefit our city school District family."

To view Commissioner Elia's letter to Board of Education President Van Henri White, click here.

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