ANNEMARIE PICERNO IS AN AWARD WINNING ENTERTAINER AND COMPOSER IN NASHVILLE. She has performed in theater, bands in every musical genre, comedy shows, film, radio and television. She was recently Red Carpet Host at The Soiree Las Vegas in 2022 interviewing music industry professionals, Grammy┬« nominees and winners with her outgoing style and humor.

Her diverse musical sounds mix Americana, Pop, Blues, Gospel, Soul, and Rock with emotional lyrics and powerful vocals. She is a dynamic performer on stage, and known for her bluesy vocals, diversity and unique performances. Her music is produced by Billboard hitmaker Bob McGilpin in Nashville.

She was awarded Bronze Medal Finalist in the Global Music Awards, Best Music Video Concept and Grand Jury Prize Gold for Best Music Video at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival with "Color Blind", as well as Best Music Video at The Global Non Violent Film Festival, Artist of the Year in Red Carpet Holland Awards, and Best Musical Collaboration at the Josie Music Awards.

For more on Annemarie Picerno visit her website to explore her music, interviews, and videos. 

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"I THINK IT'S IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT YOUR MUSIC COLLEAGUES and share resources, opportunities, and be a community. I recently collaborated on a Global Performance project "LOVE AND PEACE" with Prem Murti and Grammy┬« nominated Natalie Ai Kamauu, singing harmonies along with artists Tess Remy Schumacher, An Vedi, & Russ Hewitt. The lyrics by Mike Greenly for "Love and Peace" brought us together in a brilliant collaboration mixing the stunning vocals from Natalie Ai Kamauu with the Shanti (Peace) Mantra by Prem Murti. The musical arrangement is dramatic and stunning, mixing cultures across the globe with our message for kindness, understanding, and unity in the world. I was honored to sing on this project and think we need more of this music in our world!"


AND IT DOESN'T STOP THERE, as Annemarie also joined The Spread Hope Send Love Around the World Power of One.

World renowned artists and musicians Amy McAllister, Annemarie Picerno, Charu Suri, Corey Lee Barker, Damian Wyldes, Eddy Kenzo, Jabali Afrika (Joseck and Justo Asikoye), Justine Blazer, Kamaal Malak, Karlton Jones, Kathryn Shipley, Kristen Speller, Lisa Coppola, Lou Molitch, Megan Coleman, Natalie Jean, Nicki Kris, Noshir Mody, Ricky Persaud, Jr., Seay and Tess Remy-Schumacher launched their new collaborative single "Spread Hope Send Love Around The World" to bring awareness to suicide prevention, and to encourage people to remind others of their reason to stay.

"I have personally lost several dear friends to suicide, and we can use our creative gifts to impact positive change. The artists on this collaboration along with the production team all have put their hearts in this beautiful song."


'MY LATEST SINGLE,"WHAT WILL YOU SAY?" explores my reflections on life, my mistakes, the people I have met, and my wonder at "what happens" when I am gone. Will I have made a difference in this world with my music, and were my relationships meaningful? Will I have redemption despite my trials, and will I have known love and forgiveness? Will I know joy when I cross over?" 

Annemarie Picerno