Unite To Fight Addiction
Unite To Fight Addiction

"Clearbrook would like to express its gratitude for the tremendous support and attention Rockers In Recovery has garnered for us. 

Combining Music with Recovery  was a remarkable vision and gift that John Hollis and Lori Sullivan of Rockers In Recovery have shared with us.

The passion and dedication of their "two man shop" is inspiring! They touch hundreds of thousands of people in recovery every day with their song of hope.

Thank you John and Lori for all you do for us and everyone battling this disease!"

Dr. Nick Colangelo
"I have been working with RIR on and off for seven years and the RIR team has always been great to work with. Their last event and sponsorship I did, I had a great time sponsoring the Love of Recovery event February 14, 2015. 

I had an opportunity to explain Florida's Marchman Act to a lot of folks out at CB Smith Park. Thanks to the whole group at Rockers in Recovery for a great event. 

I have joined the network for the year and it has already paid for itself in just one month of RIR marketing and branding. Great job, and Thank you.

Attorney Robert Gluck
"Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches is proud to recognize and support Rockers-in Recovery. Their goal.... to provide education and support about addiction, as well as, drug and alcohol rehab treatment options to different communities across the United States. Rockers in Recovery (RIR) is an organization with the sole mission of providing prevention and education to anyone who suffers with drug addiction and/or alcoholism. Most importantly the message of "Rockers In Recovery" is that addiction prevention and awareness mixed with "HAVING FUN" in recovery is indeed possible!! How they do this, is through several concert and festival fundraisers per year known as "Rockers In Recovery Festival/Concerts".

Archstone Recovery Center understands that with education comes better provides power. It is one of the things that first drew us to RIR. They provide fun events that allow people to enjoy themselves while they provide valuable recovery information.

The decision to seek help and commit to treatment is a difficult one for many people. "Can I do it", Will it last", "Will my family support me", "Where should I go for treatment".......these and many more questions run through the mind. "How do I decide now is the time"....the answer everyone seeks, can only be answered by you....and the more information you possess about credible and ethical treatment facilities you have, the better decision you will make. This is the kind of information that RIR provides.

Archstone Recovery Center looks forwad to seeing everyone at the 2016 Unite To Fight Addiction Gala Dinner on February 12 and the Love of Recovery - Unite To Fight Addiction Music Festival February 13." John Achinapura, PhD, LMHC - COO/Clinical Director