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In this issue meet and get to know the 2019-2020 OLC Foundation Scholarship recipients.
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OLC Foundation Selects Scholarship
Recipients for the 2019-2020 College Year
Fourteen students who were selected to receive Oregon Logging Conference Foundation (OLCF) scholarships well represent the talent in the next generation of logging industry employees. These students will share $25,000 in scholarships to pursue acquiring the skills they need to keep the logging industry moving forward.

This article introduces you to the recipients and each will talk about why they are pursuing a future in the logging, forestry and related industries.

If you or someone you know would like to apply to receive an OLCF scholarship, click here to download the scholarship application. applications are accepted each year beginning on December 1st and selected April 1st of next year.
Ashley Backen’s goal is to graduate from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management. She is the first in her family with an interest in the forest industry. “Receiving this scholarship gives me validation and confidence that I’m on the right path,” she said, “and proof that I have focused on meaningful encounters and experiences that not only I but the (OLCF) committee feels are beneficial for my future endeavors.”
Backen plans to get involved in forestry extracurricular activities at Oregon State University, similar to her involvement at Umpqua Community College, where she was President of the Forestry Club and the Liaison for the Society of American Foresters Umpqua Chapter. “OSU will bring larger opportunities to expand my involvement without a burden of having to be pulled away by my employer,” she said.
Daniel Virtue,
just finished his second year in the Forest Engineering program at Oregon State University. This coming year, he will be entering pro-school for forest engineering.
During school breaks Virtue works for Cascade Timber Consulting learning what he calls “important forestry skills such as cruising timber and sales layout.” He said, “I have learned a lot from my work experience and classes and am excited to continue to learn more.” Once he graduates Virtue hopes to become a forest engineer for a private timber company.
“The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation scholarship has helped me immensely in paying for school,” Virtue said. “This scholarship has helped me focus on my classes rather than worry about how I am going to pay for college,” he added. 
Natalie Dumford is
a sophomore at Linn Benton Community College, studying business administration and photography. Logging has always been an important part of my life; I've grown up in the logging community and I want to contribute to it. I had the opportunity to photograph the Oregon Logging Conference in February, and through my photography I hope to put a personal face on the logging industry. I am so grateful to the OLC Foundation for awarding me this scholarship, and allowing me to pursue my dreams!
Hannah Halla
Hannah Halla is a forestry major at Oregon State University, with an emphasis on forest management and forest restoration and fire. Halla grew up in western Oregon with a passion for natural places, and as she became involved in the natural resources industry, developed an appreciation for the men and women who worked in the field.
She has decided to pursue a diverse range of skills in forest management, communication, and stewardship. “My goal is to innovate communication between forest managers and the public,” Halla said, “and have a positive influence on the relationship between the public and the forest sector.” She would also like to include leadership and mentor ship in her career. “One day, I would like to help students with an interest in forestry achieve their educational and career goals, just as OLCF has done for me,” she said.
 “One of the best and most basic ways for me to lay the foundation for these career goals is getting the most out of my college education, which I will be able to do with this scholarship the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation has generously granted me,” Halla said.
Colton Smith
Southwestern Community College in Coos Bay, OR is where Colton Smith will be studying in the fall, as he starts his educational pursuit of a degree in forest management. From community college, Smith is planning to transfer to Oregon State University to finish his degree.
“After I obtain my degree my hopes would be to return to Sweet Home (where he grew up) and work for Cascade Timber Consulting as a forester.” This summer Smith is working for Cascade Timber Consulting on the timber cruising team.
“The money I received from the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation will help with the cost of my tuition, books, and other supplies I will need for school,” Smith said. “It is a great honor to receive this scholarship and I appreciate it very much,” he added.
Tanner Trimble,
is in his second year at Lane Community College and studying diesel mechanics. “The schooling I have received so far at Lane Community College, led by two outstanding instructors in diesel technology, has allowed me to work the last two summers as a mechanic’s assistant for a local timber company and road construction company, Parkhurst Excavation, Inc., in my home town of Glide, OR,” Trimble said.
Trimble has completed five out of six AED certifications and is looking forward to graduating in the spring of next year.
He said he was appreciative of receiving a scholarship from the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation. Trimble said, “A sincere thank you for supporting students like me to further my career in the timber industry.”
Trevor Sartnurak ,
is entering his final years of studies for completing a degree in Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering. He has received an OLC Foundation scholarship to help cover educational costs for four years. “This scholarship will help me achieve my goal of graduating college by allowing me to focus on learning my course materials and skills that I will use when I enter the workforce,” Sartnurak said. He said he is honored to be a recipient of an OLC Foundation scholarship. “The support of the OLC Foundation will be something that I long remember after I graduate,” he said, “and I hope to assist other students in the future to give back to an industry that has supported me throughout my career.”
Dane Maben is a forest engineering and civil engineering student at Oregon State University. For three years Maben has been involved in the Oregon State University Student Logging training program under the supervision of Jeff Wimer (2017 OLC President). “Jeff does an outstanding job preparing students for the work force,” Maben said. “He challenges us to never stop learning, which is something I plan on living by throughout my career,” he added.
Maben said the OLCF scholarship is fundamental in his educational pursuits saying, “The financial support given by the program will help me take monumental strides towards completing my goal of working in the forest industry.”
Maben said he recognizes the lack of younger people choosing careers in the forest industry. “There is no doubt that the forestry industry is lacking young leaders,” he said. “I feel that it is the responsibility of myself and my colleagues to come out of college and make immediate impacts on the forestry community.”
Maben said he appreciates that the OLCF has helped many students obtain degrees in the forestry field. “The program is not just giving money to deserving students, it is investing in the forestry leaders of the future (and) it is now time for the recipients to respond and give back to the forestry industry,” Maben said.
This Fall, Jeremiah McGuigan will be in his fourth year of the Heavy Equipment and Diesel Technology program at Linn-Benton Community College. “I loved seeing the large trucks go down the road as a kid and still do today,” McGuigan said. “Now as a young adult,” he added, “I want to be part in keeping them on the road.” He will be pursuing a career in the diesel field. “Once I have my Associates degree, I plan to start working on trucks for a local company,” he said. “I want to diagnose, service, and maintain the equipment that keeps America rolling,” he added, McGuigan was very appreciative of receiving an OLC Foundation scholarship
Kimberly Ortiz,
will be entering her third year at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, OR this Fall, and will also be taking a number of classes at Oregon State University. Her goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management. “While attending UCC I have taken an Intro to Forestry class that allowed to gain more hands-on experience while also gaining connections within the industry.” She is excited about applying her educational experience in the field. “I am excited to see where my journey into the forest industry will take me, and was delighted that the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation will assist me in this opportunity,” Ortiz said. She will focus her efforts on working with timber companies to improve their timber stands as well as improve the longevity of forest soils to continue timber production in the future.
Lace Anna Shiffert plans to dual enroll in Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College to take classes in forestry engineering and civil engineering. “I have to admit I was really excited and honored when I heard that I had received this amazing scholarship,” Shiffert said. “With this money I will now hopefully have a little more time to look for internships because I will be less stressed over making continuous money and more focused on diversifying the timber industry,” she said. Pursuing dual degrees involves a five-year process and Shiffert said, “I don’t know what I would have done without (this) scholarship, especially considering the cost of college will be covered solely by myself.”
Alex Marshall
2019 Junction City, OR High School graduate Alex Marshall will be attending Montana State University Northern in the fall to pursue a career in diesel mechanics. “For the last couple of years, I have begun to realize that working on diesel engines and understanding that having the skills to work on heavy equipment is highly sought after in an individual.” He said it was his parents who did some research and found there are universities that offer degrees in fields where he could pursue his passion and achieve his academic goals.
The family discovered Montana State University Northern and Marshall and his dad actually visited the campus, which led to the decision to go to school there, in Havre, MT. Marshall will be pursuing a four-year degree in diesel technology.
 “I love the logging industry,” Marshall said, “and feel that I will be able to do great things with my education for the industry. I’m very excited to begin my college career, but even more excited that I get a chance to do so in Harve, MT, and thanks to the OLC Foundation scholarship, I am on my way.”
Tyler Humeston ,
I would like to start off by saying 'thank you' for selecting me as one of the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation scholarship recipients. I choose the fire science degree as my field of study because I love being outside and enjoying everything the world can give me and I have always had an interest in fire and what the firefighters do for our state. So ever since my freshman year in high school I have taken all the fire/forestry classes I could in High school to help me in the future of my start as a fire fighter and college. This scholarship will help me achieve my goals because it will help me get closer to pursuing my fire science degree by helping with the tuition. This scholarship will also help me start out in college my first year on campus to do my degree.
Thank you for your help Oregon Logging Conference Foundation.
Owen Vredenburg, is working towards becoming a fifth generation forester and the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation scholarship is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a prominent member of the forestry industry. Forestry is really the only thing that interests me as an area of study, so I am very excited to learn all I can from the amazing team at the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. Oregon State has the best forestry program in the nation, and the second best in the world, so it is needless to say I am blessed to be receiving the very best education in this field. I would like to bring new and innovative thoughts to the table that help the forestry community in a multitude of ways. I believe the system that the private industry has now is good, but everything can be improved upon, and I am hoping that the education I will be receiving enables me to be a part of any improvement that takes place. I am grateful to OLC Foundation for helping me see this dream come true .
Generous donations and proceeds from the two-day annual auction at the Oregon Logging Conference are the reasons the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation can award scholarships and support other educational programs . The auction will be held in the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane Events Center and Fairgrounds on Thursday, February 20th and Friday, February 21st following each morning's breakfast during the Oregon Logging Conference. Auctioneer for the fundraiser will be Jaime Yraguen of Basco Logging. 

The OLCF is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations and purchases are tax deductible. Proceeds from the auction support scholarships awarded to deserving students to help with college-related costs. These students go on to play vital roles in the future of the logging and forestry industry. 

Donation of auction items are now being accepted and those interested should contact the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation office at 541-686-9191 or complete the donation form . Donations will be updated regularly on the OLC website and watch for updated lists in future issues of the OLC NEWS.  
Professional Logger Credits Available at
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Earn up to 10 Professional Logger credits by attending panel discussions and presentations at the Oregon Logging Conference. 2020 topics are now being selected and will be presented by industry professionals. 

Loggers can choose what seminars to attend to stay up to date on the most current rules, regulations, and techniques. The information presented will help loggers and logging companies to be more productive and competitive. These credits are applicable toward Professional Logger’s Certification and fulfillment of the requirements outlined in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 

As in prior years, the hole-punch system will be used. All paid registered members of the OLC will receive a punch card in the registration packet. At the end of each seminar or panel session, as you exit someone will be available to punch your card. 

As an added bonus, just for attending the Oregon Logging Conference, two additional Professional Logger credits can be earned by all registered logging companies which come and enjoy the show. For updated program details visit www.oregonloggingconference
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