Summer Mentoring
MEGA is launching an exciting summer curriculum featuring engaging conversations and life skills training!
Summer Topics By Grade

Elementary School:
Reading and Life Skills

Middle School Grades 6-8:
Making Money Work for You and Life Skills

High School Grades 9-12:
   What’s in your Future?

The summer curriculum will be available on the website by mid-June.
Students & Parents
Parents of MEGA students can enroll their children by filling out the online consent form below by June 15. This form is also on the homepage and under the Parent Resources section of MEGA's website.

All students are eligible, but only the first 200 will be accepted.

Please share this information with any MEGA parents and students who might be interested in the summer program.
Mentor Volunteers
We Need Your Help!

Our summer program has picked up steam and we need more volunteers than we've already identified! If you haven't already signed up, please consider volunteering for the summer session.

Sessions will be held one day per week for one hour, starting the week of June 28 for six weeks. The meeting days are Tuesday and Thursday, but we have yet to determine which grade levels will meet on which day. So, it may be possible to mentor two grade sessions. The final details will be worked out once the student and mentor volunteers lists are consolidated and analyzed,

A new mentor training session will be held prior to the summer session in June for members who haven't take it yet or who want a refresher. Please look out for an email with details in the next few weeks.

Please join us in launching this historic program and sign up to mentor this summer!
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