December 14, 2018
Legislative Alert:

Yesterday, the House passed by overwhelming votes of 104-5 respectively House Bills 5707 sponsored by Rep. Aaron Miller (R-Sturgus) and 6401, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Noble (R-Northville), which would keep the percentage of student growth utilized in teacher and student evaluations at 25% rather than increasing to 40% in the current school year. This is good news. 
However, HB 5707, which would cover teacher evaluations, was referred directly to the Senate floor for action, while HB 6401, which covers administrators, was sent to committee. We are concerned that only one of the two bills may make it to the finish line this session given the Legislature may be done for the year next week Friday, so please contact your legislators to ask for their support of both, as it is patently unfair and poor public policy to enact one without the other. 

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Lame Duck Update - 12/13/2018

HB 5526, Rep. Kelly's letter grading bill, passed the House just after 3:00 a.m. after adoption of numerous amendments by a vote of 56-53, with Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting no joined by 7 Republicans.  Some of the changes include: 

  •  Elimination of the Education Policy Accountability Commission in favor of a five-member "peer review panel" consisting of 3 members appointed by Gov. Snyder and 1 each from the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader who would review the new A-F grading system MDE is directed to create, and
*  Creation of a new A-F system that would not include summative letter grade for schools, but rather A-F grades based on six individual indicators.

We are still gathering amendments and I will forward them along for your review when we have them. 
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