MENA Clean Energy in Review - March 2015 

Message from the Chairman
This month saw the exciting launch of  Dubai  Electricity and Water Authority's  smart initiative 1: Shams Dubai, a revolutionary step in the Middle East and one certain to  inspire others. As a passionate advocate for sustainable development and cleantech, I am excited to watch DEWA exhibit such visionary leadership in these important sectors. The CEBC has been supporting the development and growth of the cleantech sector since 2010 and these initiatives exemplify the kind of projects I had once dreamed would become a reality when I helped established the Council. This month, the CEBC also welcomes a new CEO Loukia Papadopoulos who was previously our program director. We have much planned for the coming years and look forward to continue to support the UAE and the MENA region in developing a thriving, flourishing and sustainable clean energy sector. The best is yet to come!

Dr. Nasser Saidi

Monthly roundup from our CEO
Dear Members

It is with great joy that I return to the CEBC and with DEWA announcing their  smart initiative 1: Shams Dubai, I could not think of a better time to be in the UAE and the region. Indeed, it's an exciting time for the sector regionally where we are witnessing an increased focus on a wider array of clean energy technologies as well as the traditionally dominant ones. EY's MENA Cleantech Survey Report for 2014 saw water technologies, green buildings and energy efficiency rise in influence and confidence in solar continue to grow. With electricity demand, driven by growing populations and more energy-intensive lifestyles, expected to climb at 6-8% a year (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit), this is no surprise. Industry leaders are increasingly looking into all possible options to meet those needs. How the region approaches this task will be crucial to its sustainable development and future prosperity. Exemplary local leaders have already begun taking visionary steps toward these goals and the CEBC aims to support the MENA region, the GCC and the UAE in continuing to do so.  In light of this, I am grateful and honored to be serving as CEO of the CEBC. As previous program director, I have witnessed first-hand the Council grow under the supervision of its previous CEOs Aaron Bielenberg, Steve Mercieca and Alice Cowman and its Chairman Dr. Nasser Saidi. It is with great responsibility that I now undertake this role as I prepare to lead the CEBC on  an exciting path that will not only cater to the specific needs of MENA's cleantech sector but also one that will see cleantech as a transformative force for the positive environmental and economic development of the region. I begin by inviting you to our Networking Breakfast event on 'Bringing Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy to the UAE and Beyond' on the 13th of April.

Loukia Papadopoulos
Chief Executive Officer

Radio One interview with CEBC Deputy Chair Daniel Zywietz, on the launch of DEWA's First Smart Initiative, Shams Dubai | Gulf News Broadcasting
Following DEWA's announcement of its Shams Dubai initiative to regulate the generation of solar energy for houses and buildings across Dubai, Daniel discusses how the program will work and the benefits and ramifications for Dubai and the MENA region as a whole. [Listen to the interview]

CEBC Thought Leadership Roundtable on The Future of Smarter Energy in the UAE
In this exclusive interview with  SolarPV.TV during CEBC's 'The Future of Smarter Energy' panel event,   Schneider Electric's  Executive VP Michel Crochon  talks about the significant changes that he sees coming in the energy space, including increasing distributed generation , digitization , and communication between machines .   [Watch the interview]

UAE set to be the first to offer green-energy sukuk | The National
The UAE is expected to issue the world's first Sharia-compliant bond aimed at financing green energy projects this year, possibly as early as next month.  Nasser Saidi , chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council , said that the council has been in discussions with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) about the issuance of green sukuk, which oversees energy planning in Dubai. [Read more]


SolarPV TV Special Report | MENA Cleantech I ndustry Coming Together for Policy
In this exclusive interview with SolarPV.TV at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Alice Cowman of the Clean Energy Business Council talks about the need for clean energy policies in the MENA region, the different drivers in different nations, and how the economics of solar will drive the market. 

Energy Storage Breakfast Event: Future of Renewables & Enabler of Smart Grids
This month CEBC hosted a breakfast briefing on the latest energy storage and smart grid innovations, and how these technologies can most effectively be integrated to increase grid resilience.  We thank all of our guest speakers and sponsors, CLS Energy Consultants , Heindl Energy and QTE and are pleased to share their presentations with you.  [Download Presentations]
CEBC Launches Energy & Climate Protection Program in UAE Schools 
CEBC is excited to announce the launch of its Energy Efficiency Education initiative across UAE schools. The program is off to a busy start with  24 schools and a combined student body of  51,000 children . Each school has elected Student Ambassadors to represent them as part of a  National Leadership Team,  to  share knowledge, learnings and ideas with each other and their fellow school pupils. This initiative is part of a wider CEBC campaign to create awareness about the environment and the role that energy efficiency and cleantech plays in creating a sustainable energy future. To get involved please contact Sarah De Clercq, email

CEBC Events

Here, There, and In Between: Bringing Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy to the UAE and Beyond

Breakfast Briefing

13 April 2015
8:30am to 11:30am
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
CEBC Members Free | Non Members  AED300


This event will explore the evolving role of distributed generation of renewable energy in the UAE and MENA region and its associated challenges.

Distributed generation is defined in the UAE as decentralized, non-utility scale, and renewable. In the context of the UAE, this generation is derived primarily via solar PV systems. The potential in the Middle East for  distributed energy is vast due to the region's high levels of solar irradiance. In addition, the market for this technology is quickly becoming much more attractive, with regional governments establishing frameworks for allowing  distributed energy to be fed into their grids. With a net metering framework in place in Dubai, it will soon make financial as well as environmental sense for residential and commercial end users to install solar PV systems. Moreover,  distributed generation is also highly cost effective for off-grid facilities, which are often powered expensively with diesel generators.

Through an open forum and guest presentations from government representatives and the private sector, this event will address the financial, logistic, and environmental ramifications of deploying  distributed generation in the UAE and across the Middle East, a new and wide open market.






CEBC Gala Networking Cocktail Reception


13 May 2015
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai
CEBC Members Free


CEBC is delighted to host a  gala networking cocktail reception in partnership with the MENASOL 2015  Conference.  This high level cocktail reception takes place on   13 May 2015  at the  Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai  and will be a fantastic opportunity to network with conference speakers and delegates, government representatives and senior officials.  As the largest solar conference in the UAE, you will meet over 400 guests including top level speakers from government institutions, finance bodies and leading solar developers.  CEBC is very pleased to welcome you to join us for an evening of networking, cocktails and to catch up on the latest developments in the MENA solar space.


Event Partners


Reports and Publications

DEWA Solar Rooftop Program
DEWA launched the Connecting Solar Energy to Houses and Buildings Smart Initiative, to encourage consumers to adopt solar energy as a means of producing their own electricity and in line with the vision of Dubai as a world leader in the green economy. Any surplus of production will be fed into the electricity network and will be credited for off-setting future consumption. [Read more]

Grid Evolution

Countries in the Middle East are on the verge of a sea change in the way they manage the supply and demand of electricity. With a rich history in the region, French powerhouse Alstom intends to be at the forefront of the transformation. Michel Augonnet, senior vice president, commercial solutions, Alstom Grid, talks to Utilities Middle East.  [Read more]

Clean Energy in Emerging Economies

Corporations in China, Brazil, India and South Africa are making a significant move into clean tech, reports Kate Levick, Head of Government Partnerships, Carbon Disclosure Project. [Read more]

Financing The Future of Energy Report | National Bank of Abu Dhabi
The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) presented its  Financing the Future of Energy Report  at the Global Financial Markets Forum currently underway in Abu Dhabi. It concluded that growing energy demand would require $48 trillion in investment over the next 20 years to close the energy demand and supply gap.
  [Download Report]

How to Drive New Finance for Energy Efficiency Investments

Energy efficiency investment is the most cost effective manner to reduce the EU's reliance, and expenditure, on energy imports costing over €400 billion a year. While energy efficiency investments have been gradually taking place for decades, the EU today finds itself in a place where these investments have become strategically important due to the high level of energy imports required by the EU bloc, energy price instability and the need to transition to a competitive low carbon and resilient economy. [Download Report]

REN21 Renewables Global Status Report - Peer Review Round II - DEADLINE: 26/3
The Round II Review draft of the GSR 2015 is ready for expert input. REN21 invite your comments on the draft, which can be accessed on REN21+ at The attached instructions explain how to create a user profile on REN21+, if you do not already have one, and how to use the peer review tool to access the draft and submit comments. [Download instructions]


Clean Energy News

DEWA launches rooftop solar regulations

DEWA launched its first smart initiative, Shams Dubai, to regulate the generation of solar energy in buildings and their connection to DEWA's grid. Shams Dubai encourages tenants and building owners to install photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity while DEWA will connect the system to its network. The electricity will be used onsite and the surplus is exported to DEWA's grid. [Read more]

The grass is always greener? Environmental Sukuk take the stage | Islamic Finance News
Promoted by the Clean Energy Business Council, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, the Gulf Bond & Sukuk Association and the Climate Bonds Initiative (an international investor-focused NGO focused on mobilizing the US$100 trillion global bond market for climate change solutions), with National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Latham & Watkins also on board, the upcoming green deal is expected to be benchmark-sized and could kickstart a whole new market that has the potential to reach into trillions of dollars. [Read more]

New solar plant will power Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport
DUBAI // Dubai Airports is to install a solar plant at Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) to limit the facility's carbon footprint and to feed extra power directly into the grid. [Read more]

Adenium Energy Capital and Enerwhere sign $10 million investment deal for mobile solar systems
The two Dubai-based companies are teaming up to deploy Enerwhere's fleet of mobile solar power systems, which can provide power to construction sites, industrial locations and worker accommodation facilities around the Middle East on a rental or PPA basis.  [Read more]

UAE team meet to discuss renewable energy and waste problems | The National
DUBAI // Steps to build on the country's renewable energy efforts and to address the county's waste problem have been tackled at a meeting in the emirate. [Read more]

Siemens to massively increase powergen in Egypt

Siemens and the Egyptian government have reached firm agreements to build a 4.4 GW combined-cycle power plant and install wind power capacity of 2 GW. [Read more]

Masdar, Acwa to build $9.4bn power plants in Egypt
Leading Gulf-based energy firms Masdar and Acwa Power has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company to develop up to 4 Gigawatts of renewable and natural gas power generation projects in Egypt. [Read more]

Lebanon hopes for brighter days ahead with the Beirut River Solar Snake project | The National

After decades of living with power interruptions, many here have accepted that things will not change. But the recent development of renewable energy offers a glimmer of hope. Lebanon's first solar farm will soon be connected to ailing power grid, and government policies favouring the development of renewable energy resources have spurred a small boom in the industry. [Read more]

Tender floated in Oman to manage solar monitoring sites
Muscat: A tender to appoint a firm to render operations and maintenance services at two solar monitoring sites has been floated by  Oman Power and Water Company (OPWP) . These two sites are close to Adam city and Manah city and  OPWP is currently responsible for ensuring consistent and accurate data collection from these two sites.  [Read more] 

Egypt prepares tender for 250-megawatt wind energy project
Egypt has announced that it is readying a tender for 250 megawatts of wind energy, according to the country's National Renewable Energy Association (NREA).  [Read more]

Jordan launches plan to install solar on 6,000 mosques
The Jordan government has announced plans to install solar PV systems on the country's 6,000 mosques.
Speaking to the newspaper, Ahmad Abu Saa, a representative of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources' renewable energy department, said the project would begin by covering 120 mosques followed by tenders to install PV systems at other mosques across the country. [Read more]

Algeria Aims for 13.5 GW of Solar Power by 2030

Algeria is the leading natural gas producer in Africa and is the second-largest supplier of gas to Europe, but that is not slowing down the North African country's plan to ramp up solar power generation. Although some critics claim Algeria has not harvested enough of the country's fossil fuels, such criticism has not stopped the country's energy minister, Youcef Yousfi, from announcing a plan to install 13.5 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity by 2030. [Read more]


Morocco to Host the World's Largest Solar Parc

The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) said it will take bids until the end of April for "the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance" of the project.

The bids could also include the Noor Laayoune and Noor Boujdour projects in the Sahara with a capacity of about 50 megawatts each, MASEN said in a communiqué. [Read more]

Masdar and ONEE Partner to Deliver Electricity to 940 Remote Villages in the Kingdom of Morocco

Masdar and Morocco's Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE) have signed a partnership to design, supply and install 17,670 Solar Home Systems across 940 villages in the Kingdom of Morocco. When complete, the solar homes, along with broader electrification initiatives, will result in 99 percent of rural Morocco having access to energy by the end of 2017 - a critical resource that underpins economic development. [Read more]

UAE Unwraps Wind Atlas

Finnish measurement specialist Vaisala has teamed up with the Masdar Institute to develop a wind atlas for the United Arab Emirates. The database is intended to aid investment and infrastructure planning as the UAE looks to diversify its oil-rich energy portfolio and boost wind capacity. [Read more]

About 7 million euros to be spent on better energy efficiency in Armenia

About 1.7 million euros will be allocated for raising the energy efficiency and using solar power under a renewable energy project in Vayk and Spitak of Armenia. [Read more]


Job Listings

Building Controls & Automation Specialist
Smart4Power has an immediate opening for a qualified Building Controls & Automation Specialist. The Specialist will join our dynamic and fast-growing team to help us deliver energy efficiency solutions to the UAE building sector. Interested applicants should submit their CVs to We will then contact qualified candidates for interviews. The position is open until filled. [Read more]

B usiness Development Engineer
To be disclosed at interview (Recruiting Specialist: GreenEmirates)
Jeddah, KSA

Company will be a newly established division of an established group of companies with diversified portfolio in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operating businesses in real estate, facilities management and investment services.  The Business Development Engineer will be responsible for developing accounts, designing technical & commercial proposals, driving business relationships and working in a fast-paced, effective sales environment to support the Company's sales objectives. The position will be part of a small team focused on selling PV products to utility scale, medium and small commercial and residential solar market segments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Read more]


Solar Energy Consultant

Innovations Unlimited
Doha, Qatar

The role of the Solar Energy Consultant is to work as a member of the Green Division's Engineering team at Innovations Unlimited ME to design and implement reliable renewable energy systems according to project requirements. This is a customer-facing position that involves networking and relationship building. 

[Read more]


Energy Auditor/HVAC Specialist

Smart4Power has an immediate opening for a qualified Energy Auditor/ HVAC Specialist. The HVAC Specialist will join Smart4Power's dynamic and fast-growing team to help them deliver energy efficiency solutions to the UAE building sector.  [Read more]

Key Account Manager - Solar Energy

Fronius has three divisions and one passion: to shift the limits of what's possible. Whether welding technology, photovoltaics or battery charging technology - their goal is clearly defined: to be the innovation leader

[Read more]


Industry Events and Conferences
9-11 February 2015, Amman, Jordan

25-27 February, Casablanca, Morocco

2-4 March 2015, Dubai, UAE

24 -25 March 2015, Doha, Qatar

13-14 May, Dubai, UAE
19-21 March 2015, Muscat, Oman

25-26 March 2015, Dubai, UAE

21-23 April 2015, Dubai UAE

14-16 September 2015, Dubai, UAE
CEBC  members are entitled to discounts on the above events.  Please email for the discount codes.
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Annual Renewable Energy Outlook 2014 | Frost & Sullivan
Access the executive overview for "Renewable Energy Outlook 2014"

40% discount for CEBC Members

Renewable energy installations in 2013 saw the continued, gradual shift in market power to emerging economies where economic growth and revised energy priorities will drive a sustained increase in the adoption of renewable energy. The cost of renewable energy has declined dramatically in recent years. Overall, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are estimated to have dropped by 70% between 2008 and 2013, making solar more competitive with fossil-fired power and driving accelerated adoption rates. Geographical Scope: Global. 


This report provides an analysis of the key global trends affecting the renewable energy market for power generation during the course of the current decade and insight into growth opportunities with a full analysis of the major markets in the global energy and power sector. Please contact Abhay Bhargava, email

CSP Today Markets Reports 2015 | CSP Today   
20% discount for CEBC Members
The CSP industry has witnessed an exhilarating series of developments over the last few years. While emerging markets like South Africa and Morocco continue to advance, others, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are progressing at a slower-than-expected pace.  At the same time, confidence is growing in CSP technologies, as evident from the large-scale installations that recently came online in the USA - an established market that is quickly saturating. Please contact  for the  discount code[Read more]


Global Solar Power Market Report | Frost & Sullivan 

40% discount for CEBC Members  

Frost & Sullivan estimates that global solar market revenues will grow between 2014 and 2020 despite the economic uncertainty in the global markets. A number of government sponsored initiatives are expected to boost the proportion of energy coming from 'green sources' and political willingness will also be a key driver of this market. This study includes an in-depth analysis of the solar power market with a specific focus on regions, applications, end users, and technology. This research service provides the description and analysis of the global solar power market at the top-level, as well as the regional market level.  Study Period: 2010-2020 / 

Base Year: 2013 / Forecast Period: 2014-2020. Please contact

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