MENA Clean Energy in Review - September 2014 

Monthly roundup from our CEO
The run up to Eid has begun and the region is buzzing with business and activity. Already in September, CEBC has taken part in DNV GL's Global Opportunity Panel and I spoke at MEED's smart cities conference on what smart sustainable energy means for the region. With ambitious energy efficiency projects across the region, distributed energy projects coming on line and large smart metering programs, technology will have a key role to play in the future electricity demand and supply balancing act. The pressure is not all on governments either. At our annual event and with the launch of our UNDP/CEBC Sustainable Business Forum, the discussion will be about how the private sector might generate their own renewable energy and how energy efficiency projects can be more effectively implemented. Distributed generation will have a large role to play in the future energy model and as energy prices rise, this will be come an increasingly economically attractive option for MENA countries. 

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Chief Executive Officer
Clean Energy Business Council

Tenders - MENA Renewable Energy Projects & RFPs
CEBC is pleased to announce the addition of renewable energy tenders to our member services.  Tender, Project and RFP data for renewable energy including solar, wind, water, smart grid and energy efficiency is now available on a daily basis to CEBC members free of charge.   To join CEBC and subscribe to this complementary service please email


Energy Efficiency Internship Program

We are in the process of developing an Energy Efficiency Internship Program and the formal launch will take place in November. The program is based on the extremely successful EDF program in the US which has trained hundreds of students and saved over $1.3 billion in energy costs for the companies involved. If you are interested in learning more please contact


Global Opportunity Report | DNV GL and Monday Morning Global Institute

On 9 September CEBC took part in the MENA region panel of experts for the Global Opportunity Report in partnership with DNV GL and Monday Morning Global Institute. The purpose of the Global Opportunity Report is to demonstrate that in every risk there is opportunity, and that every true opportunity is sustainable, meaning that they are chances to create long term value for society, not just short term profit.

CEBC would like to thank the following members and organisations for their contribution and support of this initiative through their participation on the MENA Panel:

Abu Dhabi University                                        GASCO
Air Liquide                                                           General Electric
Ahmed Bin Shabib                                             Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
Rashid Bin Shabib                                              Masdar Institute
DNV GL                                                                Monday Morning Global Institute
Emirates Foundation                                         Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau (RSB)
Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi                   Yingli Solar
Frost & Sullivan                                                  White & Case

New CEBC Members
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Global Solar Power Market Report | Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan estimates that global solar market revenues will grow between 2014 and 2020 despite the economic uncertainty in the global markets. A number of government sponsored initiatives are expected to boost the proportion of energy coming from 'green sources' and political willingness will also be a key driver of this market. This study includes an in-depth analysis of the solar power market with a specific focus on regions, applications, end users, and technology. This research service provides the description and analysis of the global solar power market at the top-level, as well as the regional market level.  Study Period: 2010-2020 / 

Base Year: 2013 / Forecast Period: 2014-2020.


This Report is available at a 40% discount exclusively for CEBC members, to know more contact Abhay Bhargava

Associate Director & Regional Head - Middle East, Energy & Environment Practice, Frost & Sullivan.

P: +971 4.4331 883


CEBC Events


Financing Sustainable Energy Solutions

October 2014


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Webinar:  Creating Smart Cities : Why Energy Efficiency is a Key Enabler to this Revolution

12 November 2014


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3rd Annual CEBC Conference:  Opportunities, Growth, Partnership

1 December 2014

Emirates Towers, Dubai


CEBC's 3rd Annual Conference 2014 provides a unique platform that brings together key stakeholders from the private and public renewable energy sectors in the Middle East and North Africa to further the development of new sustainable policies, strategies and technologies across the region.  You will meet senior officials, government dignitaries, and global experts from the fields of smart grids, energy and water efficiency, and renewable energy. 


Guest speakers with proven experience in projects both regional and internationally will highlight case studies from countries including Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco, and cover topics such as Smart Grid and Smart Metering, Energy and Water Efficiency, Financing & Project Development, Distributed Energy, Solar Developments, and Renewable Desalination and District Cooling Options.


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Reports and Publications

Rethinking Energy 2014 | IRENA

The global energy system is undergoing a transformation. Around the world, renewable energy has gone mainstream and is advancing at extraordinary speed. Costs are plummeting, millions of jobs are being created, and growth in clean power is outpacing all competitors. Combined with international efforts to curb climate change, calls for universal access, and a growing demand for energy security, I believe it is no longer a matter of whether but of when a systematic switch to renewable energy takes place - and how well we manage the transition.  [Download report]


The New Climate Economy Report

A new pathway growth, finance, energy and economic policy

Countries at all income levels have the opportunity to build lasting economic growth and at the same time reduce the immense risk of climate change. But action is needed now. The Global Commission, advised by some of the World's'Leading Economists, sets out a ten point Global Action Plan for governments and businesses to secure better growth in a low-carbon economy. [Download the report]


Saudi CMA Publishes Draft Rules to Open Tadawul to Qualified Foreign Investors | Latham & Watkins

Proposal brings the Kingdom's robust stock exchange closer to major international financial institutions

Following on from last month's announcement by the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority (the CMA) that it proposes to permit non-Saudis to participate directly on the Kingdom's stock exchange (the Tadawul) by foreigners, the CMA published for consultation its draft rules for Qualified Foreign Financial Institutions - Investments in Listed Shares on 21 August, 2014 (the Draft Rules). This Client Alert analyses the Draft Rules and assesses the significance of this development in the context of the capital markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as a whole. [Read more]


How Much Carbon Pricing is in Countries' Own Interests? The Critical Role of Co-Benefits | IMF

This paper calculates, for the top twenty emitting countries, how much pricing of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is in their own national interests due to domestic co-benefits (leaving aside the global climate benefits). On average, nationally efficient prices are substantial, $57.5 per ton of CO2 (for year 2010), reflecting primarily health co-benefits from reduced air pollution at coal plants and, in some cases, reductions in automobile externalities (net of fuel taxes/subsidies). [Read more]


The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage | CSP Alliance

"Literature Review and Research Needs, 2014".

The Concentrating Solar Power Alliance, an advocacy organization dedicated to educating U.S. regulators, utilities and grid operators about the unique benefits of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), issued an updated version of "The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage: Literature Review and Research Needs, 2014".  According to the report, CSP with thermal energy storage is shown to be much more competitive when the comprehensive net grid system costs of the CSP plant are compared to wind or solar photovoltaics (PV). [Download report]


GE Study: Wind Power Can Improve Resiliency of Electrical Grids

At the CIGRE Session 45 in Paris, GE's Energy Consulting business (NYSE: GE) presented the findings of its frequency response study on wind power and grid resiliency. The study, which was sponsored by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, modeled the country's Eastern Interconnection-one of the largest electrical systems in the world-and determined that when equipped with the appropriate modern plant controls, wind applications can substantially enhance grid resiliency. [Read more]


Estimating the Renewable Energy Potential in Africa | IRENA

A GIS based approach

This report presents an approach to quantify the power generation potentials for solar and wind energy resources in Africa, as well as an estimation of the bioenergy potential from selected first-generation biofuel crops. The analysis is based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and has the aim to present a new methodology which can be further refined based on national and local situations and needs. 


Climate Change Talks - The Rocky Road to Paris | Bloomberg New Energy Finance

By Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board, BNEF

Albert Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome was the definition of insanity.  How then are we to view the continuing attempts of the climate community to corral the world into a binding deal on greenhouse gases?  This December sees the fifth anniversary of the UN's COP15 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.  The great and good gathered together to sign climate change's death warrant.  [Read more]

Clean Energy News

Muscat: GlassPoint Solar, the leader in solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR), has announced a $53 million equity investment from the State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), the largest sovereign wealth fund in Oman, Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) and GlassPoint's existing investors[Read more]

Solar energy to power Dubai homes | Gulf News

The regulations to govern solar power connection in Dubai homes and businesses are in the final stages of development, a top official said on Sunday. Dubai aims to feed more solar power into its main grid - currently heavily dependent on gas-fired turbines - as part of its strategy to diversify resources. Once this happens, the cost of electricity for homes may be reduced considerably but it will be finalised once the system is ready to use. [Read more]

Emirates Energy Award 2014-15 Launched

The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy announced the Emirates Energy Award (EEA) for 2014-2015 at a press conference today (Sunday, September 7). Lead by Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO of DEWA and president of the EEA, the biennial award, with a total prize money of AED1 million, aims to promote "the use and sustainability of alternative and clean resources, by reducing the dependence on traditional energy sources to reduce pollution.  CEBC Chairman Dr. Nasser Saidi is a member of the EEA Technical Committee [Read more]

Shell looks to solar power to lift oil output | The Financial Times

In an unusual alliance of old and new energies, Royal Dutch Shell, the European oil group, and

a sovereign wealth fund from Oman are leading an investment of $53m into a small solar power company that uses its renewable energy to increase crude oil production. [Read more]

DEWA announces shortlisted companies for 100MW Solar PV Tender | UAE

Once complete, this solar PV plant will be largest of its kind in the region.  View the short listed companies here [Read more]

High level of interest promising future of solar energy in Turkey

Solar energy has been among the hot topics in the Turkish power market in recent years. Such attention to solar energy should not surprise, taking into account the huge potential of solar power, particularly in the south of Turkey - with an annual irradiance possibility of nearly 1.33 MWh per square meter. Although the prospects of solar energy in the country has been recognized for many years, it was not until June 2013 that the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in Turkey started collecting license applications for solar power plants. A ceiling of 600 MW has been set for the total amount of licensed capacity in this Phase I. This cap has been called as being too low by market players. The number of applications to receive solar energy plant licenses shows that these critics are right. Within four days, the total capacity of applications that the authorities received reached up to 8.9 GW. This high level of interest is very promising for the future of solar energy in Turkey and will surely pressurize the government to boost its investment in the national grid as well as the capacity assigned for solar energy.

IFC invests in infrastructure projects throughout the MENA region
IFC ramped up its investments in vital infrastructure throughout the Middle East and North Africa in the past 12 months, focusing on the energy sector. In FY 2014, IFC committed $639 million to infrastructure projects that enhanced access to power, affordable transport, and essential water provision, followed by $647 million investment, and continues IFC?s strategy of tackling development challenges with innovative infrastructure solutions. The Middle East and North Africa power is a priority, because electricity shortages are common and power demands are increasing. The investments targeted the massive potential of renewable energy, while making sure that communities get the most from existing resources. IFC arranged a $221 million debt package to help the Jordan Wind Project Company develop the country?s first owned wind farm, with a capacity of 117 MW. IFC invested a total of $48 million to help Metro Power Company build a 50 MW wind farm, north east of Karachi. IFC will invest $100 million in firm ACWA Power, which will help the company increase the amount of power it generates from renewable sources. It also saw the opening of Uch-II, a new low-cost gas-fired power plant in Pakistan, as a direct result of IFC contributing the largest foreign investment to the Pakistan power sector. The plant will produce electricity below the average cost, providing annual savings of $300 million and generating electricity to supply 6 million people.

Citi raises expectations on China solar | Market Watch

While solar "appears positioned to grow in the next couple of years, there is still significant headwinds and time required for project approvals, despite strong long-term prospects," the analysts said.  There will be in "incremental growth" in Southeast Asia and Africa, while an upside surprise could come from the Middle East, as solar companies develop better products for the harsher environments in the region, Citi said. [Read more]

VESTAS, GAMESA and ACCIONA bid for 340MW projects in EGYPT

Egypt government's New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) has secured bids from Vestas, Gamesa and Acciona in two tenders for engineering, procurement and construction of two wind power projects on Gulf of El Zayt in the country. The projects will see construction of 120MW with funds from Spain and 220MW is being constructed with Japanese funding. Presently, the bids are in technical evaluation process, said the NREA. In summer 2014, Egypt's El Sewedy Electric successfully bid to build, own and operate six wind farms totalling 600MW on the Gulf of Suez for a 25-year term. The company is in discussion with NREA for the usufruct agreement and for terms with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC). It is estimated that the plant will be completed five years after signing the usufruct agreement. Egypt is planning 7.2GW of operating wind capacity by 2020 to tackle with power shortage issue.

Egypt to fix feed-in tariff for renewable energy | Egypt News

Egypt will fix feed-in tariffs for renewable energy in order to encourage private investors to pour money into the underdeveloped sector in Egypt. "Feed-in tariffs will be implemented soon but I cannot tell exactly when," Hafez Salmawi, managing director of Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory said. [Read more]

Iran investing in Wind, Solar Renewable Energy | Smart Meters

With the world actively pursuing renewable energy resources to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, there is a growing interest across the Middle East in renewable energy and Iran is the latest oil-rich country that seems to be adopting an if-you-can't-beat, join-'em strategy. [Read more]

UAE to reaffirm climate change pledge | The National

The UAE is set to reaffirm its commitment to renewable energy and improved voluntary action on climate change. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, will highlight the country's approach of mixing voluntary domestic reform and international aid and investment during the United Nations Climate Summit 2014 in New York this week. [Read more]

Deliberations begin for Zayed Future Energy Prize | Zawya
Abu Dhabi - UAE: 06 September 2014 - Following a record number of submissions for its seventh year, the Zayed Future Energy Prize completed the second phase of the annual evaluation cycle, after two days of deliberations by the Review Committee. [Read more]

IRAN plans construction of energy power plant in Persian Gulf
Iran is to take up construction of an energy power plant in the much disputed Abu Musa Island, in the eastern Persian Gulf. As per plans, construction of a power plant with 500 megawatts annual power generation capacity will be carried out on Abu Musa Island, the largest island in the Persian Gulf. Construction of the power plant will be done with private sector investment. Within next couple of months the power plant is expected to begin construction. During this month, Iran's first clean water and power cogeneration plant at Qeshm Island is scheduled to enter into service. With the commencement of operations at the plant the island's water and electricity shortage problems would likely ease within next couple of years. Separated by Iran's mainland in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island, is surrounded by the world's saltiest water.

Moving toward de-carbonisation | Arab News
In the past, action to combat climate change was viewed largely as running counter to economic growth, with "going green" implying a sacrifice of prosperity for the sake of the environment. Today, we know better. By taking action to mitigate climate change, companies are promoting sustainable growth and creating high-quality employment. The United States, for example, has added 1.2 million "clean" jobs to the economy since January [Read more]
CEBC Members' Events & Activities

Solar Power PV & CSP and Wind Farm Development Training Seminar

15-16 September 2014

DNV GL Office, Dubai



Solar Power: PV & CSP

A one day introductory course for industry professionals wanting to learn more about the solar power business, covering PV and CSP electricity generation. The presentations are supported by concise notes, practical examples and group discussions. DNV GL has acted as the technical adviser for more than 25.000MW solar projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America and North America. [Read more]


Wind Farm Development

A one day introductory course for industry professionals wanting to learn more about the wind power business, covering the basics of wind farm projects and most essential technical and financial related topics. The presentations are supported by concise notes, practical examples and group discussions. DNV GL analyses about 30,000 MW of new projects every year, has undertaken energy assessment of around 25% of all projects worldwide, and advised on more wind farm developments than any other company in the world. [Read more]  


Power to the Cloud - Making Smart Cities a Reality

4-5 November 2014

Atlantis Hotel - The Palm, Dubai

CEBC Member:  Schneider Electric

  • Smart and Connected: IT as an enabler to a Smart City
  • Smart Buildings: Shaping the Smart City Landscape
  • Smart Public Services
  • Smart Utilities
  • Smart Integration

Governments and private sector organizations are looking to optimize operations as they expand their footprints. New technologies are now enabling cost efficiencies in IT infrastructure installations like never before. Equally significantly, several new technology innovations are now helping us re-imagine efficiencies and optimization in general infrastructure and services. The greatest impact of this is visible in the area of smart cities, where IT is transforming the delivery of public services and management of energy and utilities. To register for the event please click here.



Industry Events and Conferences
17-18 September 2014, Amman, Jordan
22-24 September, Dubai, UAE
12-14 October 2014, Abu Dhabi, UAE

14-15 October 2014, Riyadh

10-11 November 2014, Doha, Qatar

17-18 November 2014, Doha, Qatar

17-19 November, Dubai, UAE

1-3 December, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
21-24 January, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2-4 March 2015, Dubai, UAE
14-16 September 2015, Dubai, UAE
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