MENA Clean Energy Month in Review 
Roundup by the CEO
Dear Members and Colleagues,

Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed a nice Eid break.  The industry continues to gain momentum and the CEBC team is gearing up for an exciting events season, beginning this month with a breakfast briefing on Green Bonds & Sukuk and Crowdfunding Clean Energy Projects in MENA taking place on 18 September.  Earlier this month we held a webinar on The Solar Dispatchability Challenge in partnership with Ata Insights which was well attended with more than 650 registered guests.

CEBC is delighted to support DEWA to deliver a 3 day Seminar Program during the Dubai Solar Show and WETEX in October, in partnership with the EWS-WWF, The Sustainable City and UNFCCC and more details on all of these events can be found in the event section of our newsletter below.

There is plenty of interesting news and reports in this month's newsletter including a webinar recording from Saudi Arabia's Renewable Energy Project Development Office which details the Kingdom's Renewable Energy Program, objectives and targets for 2030.

I look forward to seeing you at our breakfast briefing on the 18th of September and wish you a great month ahead.
Stephane le Gentil

New Energy Vehicles Club launched by the Clean Energy Business Council
This month CEBC launched the New Energy Vehicles Club. Initiated by ENGIE, French utility company  and CEBC Board Member, the club aims to help facilitate the movement towards green mobility, and builds on recent initiatives taking place in the UAE. [Read More]

Registration Opening Soon - CEBC Schools Program 
Help CEBC develop tomorrow's future clean energy leaders! The CEBC schools program opens on 10 September. We will be working with schools across the UAE, providing workshops, on-site experiences and competitions on clean-tech, efficiency and sustainability. CEBC Members are encouraged to participate in workshops at our participating schools. [Learn More]

Belén Gallego - presentation at TEDxCibeles (YouTube link)
CEBC Technical Advisor and Co-founder & CEO of ATA Insights,  Belén Gallego recently presented at TEDxCibeles. S ocial entrepreneur and energy fanatic, she dreams of a world where people should not pay for a basic need like electricity. Belén provides an overview of the innovations in renewable energy that are changing the way we power the world.  [Watch the Video]

CEBC Pavilion at World Future Energy Summit 
The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is one of the most influential annual events in the world dedicated to advancing future energy, energy efficiency and clean technology. WFES brings together over 30,000 visitors from over 175 countries and over 1,500 conference delegates.

As part of the Energy Efficiency Expo, CEBC will be hosting its own pavilion, allowing our members to attract government leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the industry. It is the perfect opportunity to network and grow your business with the support of CEBC.

Exclusive to our members, CEBC offers two discounted options for member organisations that sign up to exhibit through our pavilion.  View details, pricing, and location of the CEBC Pavilion. [Download Brochure]

CEBC Events 
Clean Energy Finance Workshop: Green Bonds & Sukuk and Crowdfunding Cleantech in MENA
Date:         18 September 2017 
Time:         8:00-11:30am
Location:   Shangri La Hotel, Dubai 
One of the largest barriers to clean energy deployment is access to capital and investment.  This workshop will focus on two platforms for financing clean energy projects:

Green Bonds/Sukuk are both an attractive financing option as well as attracting project developers to raise capital for their projects, assets and other activities to showcase their responsible approach toward business. Given the growth of the Islamic finance industry, a  green Sukuk that funds these projects in compliance with Shariah law is the obvious next step.

Crowdfunding   SMEs are significant contributors to the economy however conventional lenders are sometimes unwilling or unable to support SMEs given their often-limited asset pool or lack of a proven record of company operations. Now that renewable energy technology is becoming viable and cost-effective, firms in the industry are turning to crowdsourcing as a means of attracting capital.


Dubai Solar Show Seminar Week 
Date:          23-25 October 2017 
Time:          M: 12:00-17:30, T: 10:30-17:00, W: 10:30-16:30
Location:   Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre - Solar Show Exhibition Pavilion  
Clean Energy Business Council  together with EWS-WWF UNF-CCC  and The Sustainable City,  in cooperation with the Dubai Solar Show  being organised by  Dubai Electricity & Water Authority,  is delighted to present the 2nd Annual Dubai Solar Show Seminar Week. Leading global industry experts will share their expertise, knowledge and insights, and through DEWA's generous support and commitment to education, information and knowledge sharing, t hese seminars are free to attend.  

CEBC Member Updates

Renewable Project Development Office - Webinar on the Saudi Arabian National Renewable Energy Program 
In late July, the Renewable Project Development Office (REPDO) of Saudi Arabia held an online Webinar, providing an outline of its National Renewable Energy Programme (NREP) and its objectives and targets for 2030. The Webinar provides important information on Phase 1 of the NERP, including tender submission dates for two major projects ( Sakaka Solar PV and 
Dumat Al Jandal Wind Power Plants).  [View Video]

Synergies between renewable energy and energy efficiency | IRENA
Renewable energy and energy efficiency will work in synergy to drive global energy decarbonisation. When pursued together, they result in higher shares of renewable energy, a faster reduction in energy intensity, and lower energy system costs. This also brings environmental and social benefits, such as less air pollution. [Download White Paper]

Masdar signs major contract for wind farm in Oman
Masdar signed a contract with a global consortium to build the Dhofar Wind Power Project, the first large-scale wind farm in Oman and the GCC. The 50 MW wind farm project is the result of a joint development agreement between Masdar and the Rural Areas Electricity Company with capital provided by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD).  [Read More]  

REPDO announces RFP for 400MW Saudi Arabian wind project
Saudi Arabia's Renewable Energy Project Development Office has released a Request for Proposals for its first utility-scale wind power project within the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP).  The RFP for the 400MW wind project is now available for REPDO's 25 qualified bidders.  [Read More]  

Yellow Door Energy and MEI to Build 205kWp Solar PV Plant
Yellow Door Energy and Middle East Insulation signed an agreement to install a 205 kWp solar PV plant at MEI's facility in Dubai Investment Park. Yellow Door Energy  will manage the construction, operation and maintenance of the plant for the next 15 years.  [Read More] 
Acwa Power wins 165.5MW of PV projects in Egypt's second FiT round
Acwa Power has been awarded three solar PV projects in the Aswan Province of Egypt, under Round 2 of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programme, by the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company. Acwa Power has signed a power purchase agreement with the Government of Egypt for all the projects, which have capacities of 67.5MW, 70MW and 28MW respectively. [Read More]

'Near-perfect' solar absorber highlights bright outlook for UAE's sun-powered future
A team of researchers led by Dr. TieJun Zhang, a Masdar Institute professor, have developed a solar absorber that has tiny nanoparticles of silver embedded in silicon dioxide, making it capable of absorbing nearly all light in the ultraviolet to visible range.  Dr Zhang's research was funded through a collaboration between the Masdar Institute and MIT.  [Read More] 

H.E. Dr. Nasser Saidi, CEBC Chairman delivered the keynote address at Thomson Reuters' 150th Middle East anniversary conference earlier this year, advising  Middle Eastern economies to accept that low oil prices are not a cyclical dip, but the result of structural changes in the global economy. Dr. Saidi  noted that renewable energies were becoming more competitive, and advised guests to become more open to renewable energy innovations, or to risk falling behind. [Read More]  [Download Presentation]

Reports, Publications & Tools
Renewable Energy Statistics 2017 | IRENA
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has set out to produce comprehensive, reliable data sets on renewable energy capacity and use worldwide. The  Renewable Energy Statistics 2017  yearbook shows data sets on renewable power-generation capacity for 2007-2016, renewable power generation for 2007-2015 and renewable energy balances for about 100 countries and areas for 2014 and 2015. [Download Report]

Upgrading our energy system
Many countries around the world are looking for ways to modernise their energy systems,  recognising that innovative technologies and smart energy are central to many other changes in  energy systems and the wider economy.  This report, published by the UK's Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, discusses the latest approach by the UK to address new trends for supporting smart systems.   [Download Report]

World Energy Outlook 2016: Part B - Special Focus on Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is key to the effort to transform the energy system to make it less carbon intensive, sustainable and compatible with internationally adopted climate goals. Published by the International Energy Agency, this report aims to answer important questions on the competitiveness of renewable energy, its speed of expansion, and what role policy-makers will need to play in the future of renewable energy.   [Download Report]

The World Bank and the  International Finance Corporation have developed a Global Solar Atlas to support the scale-up of solar power in its client countries. This tool aims to provide quick and easy access to solar resource data globally, at the click of a mouse. GIS layers and poster maps showing global, regional, and country resource potential can also be downloaded. [Access the Global Solar Atlas]

MENA Clean Energy News
Why Green Sukuk Could be a Growth Driver for Islamic Finance
With Islamic finance systemically important in many jurisdictions, discussion is focusing around green Sukuk being another growth driver for Islamic Finance. [Read More]

China-led AIIB to fund solar power projects in Egypt
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved up to US$210m in debt financing for more than ten solar power projects in Egypt. [Read More]

Empower connects 75 buildings in 2017 with energy-efficient technologies
District cooling services provider Empower has connected 75 new buildings to its services this year, with these buildings claiming to have experienced both operational efficiency and improved cost savings. [Read More]

Dubai to install Wifi light poles, may consider solar roads
DEWA has announced that it will  install low-energy, Wi-Fi providing light poles throughout the emirate next year, and that it is  also evaluating technology to create solar roads.  [Read More]

Dubai's super-efficient lamp to be mandatory on all new buildings
The use of the energy-efficient 'Dubai lamp' has been made mandatory for all new developments, according to a memo issued by the Dubai Municipality to all consultancies, contractors and developers. [Read More] 

Geothermal energy eyed in the UAE
A research study is looking at the potential use of geothermal energy as a new source of clean and renewable energy for the UAE. [Read More]

MENA: Salt is the new key ingredient in a recipe to harvest Sun's rays all day
Concentrated solar power may be the key to ensuring that the MENA region can meet its renewable energy goals, as well as allowing it to provide a steady stream of power to Europe.  [Read More]
Solar rooftops in Dubai double in less than a year
Dubai buildings with solar rooftops have nearly doubled to 435 in only ten months as the Emirate works to have all rooftops  fitted with photovoltaic panels. 
[ Read More]
UAE's FEWA launches electric car charger in Ajman
The Federal Electricity and Water Authority has announced the launch of the first electric car charger at its customer service centre in Ajman. [Read More]

Sharjah's SEWA completes solar power lighting project
SEWA has announced that it has installed 100 solar-powered lamp posts in Khor Fakkan, completing part of its plan to completely replace traditional lamps with solar-powered units on the Emirates' roads. [Read More]

Kuwait Plans Tender for $1.2 Billion Solar Project in 2018
Kuwait will issue a tender to build the $1.2 billion Dibdibah solar-power plant in early 2018, as part of its plans to produce 15 percent of power from renewable energy by 2030[Read More]  

Kuwait's booming solar industry - Insights from Eng. Suhaila Marafie, Ministry of Electricity & Water
Kuwait is set to become a significant Middle Eastern renewable energy market as it moves  to save oil for export. Peak load, expected in 2017 to reach 13.4GW, is increasing at  around 8 per cent a year. [Read More]

Deal for largest solar storage project signed in Jordan
Jordanian PV manufacturer Irbid District Electricity Company and Philadelphia Solar have signed an agreement to develop a 11MW generation site paired with a 12MWh lithium-ion battery, reportedly the regions largest solar-plus-storage project.  [Read More]  

Saudi Arabia plans to exceed annual renewable energy target of 9.5GW
Saudi Arabia has stated that it aims to exceed its target to generate 9.5GW of electricity from renewable energy annually, to highlight its long-term commitment to green energy.  [Read More]

Saudi Arabia drives residential solar with new net metering scheme
Saudi Arabia's Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority has approved the "Small-Scale Solar PV Systems Regulations", a new net metering scheme for residential PV.   [Read More]

Saudi Arabia to regulate small-scale solar energy generation
Saudi Arabia has issued a regulatory framework for electricity consumers to operate their own, small-scale solar power generating systems and export unused power to the national grid.  [Read More]

For engine maker MAN, Iran remains sluggish but exciting
MAN Diesel & Turbo, a German multinational producing engines and turbo machinery, has said it is increasingly active in Iran, and sees the country as its biggest growth market in the region.  [Read More]

Iran: Foreign Investors offer $3.6B to Develop Iran Renewables
Foreign investors have filed proposals valuing US$3.6B to develop renewable energy projects in Iran, which has set a target to add 5GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2022.   [Read More]  

Bahrain: Where are all the stations?
In Bahrain, a lack of  electric vehicle chargers worries many potential electric vehicle owners. It may be the reason electric vehicles make up less than one per cent of cars on the road. [Read More]

German Development Bank finances 10MW solar project in Tunisia
The German Development Bank (KfW) has agreed to provide Tunisian power state-owned utility STEG with  €12.5M in finance for a 10MW solar project in Tozeur, southern Tunisia.   [Read More]  

Tunisia: MENA solar farms to power Europe underway
T he concept of turning the sun-drenched MENA region into Europe's giant solar farm may finally become a reality, with  Tunisia-based TuNur filing a request to export 4.5GW of solar energy to Europe.  [Read More]

Global Solar Capacity Set to Surpass Nuclear for the First Time
By 2022, global solar capacity will likely reach 871GW - about 43GW more than expected cumulative wind installs by that date, and more than double today's nuclear capacity. [Read More]

Dispatchable solar, strong growth to come: An analyst's take on Middle East's energy storage future
I.H.S Markit analyst Julian Jansen provides his thoughts on the future of energy storage in the Middle East, with his firm forecasting that  1.8GW of energy storage will be in the region by 2025.  [Read More] 

Industry Events and Conferences

26-27 September
Dubai, UAE

Electric Vehicles UAE
26-27 September
Dubai, UAE
6th Annual Emirates GCB Congress
17-18 October
Dubai, UAE

Kingdom Renewable Energy Summit
18-19 October
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dubai Solar Show
23-25 October
Dubai, UAE

Solar World Congress
29 October - 2 November
Abu Dhabi, UAE

META Projects
1-2 November
Dubai, UAE

RetrofitTech KSA
6-7 November
Riyadh, KSA

Dii Desert Energy Forum
13-14 November
Grosvenor House Hotel
Dubai, UAE

Utility Scale Solar
14-15 November
Beirut, Lebanon

Big 5 Solar Show
26-29 November
Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, UAE

Aspen Energy Forum
29 November- 2 December
Rome, Italy

Solar Tec Egypt
2-3 Decemeber
Cairo, Egypt

Saudi Arabia Smart Grid
12-14 December
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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