Quarterly Newsletter: October 2017                          

Dear Colleagues,

MENACS has been busy this quarter - in August, the team met in Prague, Czech Republic, for our 4 th  annual meeting to review the previous year's activities and participate in a Middle East Next Steps Task Force funded by  the  Ploughshares   Fund. The Task Force  exam ined  ongoing changes in the Middle East and identif ied  projects to promote regional cooperation and areas where regional states could reduce threat perceptions and mistrust.   MENACS members contributed suggestions for activities  and  projects that could facilitate a future regional peace and security dialogue and framework. 

Many network members also participated in a Middle East Chemical Weapons Task Force. The Task Force comprised of policy and technical experts from ten countries in the Middle East convened in 2016-17 to discuss chemical weapons acquisition and use in the region and to identify next steps to more effectively address this threat. The Task Force reached an agreed joint statement and 47 different potential regional capacity-building and cooperative steps to prevent, detect, and respond to chemical weapons acquisition and use in the region. The full report of the Task Force is featured below and can also be found here

In addition, several MENACS  members attended and presented at the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty Organization's 2017 Science & Technology Conference. 

Looking ahead, the Network will be attending a training at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in early 2018, where  the group will be trained on advanced verification technologies .
In other news, our Network members have been avid authors this season, producing various publications featured below on the North Korean crisis, a Middle East WMD Free Zone, the CTBT, nuclear and renewable energy, and more.
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Latest News

Latest Publications
'Trump Has His Finger on the Nuclear Button, and No One Can Stop Him' 
by Or Rabinowitz,
'The Pursuit of a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East: A New Approach'
by Tomisha Bino,
Chatham House
'Thinking outside the box: Preserving the NPT while advancing the Middle East WMD-free zone'
by Nir Hassid,
The Nonproliferation Review
'Current Status and Emerging Trends in Financing Nuclear Power Projects'
by Ali Ahmad,
Energy Strategy Reviews

'Four paths to a "strategic miscalculation" over North Korea'
by Or Rabinowitz,
The Washington Post
'Tackling the Status Quo in the Middle East'
by Karim El-Baz,

'How Green Energy Will Help Slow Nuclear Proliferation'
by Selim Sazak,
Defense One
''It isn't over until the fuel cell sings:' A reassessment of the US and French pledges of nuclear assistance in the 1970s'
by Or Rabinowitz,
Journal of Strategic Studies

Map of Our Members

Dr. Or Rabinowitz  is a tenure-tracked lecturer at the International Relations department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests are nuclear proliferation, nuclear history, and Israeli-American relations. Her book, 'Bargaining on Nuclear Tests' was published in April 2014 by Oxford University Press, and she has since published articles in International Security, Journal of Strategic Studies and the Bulletin of the atomic scientists. She holds a PhD degree awarded by the War Studies Department of King's College London, as well as an MA degree in Security Studies and an LLB degree in Law, both from Tel-Aviv University. She is currently conducting a study on Israel's failure to establish civilian nuclear infrastructure, funded by the Israel Science Foundation. She lives with her family in Ra'anana, Israel, also known as 'East Finchley' of the Middle East.

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