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May 2017
Bertucci's has been one of my favorite restaurants for decades. Joanne and I have gotten a chuckle out of newer menu items, such as guacamole and crab cakes, that otherwise seem to have nothing to do with Italian cuisine.

While we are used to their offerings evolving in response to customer interests, we were surprised by what we saw on their latest menu iteration: calorie counts. This month, we explain why such inclusions on restaurant menus can do more harm than good.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
He Said, She Said: Menu Calorie Counts
He Said

Certainly, not everyone judges, and some of us are coated with more Teflon than others, but for many people, even the mere fear that the person across the table may be thinking "No wonder you are so fat/skinny/slow/etc." can be enough to cause problems. Read More
She Said

Most of my patients with an eating disorder (ED) struggle with the idea of intuitive eating because it flies in the face of what their ED is telling them - food is to be carefully monitored and planned, certain foods are bad for you and should be off-limits, you can't trust your hunger cues, etc. Read More 

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