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The Farm Table is a network of families, farmers, neighborhood moms, and others who all share a common vision - growing and eating food that's good for you and the planet, from people you know.





Please see the following MENU for  

October 18th delivery.   



Garden Box

Saunders Brother's Fuji and Piney River Gold Apples, Mixed Variety Beans (Roma, Yellow Roma and Green Beans), Harvest Hill Farm's Green Tomatoes, Kirby Farm's Bunched Red Beets, Flores Farm's Baby Spinach, Sweet Potatoes


Chef Box

Saunders Brother's Fuji and Gold Rush Apples, Mixed Variety Beans (Roma, Yellow Roma and Green Beans), Flores Farm's Heirloom Tomatoes, Cilantro, Deer Run Farm's French Breakfast Radish Bunch, Black Kale
Lunch Box
Flour Garden's French Country Loaf, Local Hydroponic Lettuce, Sunnyside Farm's Hanover Tomatoes, Red Delicious Apples, Reginald's Peanut Butter, Jan's Jam's Mixed Variety Jam


Add-on this week       

* One Dozen Eggs - $4.95 Quantities Limited

  (from Pearce Family Farm)

* Apple Danish - $2.85

  (from the Flour Garden Bakery)

* Cinnamon Bun - $2.85

  (from The Flour Garden Bakery)

* Two Loaves of Rustic Bread - $2.95

  (from The Flour Garden Bakery)

One Bunch of Sorrel - $2.50

  (from Flores Farms)

* One Bunch of Purslane - $2.50

  (from Flores Farms)

* Two Heirloom Tomatoes - $5.00

  (from Flores Farms)

* One Jar of Local Honey - $10.50

  (from Alfredo's Beehive)

* 12oz bag of Mocha Java Blend Whole Bean

  Coffee - $10.99

  (from Blanchard's Coffee)

* $1.00 Flores Farm's Irrigation System

  Improvement Donations


Flores Farms Donation Fundraiser

We collected another $128.00 for Flores Farms last week.  Thanks to all of you who have so generously donated.  The Farm Table is 1000 plus members strong, so this means that if each family donated just $5.00 we can reach our goal.  This is equal to just a couple cups of coffee out a week!  Flores Farms provided us with great produce this year such as heirloom tomatoes, fresh garlic bulbs, eggplant, yummy yummy sweet peppers and a variety of herbs just to name a few.  Through your generous help, Flores Farms will be able to double the amount of irrigated fields and allow them to provide us with a larger variety of produce not available in the local grocery store. 



* Don't forget, you have until midnight Sunday night to change or skip your order.  More information on this in the Member Notes below.



Members, Good News! You asked and we heard you.  The latest newsletters are online. You can only see them through this link:


The Farm Table Member Event
Join us for a Fall Celebration
at Grayhaven Winery
Sunday October 21, 2012
At the Farm Table, we love nothing more than getting around a table together and sharing - food, stories, wine, recipes - and more food!  Please join us! We will be at Grayhaven Winery on Sunday, October 21st at 1:00pm.  Grayhaven is located about 20 minutes west of Short Pump.  Bring a picnic blanket, the kids, and a batch of dip to share for our second annual dip-off!  Kick off your shoes and enjoy a glass of small-batch crafted wine by the masters at Grayhaven.  Dogs are welcome.
Please see your official evite for more information and to RSVP.  We hope to see you there!
Recipes for your produce
Recipe Titles
Full recipes will be included in your produce box
  • Fall Beet Salad
  • Green Tomato Relish
  • Apple and Radish BBQ Glazed Ribs
  • Black Kale Puttanesca
  • Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • Apple Bars





Members, Good News!  You asked and we heard you.  The latest newsletters are online.  You can only see them through this link:





Due to mother nature we cannot promise that the fruit or vegetable we put in the menu on Friday will still be available when we pick on Monday. Substitutions might occur and you will find yourself with different produce than we put on the weekly menu.

Change Order/Skip Period
Every Friday you will receive the weekly menu in an email. If you wish to receive your default box, garden or chef, then do nothing as it will arrive on schedule as agreed. If you wish to change your order or skip delivery for that week, then you must sign in to The Farm Table and make the necessary change. The time frame to change your order or skip delivery for the following week is between Friday afternoon and Sunday at midnight.


We check the produce and check it again but sometimes something still slips past our eyes and you end up with unacceptable produce. Don't worry - the produce will be replaced. There are two ways to receive replacements:

1. We will make good on a replacement in your next produce box. If we can't replace "like for like", we'll give you something just as good or better. When the next change order period arrives (Friday - Sunday) sign in to The Farm Table and click "My next order." At the bottom of the page you will see a section where you can request a replacement. Simply fill that section out and you'll have an extra item in your box the following week. If you need to give us more information fill out the description column.

2. Or contact your Neighborhood Coordinator and let him or her know the problem. We'll do our best to solve it quickly because we want our customers to be happy! If you do not know your NCs phone number or email address, write to and we will get them the message.

Skipping Boxes

You can elect to skip your weekly produce box for as many weeks as necessary - no problem. There are two ways to skip:

1. If you want to skip your box for the coming week, you'll need to do so within the change order/skip time frame. This means we need to know by Sunday at midnight if you are going to skip your box for the following week. Simply sign in and click the tab called "my next order." Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the skip button. You will then be set up to NOT receive a box for the coming Thursday ONLY.

2. If you wish to skip a future week you can sign in to the TFT website and click the "Future Skips" Tab. Once you've selected the week(s) you wish to skip then press 'SAVE' to store your skips. Common uses of future skips are to set up an every other week delivery schedule or skip a block of weeks when you are out of town. Again, make sure you press 'SAVE' to store your skips.

Swap Outs

New this year, you can swap out one item from your box for $3.95. That's right. If you don't like the mushrooms, swap them out. Your neighborhood coordinator will replace them with something else (either double something in the box or something new.)

Good eating,


The Farm Table

If you are experiencing any difficulty registering for The Farm Table membership, please contact Duane Slyder at:  

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