SEEDS trips are pre-planned trips for individuals, couples, families and small groups organized by MERGE. We take care of all the on-site arrangements and all you have to do is get there! 


Playa del Carmen, Mexico  September 13-20, 2015

Construction on a local retreat center a growing evangelical church is building for ministries in the area. Included will be children's ministry in the rural community where the camp is being built, a family retreat with the local church and Mexican Independence Day celebrations.


Cost $530 (excludes flight and souvenirs)

When? Wednesday, July 15th from 1pm-5pm right next to the main stage. 
Free wristbands, tattoo artists, selfie stations, ice cream and lots of giveaways!
You don't want to miss it! 
Comfort Zone
Tesoco, MX
One of the many challenges when you attend a mission trip is getting out of your comfort zone. We all have the same challenge. It was Eric's first time being on a mission trip on the Yucatan Peninsula int he Mayan community in Tesoco. He plays the guitar in his church and he has brought it with him. The whole week I would observe him. It was evident that he was way out of his comfort zone. He was asked to help the children's ministry by playing the guitar for worship but it didn't seem that he was comfortable doing so.  He was involved in construction projects and also in the school. It was the last day of the trip and on this day we visited a school. He took his guitar with him because he was asked to. After visiting each classroom we had time to spend with the children. It was a beautiful sight to see the whole group of volunteers of different ages, languages playing together. It didn't matter that they did not understand each other. Eric was observing and taking it all in. He then said, "I think I will go get my guitar." He went and got it and suddenly he was surrounded by children. Their faces showing such joy. Eric began playing the guitar. We did not have permission to minister to the children because it was a public school. However, Eric was singing in English so no one in the school new that he was worshiping! At that moment I could see how God used Eric's gifts to minister to the children in his own language. The children were so happy. Eric allowed them to help him play and together they made beautiful music. After a whole week of Eric observing and trying to find a way to fit in and get comfortable with the culture, he finally found how to serve through his God given gifts. 

Sometimes we think that attending a mission trip or serving means doing things that are very complicated or difficult, but God only asks us to serve with the gifts He has given us. 

Being part of a mission is serving with who we are for the glory of God. 
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