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Nominate someone for the 2017 Merit Awards of Excellence !!!

You've got till the end of the week.....THE NOMINATIONS DEADLINE IS MARCH 17th!!
There is no better way to recognize the skills and the hard work of your peers, your supervisor, or your crew members. It's free, and it's easy.  
In fact, we will do the writing  for you - just give us a call (1-844-MERIT4U) and tell us what you'd like to say.
There are lots of categories to choose from: trade excellence, customer service, leadership and mentoring, innovation, outstanding site supervisor, and outstanding project manager.

Each winner gets a cash award PLUS a premium prize package PLUS a custom trophy.....bragging rights are included as well!

And don't forget - we have an Employer of the year category. Talk about the ideal way to score some points with your boss!

Join the celebration on April 21, 2017 at the German Cultural Center in Saskatoon!
Did you know ....
Your membership with Mercon Benefit Services includes an Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)?

You can access the EFAP program for:
  • Counselling support for personal, health, and work-related concerns such as relationship issues, bereavement, stress, smoking cessation, addictions, financial issues, and nutrition to name a few.
  • Trauma and crisis response services including group or individual response to accidents, violence in the workplace, harassment, restructuring and other traumatic events.
You also have access to an online wellness library.  Just use " Merit Contractors Association" as the employer.
To access this 24/7 support,  just call   1-800-387-4765.  All discussions are totally confidential, and free-of-charge to you and your eligible dependents.
Jerry Prevost started working with Allan Construction of Saskatoon in 2001 as a laborer. He earned his Red Seal carpenter's papers and quickly worked his way up to Foreman. His future with Allan Construction looked bright, as did his personal life with wife, Jill, and three young boys.

On February 28, 2015, life threw a curve ball at Jerry. For a couple of days, this healthy young man just "wasn't feeling right". A busy lifestyle and the flu bug seemed to be the reason. However, when Jill woke him up from a nap and he wasn't able to talk, she knew it was more that just the flu.

Life quickly unraveled from being normal to being uncertain and terrifying as the doctors discovered an apple-sized tumor embedded in Jerry's brain. Within a month and a half, he had three surgeries to remove 60% of the tumor, followed by radiation, chemo, and rehab. Jill took a leave of absence from her job to look after their children and help Jerry with his recovery.

In Jill's words, the Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit provided by Merit is "one of those things you hope you never have to use", but they were so grateful Jerry had the coverage to provide income during the time he's been off work. Knowing their finances were in order gave them the opportunity to focus on Jerry's recovery.

They also chose to self-pay their benefits to maintain coverage for his medication, the family's dental costs, and paramedical expenses. A case worker was assigned to them to ensure Jerry's LTD case was handled in a timely and simplified way.

Jerry hopes to return to work some day, but right now they're taking things one day at a time. You never know what life is going to throw at you; being healthy and able to work today doesn't guarantee you'll be the same tomorrow. All you can do is have a good back-up plan and the means of ensuring you can provide for your family regardless of what happens. That's what Merit's LTD is.....your back-up plan.
On March 8, the 29th Annual General Meeting of MERIT Saskatchewan was held in Regina. In addition to discussing the activities of the association in 2016, the MERIT Board of Directors for the coming year was announced: 

Ian Knibbs (Coram Construction)
Blaine Dubreuil (Allan Construction)
Darren Swanson (Rococo Construction Services)
Mike Lamontagne (Westridge Construction)
Brent Suer (Suer and Pollon Mechanical)

Brent Timmerman (Tech Electric)
Joe Yungwirth (Miller Contracting)

Chad Waldner (Alliance Energy)
Cory Richter (Quorex Construction)
Russell McLeod (Banff Constructors)

Kelly Panteluk (Kelly Panteluk Construction)

Aaron Yohnke, Advisor (PCL Construction)
Duane Galloway, Advisor (Graham Construction) 

We were also privileged to have Hon. Kevin Doherty, Minister of Finance, as our guest luncheon speaker. He provided insight into some of the difficult decisions the government will be making as they prepare to announce their budget for the coming year.

Announcing Merit's Microsoft Training webinars

Are you a master with these tools?

But not so much this one?

Merit's Basic Microsoft webinars were created for you!  Learn the basics of these popular applications: MS Outlook, Word, & Excel

These  short (20 minutes or less)  webinars can be accessed from your Iphone, tablet or laptop and allow you to learn on your own time and schedule.
CLICK HERE for more details and to register.  

The Merit Benefit Plan's maximum number of covered dispensing fees for any one maintenance drug is five per calendar year. Maintenance drugs are used regularly for chronic/long-term conditions (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and diabetes).

To make the most of the benefits coverage, we recommend you fill maintenance drug prescriptions quarterly, receiving a three-month supply each time.  However, y ou may get some resistance to that from your pharmacist as they may claim to be restricted by Saskatchewan's "100-Day List". Many also claim they must charge multiple dispensing fees if filling more than a one-month supply.   This information is not correct.

We've done some research into what pharmacists can and cannot do when it comes to refilling maintenance drugs, and here's what we've found:
  • They have complete discretion over the quantities they can provide for many drugs not on the "100-day List" and are not restricted by legislation.
  • They are not obligated to charge multiple dispensing fees if they fill more than a 34-day supply of any drug.
The bottom line .....don't be obligated to pay additional fees just because your pharmacist tells you they are "required". Know the facts, and ask the questions!

Click HERE for more information on this item from the Government's website. 
Doug Price joined MERIT Saskatchewan on December 1, 2012. He was the first hire for our sales team and assumed the position of Member Service Co-ordinator. Located in Regina, he works in the southern region promoting Merit to the industry and connecting with our existing members.

Doug's history in sales is vast and the knowledge he brought with him has benefited Merit tremendously. Over his career he has been a banker, an insurance company executive, a crown corporation president, and a senior investment advisor. His job with Merit has been a change in pace, but he puts the same amount of energy and dedication into it.

Doug has always been active in sports, from football and rugby in his earlier years, to cross country skiing, curling and golfing now. He sets a great example for everyone on the Merit team by religiously heading to the gym every morning before work.

Doug is an inspiration to all in his dedication to our members and their employees. As he says, "it's my passion for my work that keeps me young"!
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