MERIT Member, Jaimie Smith-Windor QJC Homes,
is making a difference through the
Saskatchewan Adaptive Snow Ski Club
Jaimie and her family's passion for adaptive skiing began when they started exploring activities that their daughter with cerebral palsy could participate in. The family came across adaptive skiing, which was easy for them to get involved in, as there is a great amount of support for the activity in Saskatchewan. Shortly after attending an adaptive skiing event at the Wapiti Valley Ski Hill, Jamie and her husband became instructors themselves.
Jaimie's family quickly connected with other families to form the Saskatchewan Adaptive Snow Ski Club which has been running for the past 5 years. The club provides people with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities the opportunity to partake in adaptive snow sports.
What makes the club so special is that it allows physical activity to become a normal part of people's lives which is really important as these opportunities are not always available for people with disabilities. It is a chance for both kids and adults to feel confident and empowered which transfers into other parts of their lives where they can benefit from that extra boost.
The club goes skiing once or twice per month, offering a very individualized experience where attendees meet with an instructor and set goals to develop skills. This year the club grew in size to 30 individuals including skiers, instructors, and volunteers. The club is looking forward to attending the Sasktel Challenge Cup which is an inclusive race held on March 17th.
The SASSC is currently looking for people interested in instructing members.

For more information on becoming involved in the SASSC, please email or call the club.


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