Canadian Construction Facts, eh!
  • 1 out of 13 workers in Canada are employed in the construction industry
  • The Construction Industry Employs over 1.4 Million Men and Women in Canada
  • The average age of a Canadian construction employee is 42
  • The construction industry accounts for 7% of our gross domestic product (GDP). 4th of all industries in Canada
Saskatchewan's tallest building will be the Nutrien Tower that is currently being constructed in Saskatoon. It will be 90 M (305ft)/18 stories tall. Completion is planned for late 2021 or early 2022
In 1920 first known dump truck in Canada was created by Robert T. Mawhinney from Saint Johns, New Brunswick. The lifting device was a  winch  attached to a  cable  that fed over a sheave ( pulley ) mounted on a mast behind the cab. The operator turned a crank to raise and lower the box.
The first concrete road in Canada connected Toronto to Hamilton. 'Middle Road' was finished by 1917, and was 18 feet in width and nearly 40 miles long.
The first cloverleaf interchange  was also at Middle Road at the intersection with Highway 10 . It was the first controlled access interchange in Canada.
Holy Trinity Anglican Church located on the Churchill River in Stanley Mission is Saskatchewan's oldest standing building. It was started 1854 and completed 1860.
Canada's oldest building is Le Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice, Montreal (1684). It was built in what is now downtown Montreal. The seminary still houses active and retired Sulpicians
The Parliament Buildings of Canada were Constructed in 1859-1876 in Ottawa. Center Block, which was where the MPs met, is currently closed for up to 10 years for renovations.
Happy Canada Day!
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