Please join us in congratulating MERIT Members Asiil Enterprises and Corey Johnson of Flyer Electric for being recognized with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association’s (SCSA) 2018 Safety Leadership Awards. 
Every year, the SCSA is proud to honour individuals, companies, and committees for their commitment to promoting effective health and safety management systems in the construction industry in Saskatchewan. Click here see a full list of the SCSA's 2018 Annual Safety Leadership Award winners!
Asiil Enterprises was awarded with the SCSA’s Corporate Leadership in Safety Award. Jeff Cochrane, Safety Officer of Asiil Enterprises, is dedicated to continually improving safety and developing a safety culture within the organization. He believes that being recognized with this award is important because it gives his team a sense of pride in their safety program and confidence to speak up when they feel unsafe at work. Click here to check out Asiil Enterprises website! 
Corey Johnson of Flyer Electric was awarded with the SCSA’s 2018 Safety Practioner Award. Corey feels that winning this award was a humbling and gratifying experience. It shows that the commitment he has for safety is making a difference in the lives of others. Corey is always eager to take on new challenges as a learning experience and encourages someone starting out in a safety career to do the same. Click here to check out Flyer Electric's website!
Jeff and Corey spoke highly of the safety culture in Prince Albert. Both members have been actively involved in the Prince Albert Regional Safety Committee and the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) annual BBQ that will occur on May 9 th this year. All proceeds go towards Threads for Life which is a charity that is dedicated to supporting families of workplace injuries and the prevention of future workplace injuries. Initiatives such as the annual NAOSH BBQ help to promote the importance of developing a strong safety culture. Click here to learn more about the Prince Albert NAOSH BBQ today!
MERIT is proud to support members such as Asiil Enterprises and Flyer Electric who are dedicated to the commitment of safety in the workplace.  
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