Building into the Prairie Sky
As River Landing in downtown Saskatoon continues to materialize over the city, Pagnotta Industries has had an immense part to play. “What we are most proud and excited about is being involved in the development of ALL the buildings” stated Joe Caudle V.P. Branch Manager (SK) of Pagnotta Industries. Pagnotta has built the complex concrete form works of all the buildings including the East Tower, Alt Hotel, No. 1 River Landing Building and now the Nutrien Tower.
The Nutrien Tower Project

P1 & P2 parkades that dip below the surface 3.5 stories, are currently under construction. The raft slab, a central structure that supports the elevator and stairwell core walls was poured in April. It consisted of a mass of 850 m3 of concrete.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the tallest of them all?

Once it's completed, the Nutrien Tower will be the tallest building in Saskatchewan! The tower will dominate the city of Saskatoon skyline with a height of 18 stories or 87.5 meters. That makes the present panoramic views from the crane are impressive!
It’s all about teamwork!

The team of 30 site employees have a target completion of May 2020 for the concrete structure. Although they have the challenge of a busy street, and limited space, the team has been successful meeting all of their schedule targets.
Exceptional job, Pagnotta Industries, on building our province to new heights!
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