MERIT members have more in common that you’d think!
That common “open shop philosophy” is one of the main factors that brought Thorpe Industries and Rococo Construction together to design-build Thorpe’s new facility located at 3934 Arthur Rose Avenue in Saskatoon. Collaboration, trust, quality, and like-mindedness were just a few of the words that David Thorpe of Thorpe Industries and Darren Swanson of Rococo Construction used when talking about the experience.  
When David Thorpe envisioned a home for their new Saskatoon operation, he wanted to really feature the services they provide as a company. This required a hands-on, design-build approach where David, his family, and their employees were intimately involved throughout the entire project. To be able to achieve success with this type of project, there had to be strong collaboration between the owners, design team, and builders. And who better for the job than MERIT members who share similar philosophies and values?!

With Rococo acting as the general contractor, they brought other like-minded and skilled MERIT members into the project, including Japp Construction, Alpine Interior Systems, and, of course, Thorpe Industries. In Darren’s words, “when companies share similar work ethic and fundamental philosophies, it’s truly amazing to see the collaboration and morale grow on site.”

David spoke highly of Darren’s professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability with the build. With Thorpe Industries completing many elements of the build including the membrane roof, all exterior finishes, plus some interior glazing and aluminum panels, Darren and other MERIT members were always flexible with requests. Being recognized for the level of safety on site was another one of the many proud accomplishments achieved during this build.
We like to think being part of MERIT provides lots of advantages to our members but seeing them come together for projects such as this is especially exciting to witness. 

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