STC Industrial Contracting
Developing Saskatchewan's Indigenous People 
STC Industrial Contracting is more than just a contracting company. Their vision and mission focuses on the development of Indigenous people through employment and community outreach programs. Their goal of developing the Indigenous community is woven into their everyday operations. They are actively involved with several Indigenous initiatives in Saskatchewan through their relationship with the Saskatoon Tribal Council.
STC Industrial's main goal is to provide training, education, and good jobs to Indigenous people. An important part of their business activities include attending career expos, talking to Indigenous youth about construction careers, and promoting the advantages of Indigenous engagement to other employers in the construction industry.
STC undertakes many note-worthy programs, but one of the most popular is their four-year affiliation with the White Buffalo Youth Lodge Back-To-School-Program. As sponsors and volunteers, in 2018 they helped provide 1250 bookbags filled with school supplies to students in need. With the additional funds raised, another shuttle van was purchased for the White Buffalo Youth Lodge as well. 

MERIT is proud to support STC Industrial in their mission to increase Indigenous development!
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