On pretty much any work site in Saskatchewan,
you can just about guarantee there will be a MERIT member
hard at work in one capacity or another.
Merlis Belsher Place at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon was an interesting project, and MERIT member, TECH Electric played a pivotal role in its construction. 

Merlis Belsher Place is a hallmark project for Saskatoon and includes two NBA sized basketball courts, two NHL sized ice rinks, a 3500 seat spectator area, and a community arena.    
TECH’s electrical bid was based on a design-build approach and it was their innovation that secured them a spot on the construction team. “We believe the design-build approach developed a stronger relationship that allowed for innovation to bubble up,” said TECH Electric partner Brent Timmerman.

“Design team meetings included all stakeholders creating the opportunity to share our thoughts and expertise with the group while also learning from the experience in the room.” Brent believes this approach allowed for a more thorough and innovative design.

“We enjoy complexity and never want to avoid but instead learn from challenges,” added Brent. “Projects like Merlis Belsher Place are dream jobs for us because they require that we get into the end users’ shoes to truly understand how we can build it better.” In fact, TECH's commitment to innovation earned them the Innovation Award at the 2017 MERIT Awards of Excellence.
We are very proud to say that TECH Electric is part of the MERIT family and congratulate them on the work they have done on this and many other work sites around Saskatchewan.

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