Excelling as an Equal Opportunity Employer
Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. (KPCL) is a heavy equipment earth moving company that was formed in 1953 by Walter Panteluk. KPCL employs over 200 Saskatchewan residents. In 2016 they developed their Diversity & Inclusion Strategy which made the hiring of Indigenous, women and visible minorities a priority. The end goal of the strategy is to create a sustainable future for subsequent generations. 
Right on Target
By the end 2021, KPCL has set their sights on having their workforce made up of 18% of the indigenous employees and 20% of women. They are well on their way! Their Aboriginal employment went from 15% in 2016 to 23% in 2018 and are currently sitting at 18% for women.
What has helped make the difference?
KPCL was the first construction company in Saskatchewan to sign a Legacy Partnership with the Saskatoon Tribal Council in 2017. That relationship created new ideas and innovation to help them meet their diversity goals. They've found that getting involved at the local level makes a huge difference. One of their big successes is being involved in the Back to School Carnival sponsored by the White Buffalo Youth Lodge, a program to hand out backpacks filled with new school supplies to inner city youth. 
We are thrilled that MERIT member, KPCL, is leading the way in building a diverse construction workforce!
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