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Encouragement For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One
Sermon Summary | December 23, 2018
“CHRISTMAS IN THE DESERT" ( Isaiah 40:3-8 )

So often Christmas becomes a bother instead of a blessing, full of headaches instead of a “Hallelujahs!” all because we fail to heed the words spoken by the prophet in Isaiah 40:3, “. . . prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.”

Those words were fulfilled in the ministry of John the Baptist, and they’re not talking about a construction project, but a preparation of the heart to welcome the Lord Jesus. This morning I want to apply this call to our need to prepare our hearts for Christmas.
The prophet Isaiah hears a voice. He doesn’t say from where or from whom, only that there is a voice and that of an unnamed Messenger crying out. The voice tells us about the coming of the Lord. If we are to be ready for the coming of the Lord, we must listen to the voice.

The desert times in our lives are dry and barren, but the voice calls to us where we are. You may feel like today that you are in the desert. The desert of your life may feel like a spiritually barren wasteland. Your soul is dry and parched. You are weary and thirsty – in need of living water.

Or maybe you feel like you’re in the desert all alone; wandering around trying to find your way home. At times it’s a frightening place – a place that’s difficult for you to live on your own – and where is God? The climate of your life is extreme – intense heat and pressure by day – bone-chilling icy cold by night.

Maybe your heart is a place of desolation. Your sin has destroyed any signs of spiritual life. You may feel dead, lifeless, and numb—like you’re in the desert. Or maybe you feel like you live in a world that is threatening and frightening. You live the best you can for Jesus Christ, but the world around you seems barren and desolate. You live or work in the midst of a desert. Signs of spiritual life are pretty hard to find anywhere around you.
And yet the voice cries out to you and to me. In the desert. In the wasteland. Where it’s dry. Where we’re tired. Where there is little sign of any life. Where we feel abandoned. Where we feel distant. Where we feel lost or discouraged or confused. Where we’ve secluded ourselves. Where we’ve withering away. The voice cries out. Can’t you hear Him calling?

It scares us. It surprises us. And the startling sound of the voice crying out reminds us of God’s unfailing love. He wants to take up residence in our lives once again! Where do we hear the voice? We hear the voice in the desert at Christmas. —Notes by USK
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